Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Sayang!

Last Saturday encek K turned 31.
He had actually already received his super advanced birthday gift a couple weeks ago.
 Suka lettew...
I bought him a Samsung Note 3 phone (his wishlist btw).

Co-incidently (or conviniently?) his phone gave up a couple of weeks ago, so I have no choice there but to buy the present earlier than the actual date (which also explains why I have not gotten a new phone for myself, coz I am flat broke now pfttttttttt).

On the night before his birthday, we got some needed free time together (the little boy was away with his grandmama), so we decided to go out for a date of course. Ok jakun alert please! It's been a while since we went out at night (as in late night) without Arfan. It's always dinner together and then home by 10pm. 

We weren't even sure where to go that night (imagine that!). Wanted to go to Jalan Doraisamy for a drink but 'terasa macam budak-budak baru nak up pulak'. Hahaha. So we made plans to go to Hard Rock Cafe to watch the liveband there. We've always been a fan of livebands especially encek K. I think the last time we were at HRC was five years ago kot? Terasa sungguh tua pulak diriku ini. 

Went to HRC with few of our friends and the place was packed as usual. The liveband was great but I was already yawning before midnight *LOL*. 

Once in a while it's definitely good to have a date with the husband kan. 
Usually when we are outside, it's always about Arfan Miqaeel, nak beromantika memang tak dapatlah kan. Dapat dating sekali sekala berdua kira oklah kan. Made us appreciate each other and love each other even more don't you think so? 

To my dearest encek K:

Happy 31st Birthday sayang!
Semoga sayang sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki dan diberikan kesihatan yang baik. 
Semoga keluarga kita akan bertambah dan kasih sayang kita berkekalan sehingga ke syurga! 
Mommy and Arfan Miqaeel love u always and forever and ever. *Muaksssssss*

I love u encek K!

ootd that night. Love my pants!

Dapatlah beromantika sikit-sikit

with the gang at HRC KL

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Wednesday

For Wednesday laughs; cutest moment of Arfan and Tiya that I've captured few weeks ago.
Dialogue is for fun only tau!

Arfan: Can I hug you Tiya? Pretty please?
Tiya: Helloooo! Excuse me mane boleh peluk-peluk hokayy. I is not HS(geddit?). Talk to the hand lah wei!  :p

Monday, March 17, 2014

Money, you don't you grow on trees?

I - lost - my - iPhone!

I lost my phone during my outing with le familia at KLCC last Saturday :(
Couldn't remember when was the last time I held my phone that day, only realized that it was missing when I wanted to snap pictures of Arfan playing golf at the sports store. Takde rezeki katanya.

Mostly I am sad coz there are thousands of pictures inside the phone; not to mentioned videos, there's one video where Arfan was dancing with my mom (when he was just one year old). Super cute video, and now it's gone!! Evrything is gone! Argggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh stress! Dahla tak install iCloud or even apps to track my phone. I guess I learned my lesson :(((( Nasib baik letak passcode.

Now I obviously need a brand new phone. Arghhhh this means more money!! I just bought encek K Samsung Note 3 for his upcoming birthday next week and I have to put aside some money for my travel to Europe soon, sangat-sangat stress when now I have to buy new phone pulakkkk. Unnecessary damages to my pocket for this month.

Money, why you no grow on trees?? Whyyyy???

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kami menantimu MH370

Artwork by Arfan Miqaeel and his schoolmates. 

Kami menantimu MH370.
Pulanglah :'(

Spot Arfan Miqaeel at the bottom left, looking away from the camera.

P.S: On other note, please if you are taking duckface selfies, DO NOT put hashtag prayforMH370. Like seriously? Have some respect will you? We are talking about people's lives here not some funny joke. Amarah sungguh daku tengok selfie duckface letak hashtag MH370. Sekian bebelan hari ini.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pray For MH370

The whole country is saddened by this tragedy.

At first when I heard the news, I thought it was a fake news like the Air Asia crash landing news, but then when I realized it was not a fake news; it really hit me.

It hit me hard as my sister is a cabin crew with MAS. Praise to Allah that she was not on board even though she was also flying to China the very same day.

Let's pray for the best for all the people on board and for all their family members. 
May Allah ease their burden.

Art Wall, Penang

Well hello!
Hope you guys still remember me!

Been busy with everything lately but all is well no worries.

Last month we managed to squeeze a short trip to Penang yeay! Will you believe me if I said that the last time I went to Penang was when I was 19 years old? Yeap you got it right, more than 10 years ago. How sad is that right? I couldn't believe it myself. Encek K is a frequent traveller to Penang (due to his work) but somehow I have never managed to follow him all this while. Well, I guess I must make time for Penang again in the future.

Anyhow, when I finally managed to persuade encek K to take me to Penang last month, can you imagined my excitement level????

Finally I got the chance to taste Penang food and the famous Sup Hameed (ketinggalan sungguh I tell you). A lot has changed in 10 years of course, but nontheless it was a fun short trip for my family.

Well the highlight of our trip was our photo session at the famous Armenian Street. Since it was a one night trip only (btw, we have to go to Kuala Senangin, Perak the following day) we already set the plan to directly go to Armenian Street to take photo once we reached Penang. 

selfie inside the car with our monopod

nasi kandar feast in Penang!

For those of you who do not know, Armenian Street is a street in the inner city of George Town and within the core zone of the Unesco World Heritage Site.

We love the art wall as it was something different, plus we had fun walking around the streets looking for the different art walls as it was located everywhere. The international tourists seemed fascinated as well with the art wall, they were queuing for photo as well *LOL*. It's definitely a good tourist attraction I think.

We drove to Armenian Street after feasting on nasi kandar lunch, we didn't want to take the 'beca' ride so we just parked our car and walked around Armenian Street to find the art wall.

The thing is; we have a 2 year old toddler who refused to sit still for even 10 seconds. So what do we do? We bought him a manual spin portable face fan for RM5 and we rented a bicycle with a basket attached at the back for him to sit down quietly and play with his fan, the bicycle costs RM10 for few hours. Both things made it possible for us to take decent photos coz he seems to be distracted with his fan and just sat quietly in the basket while mommy and daddy busy cam-whoring. We even managed to snap his photo with the art wall; thanks to the RM5 fan *our investment went well haha* Kalau tidak ada fan and bicycle, si kecik pasti mengganas sampai haru biru. So if you have a toddler on board; these tips might be useful for you.

We finally left Armenian Street around 7pm and headed straight to our hotel which was located right smack in front of Sup Hameed. Overdosed with Sup Hameed that night and we burned off our Sup Hameed calories by walking at Batu Feringghi that night. I finally managed to grab and now completed my Gossip Girl DVD collection *yippeee*.  All in all it was fun short trip. A little too short lah, tak sempat makan passemboq. I have already asked encek K for a second trip to Penang middle of this year, this time a proper one hopefully.

fan and bicycle = our saviour

see, I told you he SAT STILL!

ewahh ewahh

my little ohana

so cute!

wheeeeeee :)

thank you dear fan!

love this shot

again super love this

and again! guess where is Arfan?

slam dunk the funk!

yo ho! let's go!

Friday, March 7, 2014

welcome to the world baby Marissa Kay

Congratulations Khazrul and Martina on your newborn baby girl.
Rasa geram sangat tengok si debob Marissa Kay ni.

Aunty, uncle and abang Arfan hope you like the rocker we gave you. 
We'll come and visit again soon.