Monday, December 28, 2009

is it monday already :P

It's already Monday and I was superrrrr duperrrr lazy to get up this morning and go to work .. pftttt.. Nonetheless I got up after snoozing my phone alarm about 20 times..hehe.. Driving from my hometown was easy breezy as many people are still on leave... And as predicted office is surely empty today. Ouh and today am wearing a nice lil skirt from bajoo boutique. I rarely wear flowery prints to work but this skirt is too cute too resist :) Will be available soon at bajoo boutique! Our YEAR END SALE is still ongoing until end of next month! Don't miss it yo!

right profile. kenapakah gembira sangat di hari isnin?

left profile. yes i am always in black when I am in the office.

front view

simba me!
black puffy blouse: jusco, grey and black flower mini skirt: bajoo boutique, leggings: bajoo boutique, black wedges: cats whiskers

p.s: harini nak pegi amek optimus prime. so long megatron, you will be missed :'(

Thursday, December 17, 2009

kuda belang

office outfit for today + simba look-alike hair

black and white long sleeve dress: sg wang, tights:bajoo
red wedges:cats whiskers

have u gotten yours?

Soo have you seen and bought the latest URTV magazine already? If you have not, then please head to the nearest 7-Eleven store or any convinient store to get a copy for yourself today! Stacy AF6 is wearing outfit from bajoo boutique and she is on the cover yo!

And most importantly don't forget to visit bajoo boutique as we are currently having a super massive year end sale which you should not missed!!!!! Rugi ooooo kalo miss sale ni.. Everything is on sale!!! Datang jangan tak datang, tengok jangan tak tengok..

Opps almost forgot, here's our sale page -> and our Facebook ID -> My Bajoo

Thank you URTV, thank you Mr Pndz, thank you Stacy

evil plan?

Weekend is here! Yeahooooo!! Believe it or not my weekend is already completely booked :( And it doesn't involve any shopping spree or travelling or holiday-ing *sighhhh.. Instead I will be going for "Kursus Kahwin" with kesayangan this weekend. Soo memang dah tak boleh buat apa2 dah except for tomorrow.. Takpela, kira after pergi kursus ni settle satu benda untuk wedding nanti. Tak payah nak fikir lagi pasal ni.. Lagipun our parents have been pestering us like nobody's business so ikutkan aje la...haishhhhhh..baru je ingat nak berjimba-jimba weekend ni, nampaknya terpaksa la cancel semua evil plan..

Esok tak tau nak buat ape lagi, nak keluar, mesti ramai orang so macam malas sebab nanti terlalu congested kan, so maybe duduk rumah je berehat..Kalau nak keluar pun pergi dekat2 je ngan my house so that tak yah menempuh jem bagai.. huhu.. Soo what's your plan for this long weekend peeps? Adakah anda juga akan pergi kursus kahwin macam saya? hehehe :P

*gambar takde kena mengena ngan entry. sila jangan berpakaian begini ketika menghadiri kursus kahwin ok, mungkin tok guru tu pengsan nanti.. hehe

Monday, December 14, 2009

over the moon

Remember THIS POST about STACY AF6? Yup, it was back in August. I thought I had missed the issue, but I didn't :) Was at 7-Eleven the other day browsing through the magazine rack as usual.. And what did I saw???? Stacy and Aizat on the cover of URTV magazine!!! Yeahhhoooooooooo!! And of course Stacy was wearing outfit from bajoo boutique yo!!! Sangat happy over the moon!!! Thank you URTV, thank you Stacy and special thanks to Mr M.Z. for making it happened and giving our little boutique a chance to dressed Stacy..

Sooooo, please grab a copy of URTV now!! And do check out our SUPER CRAZY YEAR END SALE that is currently ongoing until end of January 2010. Everything must go to make way for new stock coming in February.

Stacy wearing bajoo from butik bajoo!!

am lovin it!!! funky!!

stacy & aizat, sangat comelssss!!!

final result in URTV December 2009 issue!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

more picaaasss

More picciess from my makeup session with Red Glow :) Memang beza before and after :P

My purple maxi dress from bajoo boutique yo! Scarf from axxezz.

my red hot weekend

My weekend was great :) On Saturday as usual I was at bajoo boutique the whole day. Few very nice customers came.. Sangat best layan diorang.. And later in the evening went for a short date with kesayangan. Had dinner and had to teman him watch football match (baahhhhhhhhh, boring!).. I was already nagging for him to take me home during half time, and so he did :P Tu pun sampai rumah around 2am dah..

My Sunday started early. Had to get up at 8am coz I have to be in Shah Alam at 10am for free makeup class at Red Glow . I was among 10 readers who was selected by Redmummy to attend the free makeup session. Kesayangan drove me there and he had to membawa diri during my makeup class..hehehe.. The session with Red Glow was really great and I definitely learn a lot of makeup tricks and tips... Sekarang confident sikit la nak buat makeup sendiri.. All the other ladies pun sangat best and sangat sporting to the maksimum.. Sangat gila-gila yang teramat. Sooooo if you wanna learn how to do your own makeup properly or if you wanna become a makeup artist, you can contact Red Glow :) Thank you to Kak Ina and Kak Najwa from Red Glow and of course thank you Kak Red from Redmummy. Sooo bila lagi nak buat session ngan butik bajoo pulak ni?

*Pictures are courtesy from coz I tak sempat lagi nak load the pictures from my camera.

Redmummy readers with Ina and Najwa from Red Glow

with Redmummy.
My maxi dress purple is from bajoo boutique

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ya ampun

Dah lama sangat tak update blog ni kan? Ya ampunnnnnn readers (ada ke orang baca blog ni?). I will try to write something tomorrow ok peeps. Masa sangat mencemburui saya sekarang ini la.. Anyhoots, enjoy la 2 keping gambar di bawah ni dulu ye..

@ Tanjung Bidara, Melaka

my bestest friends since sekolah rendah! semua not available anymore guys!

p.s: Will be watching New Moon later tonight with homies and kesayangan. Can't wait! Team Edward ke Team Jacob? Team Ajmal ada? :p

Friday, November 20, 2009

8 jutaaaaaaaaaa

This morning I have touched and sat in probably one of the most expensive car in the world. It's THE ONE AND ONLY ROLLS ROYCE baybehhhh!! The price in MYR? Whopping 8 million Ringgit Malaysia! Any takers? The car was in our training centre, so all employees were given the chance to look and drive feel the car. Of course everyone was going gugu gaga over the car. Yela 8 juta hengget kann..

The car is really the symbol of luxury. The design is classic in it's on way. And I guess if you own it, the car already speaks for it self. Kesimpulannye kereta Rolls Royce ni memang super duper mewahhhhhh!!!

sleek interior

21 inch


8 juta ringgit malaysia ni weh!

And if one fine day I finally have 8 million ringgit to spend, I might as well go shopping for clothes, shoes and more handbags. Tak kuasa haku nak beli rolls royce ni je pastu habes dah sume duit tu kan... hehehe.. Yeahhooo! Just a few more hours left and then weekend is here! Have a nice weekend dearies! Mine is almost fully booked :)

more and more and more shoesssssss!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Am bored. Excuse the self vanity.

don't waste your time

One of our close friend lost his beloved mother yesterday. Al Fatihah.

Monday, November 16, 2009

hairy issue?

I actually can't remember when was the last time I cut my hair short. Eversince high school the length was always below my shoulder and was never higher. But it was never too long anyway. It's always 2 inches below my shoulder length. Selalunya by this time I would become so "rimas" with my hair and terus pergi saloon and potong. Tapi this year dah janji ngan myself and kesayangan tak nak potong rambut. Let me tell you this, ianya betul2 menguji kesabaran. Sometimes I get really annoyed with it and I wanna snip it right away. But everytime this evil idea comes up, I will try to distract myself with other things. Been workin' so far I guess.

I kinda like my long hair walaupun kadang2 memang la rimas. If you see me with a headband or scarf; that's my way of saying "my hair is out of control today" and I have to put on these things to keep it in place. Rasanya I will cut my hair short bila dah ada baby nanti kot :P I know long waaaaayyyyy to go right? But who knows, maybe one of these days I might just make an impulsive decision to cut it short. After all, hair grows right?

*scarf mode

* scarf off & I look like a lion on a bad hair day :P

*lion pun lion la, I still love it anywaysssss

MJ inspired studded jacket:online, jeans:EDC by esprit, gladiator wedges:TSC, bag:COACH, bangle:bajoo, earings:DIVA

hujung minggu

The best weekend is when you spend it with people that you love and care so much for :)

Will write more later.

Mohd Ajmal Faiz & Shafiza

Cik Jai & Encik Boroy

Friday, November 13, 2009

holidae in

Confirmed! 2 booked trips for next year. Damaged has been done. Oh I sooooo love hate you Air Asia for the cheap tickets. Am contemplating for another trip now. Should I or should I not.. helppppppppp me.. save me pleaseeee..

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Am extremely tired these past two weeks :( too many things to do; my mind say go but I guess my body couldn't take it anymore. So I'm listening to my body and started to slow down things bit by bit. (Adakah saya sudah tua? pfftttttttt!) Anyhoots, slowing down doesn't mean stopping, so everything is going on as usual (shop, work, social life), just that I try my best to get more rest for me-self.

Attended my best friend sister's wedding last weekend, met a few high school friends there at the wedding and took loadsaa photos there, but unfortunately I haven't had the chance to download the pictures yet from the camera (so kena tunggu next entry ok). I met another high school friend during the weekend also to send her the bajoo(s) she bought. She's the same talkative person ever since high school and she now has the cutest daughter ever. We promised to meet up again for a proper "minum2" session. And she even texted me saying that she lovessss all her bajoo :))

Kesayangan also has started to travel a bit for his work and I am surely missing him as hell whenever he's gone(jangan la pergi selalu sangat boleh?). He promised to make up all his absence by promising to do some traveling together somewhere next month, but we haven't decided yet where we should go. Nak kena prioritize nak gi berehat ke nak gi shopping :P For me shopping=rehat+theraphy.. hahahahhaha... For him shopping=hole in his wallet+sakit kaki+him kena angkat all my stuffs.. Tu yang tengah konflik nak pergi mana tu.. hehe...And early next year, of cosh ada our annual Indonesia trip.. yippiieeee

Oklah, 8 more minutes and I'm off, nak pergi tengok movie ngan homies tonight. Enjoy your night peeps!

*gambar lama tengok movie @ KLCC

*kesayangan yang tidak botak ketika ini

*missing 'em

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i love fashion

Kaftan dah siap! :) Tapi owner nye malu nak pakai and amek gambar so I modelled it myself then. Excuse the low quality self captured picture, the picture really doesn't justify the kaftan in real life, I didn't know how to set my kesayangan's brand new SLR camera. Baik la aku pakai kamera cabuk aku lagi lawa gambonye agaknye. Miss E.L., as you wished, a simple kaftan with diamante stones at the neckline. I hope you love it as much as I did. Sangat flattering and very easy to move around la bila pakai kaftan ni and still elegant. Thank you for trusting bajoo boutique :))

*lovely kaftan

*neckline with stones memang pretty!

*ok, agak Ju On pulak gambar ni

Yang ni pulak gambar takde kena mengena with this entry. Was getting ready for a dinner date with kesayangan last week. I wore my favvy one shoulder dress with a simple scarf :)

one shoulder dress - cats whiskers, scarf-axezz

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

lets get down and dirty

Kesayangan loves rugby to death. Period. Kalau ada peluang main ragbi walaupun tinggal nyawa2 ikan pun mesti dia nak main jugak. *Pfttttttttttt. Being the supportive fiance, mestila I pegi tengok kan. I almost never missed his games you know. Yup, was always there to give moral support tak kira la hujan, petir ke or panas terik, I am there and I will always be there forever and aver :)

So last weekend he had another tournament on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I was sooo busy at bajoo boutique that I didn't go to the field to watch him, soo on Sunday harusla pergi tengok kan, kalau tak kang merajuk pulak pakcik tu kan :P Sampai je padang just nice for his last game (janji tengok kan); best part was when he scored one try! *woot wootttt. Awak dengar tak saya jerit bila awak try tu? Saya jerit kuat tau tak?? Nasib baik cuaca mendung je and tak hujan petang tu, so takdela panas dan tak hujan jugak. Stayed for a while at the field after his game and lepas tu head to Alamanda for some retail theraphy with homies. And before I realized, there goes another weekend. Baaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

*kesayangan busuk la

*penyokong setia

Team b.i.b

*1,2 action!

Friday, October 30, 2009

mama ku

Today is my mummy's birthday! I called her already to wish her just that :) Me love u mummy! Am also planning something special for mumsy this weekend. Can't wait!

On the other hand, today is already Friday! Woot woot! Cepat betul this week pass by la rasanya(maybe cos it's really a hectic week!). Hmmm ape plan eh malam ni? Ingat nak gi makan best2 sket ngan my dearest or go lepak somewhere maybe? No idea yet la.

Tomorrow as usual, I will be at bajoo boutique from 12noon until 8pm, hopefully ramai orang datang coz sangat best bile orang drop by kedai saya.. Ouhh a few people sms-ed me bout the kaftan already.. Harap bersabar ye ladies, still work in progress lagi dia punya bead works tu.. I promise I will put the picture here really soon. Hope everyone will love it! I promise you the price is really affordable coz I did some checking around town and found that the beaded kaftan is sold for RM500 or more? Gile mahalll! If it's made from silk chiffon material the price is around RM600 - RM800. Mahalnyee :( Butik bajoo nye price is less than half of the price. Takpe, nanti bila letak gambar I will put the price ok.. Btw the kaftan can be customized to your size eh :)) So takyah takut tak muat ke ape...

Have to continue my work now. Nice weekend peeps!

*gambar lama

* i wanna have this now!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

bz bee

Olaa peeps! Dah lama tak update kan? Tengah busy ngan projek menjahit sikit ni.. Jahit ape? Jahit beaded kaftan seperti di bawah. Sekarang kan trend kaftan, so ada customer mintak special request.. Kaftan nye dah siap jahit dah...Tinggal busy menjahit batu-batu kristal kat leher baju tu je.. Will post the finished product sometime this week ye!

*cantek kan? my creation will be simpler tapi tetap glamorous!!
**pic googled

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bila nak sampai?

Got great deals on the bags below online... Maka tangan dah gatal pegi beli... :P And the items are already on their way (hopefully?)... But am thinking to let go the nine west bag sebab rasa macam tamak je beli banyak2 beg... Any takers?

*ini tak boleh let go, penat gaduh ngan all the other ladies to get this unbelievable price! ye la i know this is old pattern for coach, but I like it anyway and the price is super awesome! berapa RM? rahsiaaaa... hehe..

*ini mungkin akan di let go.. tapi tak sure lagi :(

***pic credit to the persons concerned