Thursday, January 29, 2009


I was editing my previous entry when all of sudden the blogger window hang and close by itself..

Kurapaaaaaaan.. entry ku itu hilang semua bila bukak balik!!!!! nak kena tulis balik!! malassssnyee... Esok je la jawabnya nye..

Balik rumah makan maggi lagi bagus :P

p/s: entry ni takde point. cuma frust kena tulis balik.mesti content tak dapat sama punye. shyte.

Monday, January 19, 2009

lemah longlai

*sigh.. still not 100 percent recovered yet.. still demam+pening lagi..had to do blood test for dengue last week as I my fever went on for almost one week.. luckily no dengue for me but the doctor said I have some minor virus infections.. due to not enough rest i think...

Am currently back in office..tapi agak lemah longlai sebab kena makan 3 ubat...

Nasib baik tak banyak sangat kerja walaupun mc 3 hari last week.. Last weekend didn't manage to do much on my shop (yela sakit kan).. so I guess I have to make it up this week.. partition,wiring,cat.. so many things to do!!! helpp!! duit pun dah banyak habis dah ni!!

Oh, saya sangat merindui kawan2 saya Umi Nadiah, Arfah Hanim, Natasha, Maisara, Nisa, Ana dan juga Cik Liyana E'en (nak lunch lagi pls!)... Let's meet up!

Oh, saya juga tak sabar nak pergi shopping bercuti early next month!! Yippie yay!! Tapi yang tak bestnye saya akan miss concert Rihanna.. Gawd damn!!

Oh (brape banyak oh daaa), saya juga nak beli handphone baru (kalau duit cukup la). Nokia E66 ke Nokia 5800? Help me!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

sick :(

ikan yang jahat, tak nak makan umpan saya

Dah 3 hari sakit :( benci.. Coughing like mad especially in the office coz the office is soo freakin' cold..Doctor gave me two days MC tapi harini kena masuk ofis balik daaaaaa... damn!!

As usual, been busy with my soon-to-be-open shop. Sibuk ke sana sini buat lesen perniagaan. FYI, agak susah nak dapat lesen ok. Kena g bomba la, kena amek gambar, kena ada fire extinguisher(betul ke spelling nih?) la, kena buat lakaran signboard la and then kena tunggu 2 jam semata-mata nak bayar rm5 (5 hengget je weiii)kat kaunter.. wtf weh.. Well, what to do kan.. Semua dugaan!!

This weekend akan buat wiring and partition for the shop and then cat kedai.. Sempat ke tak nak cat pun tak sure..

On the other hand, last weekend I went fishing(for the first time in my life) with my homies. Fishing = bosan. Sangat benci tunggu ikan makan umpan!! Baik beli ikan kat pasar je la..

This weekend also planning nak balik hometown tapi tak sure sempat ke tak.. How I wish I can separate myself into 2 or 3 persons..

Will update more on my shop soon.. chow sin!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Remember when I said I have one more BIG NEWS to tell you guys?

Noooo, it's not the date of my wedding/engagement.. (sorry to dissapoint you guys)...Ini akan diberitahu kemudian (once dah confirm)...heheh...

Well, I am opening a SHOP soon!! MY OWN CLOTHING SHOP!!!!! Yippie yay!!!

The shop will be located at Seksyen 7, Bangi, somewhere near my house :) The full address is:
NO 50.1, JALAN 7/7A,

Quite a big step for me and my dearest I would say! (My dearest is my business partner!). Currently the renovation for this shop is ongoing and hopefully my shop will be opened latest by March '09. Semua dijemput hadir!!!

I know you might be asking why Bangi right? Why not Bangsar or Damansara? Well, at the moment I can only afford to rent a shop in this area. The rent in Bangsar or Damansara will cost me 10 times more than this shop.. Mak tak mampu!!! :( Better start somewhere small rather than not doing anything right?

The colour theme for my boutique is pink and red. The design is simple yet exclusive!! Me likey!! Most of the renovation work is done by myself and my friends (sangat bersyukur ada kawan2 yang supportive dan baik hati!!)..I am planning to sell baju modern, baju tradisional, baju muslim, handbags, shoes and accessories.. Anybody who has any brilliant ideas/proposal is welcome! Do contact me for your ideas ok..

I hope everything will turn out to be ok and my boutique will be successfull. AMIN!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

bye-bye '08

Am back in the office after a veryyyy long holiday. Sangat benci!!!! However, I did manage to do a lot of things during the holidays. Sangat happy :)

Oh for those of you who doesn't know, this is the ninth year I'm with my dearest. I know, sangat lama kan?? Sembilan tahun!!

Encik Mohd Ajmal Faiz, I lurvee you sooooo much :)

sayang kekasih tangan-tangankan

Ok, I already know the next question, when are we getting hitched right? Well, once the date is confirmed, I will let everybody knows. No worries!

I have one more big news to tell you guys but I think I will do it in the next post.