Friday, October 30, 2009

mama ku

Today is my mummy's birthday! I called her already to wish her just that :) Me love u mummy! Am also planning something special for mumsy this weekend. Can't wait!

On the other hand, today is already Friday! Woot woot! Cepat betul this week pass by la rasanya(maybe cos it's really a hectic week!). Hmmm ape plan eh malam ni? Ingat nak gi makan best2 sket ngan my dearest or go lepak somewhere maybe? No idea yet la.

Tomorrow as usual, I will be at bajoo boutique from 12noon until 8pm, hopefully ramai orang datang coz sangat best bile orang drop by kedai saya.. Ouhh a few people sms-ed me bout the kaftan already.. Harap bersabar ye ladies, still work in progress lagi dia punya bead works tu.. I promise I will put the picture here really soon. Hope everyone will love it! I promise you the price is really affordable coz I did some checking around town and found that the beaded kaftan is sold for RM500 or more? Gile mahalll! If it's made from silk chiffon material the price is around RM600 - RM800. Mahalnyee :( Butik bajoo nye price is less than half of the price. Takpe, nanti bila letak gambar I will put the price ok.. Btw the kaftan can be customized to your size eh :)) So takyah takut tak muat ke ape...

Have to continue my work now. Nice weekend peeps!

*gambar lama

* i wanna have this now!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

bz bee

Olaa peeps! Dah lama tak update kan? Tengah busy ngan projek menjahit sikit ni.. Jahit ape? Jahit beaded kaftan seperti di bawah. Sekarang kan trend kaftan, so ada customer mintak special request.. Kaftan nye dah siap jahit dah...Tinggal busy menjahit batu-batu kristal kat leher baju tu je.. Will post the finished product sometime this week ye!

*cantek kan? my creation will be simpler tapi tetap glamorous!!
**pic googled

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bila nak sampai?

Got great deals on the bags below online... Maka tangan dah gatal pegi beli... :P And the items are already on their way (hopefully?)... But am thinking to let go the nine west bag sebab rasa macam tamak je beli banyak2 beg... Any takers?

*ini tak boleh let go, penat gaduh ngan all the other ladies to get this unbelievable price! ye la i know this is old pattern for coach, but I like it anyway and the price is super awesome! berapa RM? rahsiaaaa... hehe..

*ini mungkin akan di let go.. tapi tak sure lagi :(

***pic credit to the persons concerned

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new new new

New arrivals at bajoo. Will do the entry at bajoo's blogspot sometime this week yo!

*cute printed dress ey?

*ok, this one is old collection, but I never wore it before this.
* pink stool is NOT for sale.

*stripey top for work!

*cute mini dress :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

last call

Soo last weekend ialah hujung minggu last raya.. Got 4 open houses and 1 wedding to attend for the weekend. My weekend started early on Saturday *pftttttttttttttttt. Blame it on my kesayangan. He called me at 8++ am to invite me for breakfast. WTH? Breakfast kul 9 pagi on a SATURDAY? Hellooo, it's SATURDAY la sayanggggg!! Breakfast doesn't exist on a Saturday ok.. Only lunch onwards.. *grrrrrrrrr..

Sooo, there goes my precious Saturday. Gone in the drain :( Nasib baik kesayangan yang ajak, kalau orang lain mungkin kena maki kot.. There I was, 9am, sleeping on the chair at Oldtown Coffee, trying really hard not kill my kesayangan while contemplating on what to have for breakfast. Mula-mula ingat tak nak makan, tapi when I saw the menu terus terbukak selera boleh? Had hor fun noodle and white coffee and vowed not to eat lunch that day. Went back after breakfast and terus bersiap-siap nak buka kedai. Not many people came in the afternoon but in the evening 3 adik beradik came and serbu my kedai :) Sooo friendly la dorang ni..Yeay!

At 7pm we(me and kesayangan) closed our boutique and headed to our first open house for the weekend. We didn't have lunch that day, so naturally makan banyak gile lah kan.. mee sup and puding caramel sedappp!!(Ke sebab lapar jadi sedap?) hehe...And later at 8pm, we excused ourselves to make way to the second open house for the night. Heh! We were the first ones to arrived to the second house. Serbu makanan terus coz ada barbecue yang sangat lazat (chicken, lamb, sausages).. Makanan yang lain2 terus tak pandang dah.. Imagine we were there until 11pm, betapa lah buruk lantak kan makan berkali-kali...huhu..When we finally excused ourselves, we could barely walk dah... Balik rumah, me and homie konon2 nak tengok "I love you Beth Cooper", last2 end up Beth Cooper watching us coz dah kong terus :P

Oklah, will tell you bout my Sunday latersss..

*my angry and sleepy face on my precious Saturday morning!

*new arrivals @ bajoo (coming soon!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bajoo @

Yes, bajoo boutique will be sponsoring redmummy to attend the Nuffnang Blog Awards in Singapore :) For more info on that click here

And yes, the two special guests who came to bajoo boutique last weekend was her and her husband mr. sirman. Thanks kak red and abang for coming all the way to Bangi. Can't wait to see your outfit at the Nuffnang Blog Awards!

tokey butik bajoo with the famous redmummy

Monday, October 12, 2009

saturday yang panjang

How was your weekend peeps? Mine? Busy as usual (mesti korang dah bosan dengar I cakap asyik2 busy je kan?) Well what to do... memang everyday busy pun tak kira la weekend ke weekdays ke..

Last Saturday I was already at bajoo boutique at 10.15am.. whoaaa sangat awal kan? Well, I was there earlier than usual coz ada one of my regular customer cakap nak datang awal, before noon kalau boleh... Coz tengahari dia dah start nak pegi open houses.. Dalam pukul 11++am dia dah sampai dah... Thanks Miey and her sis Kak Ida..Borong bajoo banyak and of coshh dapat special discount..hehe.. Hopefully you guys love all the bajoo that you bought from butik bajoo :)

Sekejap je lepas Miey and her sister gerak, my aunt, "Acu" and her whole family pulak sampai kedai.. hehe.. datang dari jauh tu..Hari tu my Acu ni ada open house kat Seksyen 6, Bangi, so dah terlanjur dekat tu, they all singgah and lepak siap makan-makan lagi kat kedai..hehe..No hal la Acu, nak tumpang tido pun boleh je.. Thanks Acu n Abe coz singgah butik bajoo and siap beli bajoo skali tu.

After my aunt gerak, me and kesayangan headed for lunch kat kedai makan nearby. That evening, after kemas kedai sikit2, I asked my kesayangan to take photos of me wearing clothes from bajoo with hijab. Why? Coz lately I got a few emails from my customer saying that diorang tak berapa arif nak gayakan bajoo lengan pendek, maxi dress and also bajoo tak berlengan.. Diorang tak tahu macam mana nak sesuaikan ngan tudung.. Honestly, I pun tak berapa pandai coz yela I pun tak pakai tudung kan, but I try to follow Ekin Mawi punye style.. To me, Ekin tu memang stylish and pakaian dia still sopan.. She proved that walaupun dia pakai tudung, she can still look stylish. But then again, at the end of the day, cara u berpakaian is always up to u.. Yela, everybody has their own taste kan.. So terpulang :) I cuma boleh bagi contoh dan gaya je.. hehe..

Look 1

Sesuai untuk pergi formal dinner or wedding :) Siapa kata pakai tudung tak boleh bergaya?? *Feeling cam Ekin lak.. hehe :P

Look 2
Sesuai untuk pergi dinner and wedding jugak, if you are brave enough, pakai gi jenjalan pun ok ape :)

Look 3
Sesuai kalau nak gi keluar jalan-jalan, if nak pakai gi ofis, tukar je leggings hitam tu dengan seluar panjang hitam, still stylo!

Look 4
Sesuai untuk gi jalan2 lagi and as usual if nak pakai gi ofis, tukar je pakai black pants

Look 5
Sesuai untuk pergi jalan-jalan. Lovin' the turquoise and black combo.

Look 6
Bajoo yang ni memang versatile, boleh pakai untuk casual day or even gi office. Pakai ngan jeans boleh, ngan seluar slack boleh, ngan leggings pun boleh yo! Redmummy pun ada kaler merah ok!

Dah penat2 amek gambar, 2 special guests datang. Siapa yang datang? I cannot reveal it just yet. Have to let them give me green light first baru boleh reveal. Nanti tak supriseeeeeeeeeeee! Ouh, and I got special gifts from these people also.. Baiknye hati dorang ni! Bagi Stila lipgloss ngan Victoria Secret nye lotion. Thank you!!

By the time these 2 guests left, it was already almost 10pm I think. Hommies called saying that they wanna go for dinner in SS2, PJ and they asked whether we wanna join them or not. Mestila nak! So they came and picked us up and we headed off to PJ. After dinner, we didn't want to go home just yet so pergila main pool ngan foosball kat Asia Cafe. The two girls (me and Tina), mestila tak pandai sangat main pool tu, yela setahun berapa kali la sangat pegi main kan. But nevertheless we had fun la kan.. Bila nak repeat lagi you guys?

*heh, I was laughing coz it was the last ball tapi macam impossible nak masuk lubang tu.

* Err.. gambar ni pelik sikit. Tina tengah bersungguh-sungguh and Kazu tengah tolong Tina adjust angle nak pukul bola tu. Al-maklumla kitorang ni tak pandai sangat kan.

Monday, October 5, 2009

mak merah

Ingat tak the other day I mentioned that bajoo boutique ada sponsor one of the top ten bloggers in Malaysia?? Do you know who is the iron lady? Tak lain tak bukan redmummy!! When she said that she needed clothes for attending her events, I took the opportunity to sponsor her :)

Soo, mak merah ni datang berjumpa I time I bukak booth kat CapSquare tu.. Memang senang nak deal ngan this lady, sangat baik & sangat professional (she knows what shes talking about).. And kita sama2 discuss what's the best for both parties.. Ye la redmummy ni ramai pengikut setia and boleh di katakan trendsetter jugak.. bajoo boutique sangat gembira coz dapat bekerjasama ngan red mummy ni.. hopefully in the future we will continue to work together lagi tau kak red..

Sooo, to all of you readers out there, silakan browse page redmummy to see her in action on her latest Project Alpha :) And sila klik di sini to read further on review of bajoo as the sponsor for redmummy.. And jangan lupa jugak browse page butik bajoo to see our new arrivals.. There's bajoo for everyone tau, baju modern, baju muslimah, kurung, kebaya dan juga coming soon kami akan menerima tempahan baju kurung and jahitan manik!

To redmummy, I wish you the best tau in your blogging world, stay marvellous!

*gambo semua dicuri dari page redmummy dengan pengetahuan redmummy tau

red mummy wearing T44 from butik bajoo

flowery dress is also from bajoo


Currently am recovering from diarrhoea (ciritssss)... Couldn't sleep last night coz I had to wake up every one hour to go to the loo. Not a pretty sight I tell you.. I might as well sleep in the toilet..

But, I am now in the office, pftttttttttt, I was thinking to apply for MC but decided not to as I have an important meeting to attend later this evening.. I dare not eat anything this morning, I just made myself one cup sugar-less tea to keep me going. Karang kalau makan, mesti cirits lagi.. btw I have not visited the doctor yet, no meds taken, cuma I tak makan je since yesterday evening..

Too much food since last week is surely the cause for this.. Yela, asek makan je the whole week, maybe perut pun terkejut and tak sempat nak process all the food properly :(

Right now memang lapar gile but I don't wanna take any chance.. Better be safe than sorry.. Karang cirits kat office lagi susah wooo... Ok la, nak pegi buat another cup of sugar-less tea.. laterssss peeps!

*some random pics during ramadhan & syawal

@ IKEA (rindu nak makan meatballs)

Kesayangan boring coz jalan jem nak gi open house

his fave hobby

tengah boring tunggu kesayangn gi potong rambut

while waiting for him again

Sunday, October 4, 2009


kepala rasa pening plus rasa macam nak cirits birits je since petang tadi :( ni mesti sebab banyak sangat makan ni.. Haisssshhhhh, malas gile nak gi klinik boleh?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i need u mr ZzZz

I feel abit sleepy today coz I haven't been getting enough zzzzzZz.. These past three days I slept somewhere around 3++am and woke up at 7++am... Soo now my body is probably sending some signals to my brain saying -> "hey u,u need more ZzZzZzZz so I am going to make you slowly close your eyes now" hehe... tapi mana la boleh tido in the office kan so I am taking some minutes off and move away from my mailbox.

Anyhoots, this weekend am gonna probably be busy with not only attending open houses but also busy with my boutique. To tell you the truth since I came back from Raya holidays, I haven't really been focusing on my boutique just yet..*pfttttt me! Singgah kedai pun kejap2 je coz of time constraint.. Busy gile ngan kerja and everything else, by the time I reached home pun dah almost 1am..Memang penat gile...Have to really sort out my priorities and start focusing on my boutique again starting from next week!!!!!!! (I can DO IT!)

Ouh btw insya Allah next week ada new arrivals at bajoo boutique (promo sket ni).. And not forgetting bajoo boutique will also be sponsoring one of the top famous blogger in Malaysia! Who is this famous blogger? I will reveal it my next entry :)

Ok lah now my eyes are bigger than half an hour ago coz I was digging my old pics where I can see some beautiful bitches beaches and some mountains surrounding me..Tenang sungguh I tell u! Really wishing I am there in the pictures below right now..

* I so wanna go there now!!!

*Noooo I don't wanna get on the boat and go back!

*ok, I really don't know why the heck I pose like that, like durhh, clearly it's a mountain kan..

zaman muda-muda

Almost a decade together with him.

Alot of ups and downs... tonnes of sweet memories together and of course some not so nice ones... Alhamdulillah we made it through together so far :)

After wedding @ Teluk Chempedak

Dating @ MidValley

AJL 07 @ Bukit Jalil

First time bawak balik company car

Dinner @ Bora Ombak

@ Phuket

Futsal tournament

Dinner @ Tupai-Tupai