Tuesday, October 20, 2015

well hello there

Why would anyone read my post anymore?
Even I don't browse to this page any longer.
Life is as usual busy with work, gym and family life (what's new right?).
Have been travelling quite a bit this year for work and for holiday with family; to Bandung, to Singapore City, to Munich, to Paris and to Tokyo. I will be in Tokyo again soon.
I sure do love to travel, but I surely will miss my boys back home if they are not with me.
I really should blog more (I know). So I don't forget the things that I have done haihhh.
Updates on Arfan Miqaeel; he turns 4 last July. Mummy is surely emotional seeing him all grown up. Tall, skinny little boy, he is gonna be as tall as his daddy I think. Tolong ikut skali suara daddy yang sedap time menyanyi ok, jangan ikut suara Sizuka mummy k sayang (yes, my husband says I sound like Sizuka when I am singing, jahatnyaaa!!). Mummy je kemetot after this, he is already more than half of me, surely a big boy now. I can really rely on him on doing some things (cleaning up his toys, switching off the AC in the living room before going to bed, washing himself), he is very protective, very competitive and I sure do see myself alot in him hahahah. Hati kering sikit macam mummy kan hahaha. He loves cars and racing (boys will be boys I guess). He does not like to eat rice at all; he can eat noodles and eggs all day long. Boiled eggs, fried eggs, scramble eggs, roti canai telur tampal, u name it, whatever has eggs on top, he will take it.

Whenever I am away for work he will stay for few days with hubs and then back to nenek's house which he always look forward to go. He basically gets everything and gets away with everything when he is there at nenek's. Well, being the only cucu. nenek cannot say NO to him adoiii!! Spoiled brat alert.
Well, I will try to update on my travelling journey soon. Paris and Tokyo travel log is a must! I will be away again for about 3 weeks, last business trip for this year hopefully. Going to miss my little ohana back home. May Allah ease my journey when I am away from my family in order to provide better life for all of us; insya Allah.