Monday, April 27, 2009

lupakan seketika

dress:cats whiskers, bolero:bajoo, bracelet:bajoo

Suprise, suprise.. My weekend was less tiring this time. Why? Coz my dearest and I decided not to do anything related to our shop or work. We decided to relax (finally!) and not even think about anything related to the biz.

high school besties: Alin, Jai, Mizah, Umi

So, on Saturday we went to my high school friend/uni mate wedding at Serdang. Met my high school besties and did some catching up (rindu korang!!). Had to leave early though as Umi had to start work at 3pm (she was car pooling with us!). Takpe2 nanti kita jumpa lagi ok. After wedding, we thought of going to Midvalley, but we changed our mind coz weekend kan, Midval sure pack gile. Malas nak pegi tempat2 yang sesak :( So we headed to Alamanda instead.. hehe.. (I know, gi alamanda je but happy terlebih kan?).. Watched Mall Cop and then had our "relaxing ritual" which is drinking tea at Secret Recipe. Memang relaks ooo...

kesayangan tamak donat!

Sunday, we watched another movie, Bohsia. Yes, saya menyokong industri filem tempatan jugak! The movie was not bad at all. Cuma ending tu macam tetibe habis.. Had ALOT of food during the weekend! Have to go on diet this whole week to recover from the damage.. Huhu..And last night my dearest left for his outstation again :(( benci ahhhh!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


bajoo has recently been given the chance to sponsor the clothes for AF7 students!!

The clothes looks good on them and will definitely look good on you too. Alhamdulillah :)

So what are you waiting for? Browse the page and start shopping please!! Hehehe..For full info on what they are wearing, please click here

Thursday, April 16, 2009

stay positive!

I stumbled upon this beautiful quote while reading this blog.

"I am often bothered by pessimistic thoughts. Not that we should be too confident, but I really think everything in life is worth a try. Though things might not work out later on, I believe that at that point of time, everything would feel different. You cannot forecast the level of happiness or sadness in the future. And you don't need to. Humans are meant to try their best and simply stay positive. God decides."

This past few weeks, I have been doing nothing but thinking and today I shall decide. Whichever I choose does not really matter as long as I work hard on it. If I shall fail (which I highly doubt), I will make peace with myself.

p/s: e'en, sila jangan marah dengan pilihan saya :(