Monday, November 23, 2015

My Journey as Body Combat instructor

If you follow me on this thing call "Instagram",  you probably know that I did something crazy middle of this year... 

I registered myself for the instructor training course for Les Mills Body Combat programme  -_____-

I have been wanting to do it for quite sometime but never have the guts to register myself.
Then I decided what the heck; I will only live once, I love Body Combat so much and I know the basic stuff for the training.
What am I waiting for right?
And so I registered myself on Les Mills website.
What in the world was I actually thinking?

The training was held in True Fitness, Desa Sri Hartamas.
There were 16 of us in the training and our coach was the infamous Jon Kin Chew from Body Combat 63 (he is THE presenter for track 6).

I remembered being so nervous on the first day.
Nervous that I wouldn't be good enough for the training.
Nervous that I won't be able to memorized the choreo, nervous that I would miss the beat, basically nervous about everythinggggg.
All the other participants were actually so nice and friendly.
They are really supportive as well, we kinda have to motivate each other during the three days training coz to tell you the truth it is really draining.
Some of them you can already see on the first day that they have been doing combat for a while and they are really really good with their techniques and all.

Personally, I do feel the three days training itself really does test your physical ability.
Hundreds of jap-cross and hundreds of kicks will really literally kill your physical slowly.
By the third day I actually cannot feel my arms and legs anymore (thank God for auto transmission car okay)...
I was praying very hard that I do not get track 2 or track 4 for the final presentation.
But heck, on the first day, for the first presentation I got track 2.
Jon the coach kept saying that my "roundhouse kick" wasn't progressing enough and that I have to work on the levels of the kick.
I lost count how many kicks I did by the end of day 2.
Massive leg pain alert!!!
Then towards the end of day 2 we were assigned another track for the final presentation (like finally!!).
I got track 3 for the final presentation which was not quite easy due to the "dynamic pulls", but still it is better than track 2 or track 4 for me.

After we did the final presentation, came the evaluation obviously.
I was so nervous. Jon took sometime to write few things on the papers (I remembered he was looking so serious).
Then Jon called us one by one to present our result and listened to this; I PASSED the training (full pass as trainee okay!),
I was grinning from side to side.
Jon commented that my coaching and queuing was on point, but I still have to really work on my technique though (during this I can only hear FULL PASS hahah)

Full pass as trainee (I am giving a pat on my own back)

The participants with Jon Kin Chew the coach (the dude in front in blue t-shirt is the coach)

Few months have passed since I passed my training.
I have done my part of "shadowing" the class and now I am TT-ing (TT = team teach)  Body Combat with my Body Combat sifu/mentor at my gym.
It's not an easy journey becoming an instructor.
For me, I am constantly juggling between work, travelling for work, motherhood (with no maid) and going to the gym.
Becoming an instructor means you have to memorize the choreo, you must be on the beat, your technique must be correct, you must give accurate queue and so on.
A lot of preparation has to be done prior to teaching the class itself.
So guys, show some credit to your GX instructor please, they have invested a lot of sweat and blood when preparing themselves to teach.

My journey to become an instructor has just begun, I am loving and hating the process along the way.
Would I trade it back? Nope. Not in a million years.
I fell in love with Body Combat the moment I stepped in the first class few years ago.
I don't see Body Combat only as exercising, it is more like my theraphy (besides online shopping hahahahah), I see Body Combat as my ZEN and it is one of the things in my life that actually keeps me sane (I know I'm weird).
I hope by becoming an instructor I can inspire other people to workout more and to live a healthy, happy life.
Doesn't matter what kind of exercise you like to do, as long as you keep on moving, you will see the results.

with my Body Combat sifu/mentor/friend

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mom and Son OOTD

So I have always wanted to do matchy-matchy OOTD with my boy (yes, I am that cheesy mommy!).
It's not so easy doing OOTD with boys; if you have a girl, then it's a whole new level you know.
The choice is endless if you have a baby girl.
You can wear tutu, leopard pants, dress, skirt, blaaa blaaaa (the list goes on and on if it's a baby girl). When it's a boy, it's kinda limited, and more challenging.
I saw this few pictures of mommy and son OOTD on FB, and this is what makes me want to do OOTD even more with my boy!

So I was thinking, how the heck am I gonna make it werk?
I am not going to make my son wear leopard print pants obviously; he will hate me forever (or probably will not forgive me) when he understands what is leopard prints.

I have to make use of whatever I have and improvised.
I also start buying more clothes based on his clothes (not so easy I tell ya!).
But, I will dress up matchy-matchy with him for as long as I can just coz I want to!

So here goes......
Outfit number one! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa......
Quite a match duncha think!
Yeay to mommy and Arfan! But he looks more swag than mommy here heheheheh.
Encek K was upset that he didn't have a matching shirt.
Alaaaaaaaa sorry lah daddy, kasikla mommy chance OOTD with Arfan kan....
Mommy's outfit: Top: Forever 21, Jeans: ZARA, Shoes: Vincci
Son's outfit: Top: H&M, Jeans: Mango, Shoes: PUMA

Outfit number two:

Mommy's outfit: Top: Forever 21, Jeans: ZARA, Shoes: Vincci
Son's outfit: Top: Mothercare, Jeans: Mothercare, Shoes: PUMA

I am not a big fan of white, but it is growing on me.

A good start right? 
I have few more shirts that is already matching with his shirts (what to do, I can only match shirts with him).
Also a pair of red jeans which I just bought one pair for him and one pair for myself. 
Have to think how to rock those jeans to match him.
One thing for sure, taking pictures is not so easy with this dude.
We have to 'really work' to get the shots. I even have to bribed him sometimes.
Thank you to my ah-may-zing husband who is always there to take the pictures. 
I will post more OOTDs soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

well hello there

Why would anyone read my post anymore?
Even I don't browse to this page any longer.
Life is as usual busy with work, gym and family life (what's new right?).
Have been travelling quite a bit this year for work and for holiday with family; to Bandung, to Singapore City, to Munich, to Paris and to Tokyo. I will be in Tokyo again soon.
I sure do love to travel, but I surely will miss my boys back home if they are not with me.
I really should blog more (I know). So I don't forget the things that I have done haihhh.
Updates on Arfan Miqaeel; he turns 4 last July. Mummy is surely emotional seeing him all grown up. Tall, skinny little boy, he is gonna be as tall as his daddy I think. Tolong ikut skali suara daddy yang sedap time menyanyi ok, jangan ikut suara Sizuka mummy k sayang (yes, my husband says I sound like Sizuka when I am singing, jahatnyaaa!!). Mummy je kemetot after this, he is already more than half of me, surely a big boy now. I can really rely on him on doing some things (cleaning up his toys, switching off the AC in the living room before going to bed, washing himself), he is very protective, very competitive and I sure do see myself alot in him hahahah. Hati kering sikit macam mummy kan hahaha. He loves cars and racing (boys will be boys I guess). He does not like to eat rice at all; he can eat noodles and eggs all day long. Boiled eggs, fried eggs, scramble eggs, roti canai telur tampal, u name it, whatever has eggs on top, he will take it.

Whenever I am away for work he will stay for few days with hubs and then back to nenek's house which he always look forward to go. He basically gets everything and gets away with everything when he is there at nenek's. Well, being the only cucu. nenek cannot say NO to him adoiii!! Spoiled brat alert.
Well, I will try to update on my travelling journey soon. Paris and Tokyo travel log is a must! I will be away again for about 3 weeks, last business trip for this year hopefully. Going to miss my little ohana back home. May Allah ease my journey when I am away from my family in order to provide better life for all of us; insya Allah.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

V day

Normally, we don't celebrate Valentine's day.
When we were dating few million years ago, occasionally I will get a rose, or some chocolates, or a brownie from Secret Recipe (if I'm not mistaken haha).

I guess this year encek K wanted to do a surprise for me (sweetnya sayang saya ni.). The thing is the surprise dia 'tak berapa menjadi'. I feel so guilty. So sorry sayanggggg :(

Ceritanya begini...
On Saturday (which is the Valentine's day), we went to Marissa's first birthday party, memang kelam kabut that day. Pagi tu I pergi gym kejap, lepas tu around 12.30 noon pergi birthday party Marissa, lepas tu encek K kena pergi attend appointment Phythoscience pulak at 2pm.

So, me and si kenit terpaksa la melepak at my friend's house tunggu encek K balik from appointment. Lama okay tunggu. Around 5pm baru sampai. Si kenit sampai dah nak tertido dek kerana kepenatan maksimum.

Tapi tak tidur la, dia melawan mata tunggu daddy balik coz he wanted to go jalan-jalan. So since si kenit nak jalan-jalan, maka mummy and daddy gagahkan jugak bawak dia to IOI City Mall, our friends yang pergi birthday party tadi pun ada kat IOI City Mall.

Masalahnyaaaa, sampai parking IOI City Mall, si kenit terus tertidooooooo haihhhh... Since dah masuk parking, takkan nak balik pulak kan, mahu I amukan kat situ, so gigihkan diri turun jugak, angkut stroller semua. Masa dalam mall, takde buat ape pun and takde nak beli ape-ape pun. Just tawaf-tawaf dalam mall with our friends. One of our friend tu pegang bunga ros, ok la tunang dia kasik kan.. so sweet gitu.

Encek K pulak sibuk tanya kat I: "Sayang tak dapat ape-ape ke Valentine's Day ni?"
Ehh, ehhhh dah kenapa..
So I said: "Takde siapa nak kasik hadiah" dengan muka sedih ahahah, padahal tak kisah pun pasal V-Day kan coz memangla kami tak celebrate pun.
Takde pun rasa sedih ke ape.

Kami terus tawaf mall, then masuk ke Brands Outlet, encek K ada berkenan 2 kemeja, so after try semua ok, nak bayar lah kan. So beratur kat cashier punyalah ramai orang.

Masa beratur tiba-tiba encek K tanya I: "Sayang dah tau kan? Kan??"
I was like: "Huh? Ape ni, cakap pasal ape ni, tau ape pulak ni."
*I terus nervous gila memikirkan tau pasal ape pulak niii?
He was like: "Jangan tipu, dah nak nampak kan dalam handbag. Kan? Kan?"
Me; muka clueless gila: "Ape awak cakap ni? Ape dia ni? I is confuse.."
Encek K: "Jangan main-main sayang."
*Sambil buka my handbag, terus selongkar my handbag.

Selongkar punya selongkar, ternampak the white paper bag with Pandora writing.
Waaakaaakaaaaaaaaaaa, I senyum lebar.

Me: "Laaaa bila awak letak paperbag tu? Awak beli ape tu?"
Encek K: "Tadi, masa nak turun parking saya letak, ingatkan awak dah nampak tapi pura-pura tak nampak."
Me: " Hahahahha kalau dah nampak pastila dah jerit dari tadi."
Time ni dah keluarkan the white paper bag dah. Sambil bukak kotak, wahhhhhhh, Pandora Valentine's bracelet lah!

I am not really a bracelet girl, tapi bracelet ni simple je and so cute!

Terus encek K pakaikan the bracelet time beratur kat Brands Outlet tu boley?
*Time ni I dah senyum sampai telinga hahahaha.
Encek K: "Sayang betul-betul tak perasan ker hadiah ni?"
Me: "Cubalah awak tengok handbag saya ni isi dia apa, awak letak gajah pun belum tentu perasan."

So kesimpulaannya surprise tak berapa menjadi.
Last-last diri sendiri yang surprise sebab I tak surprise. Sorry sayang!
Lainkali kena fikir idea yang lebih bernas ok. Letak dalam handbag tak berapa menjadi la.
Bag I macam kapal karam yang di landa todak.
Tapi kira I surprise jugak dapat hadiah on Valentine's day tahun ni.

I love you sangat.
Terharu sangat dapat  Love bracelet ni, thank you my love :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The New It Bag Part 1

Lama dah tak cerita pasal handbags kan.
Ok fine, lama dah tak cerita pasal semua benda actually hahaha.
Masa end of December haritu terrrrr-jebak masuk butik Coach kat Alamanda.
Honestly I have been dissapointed with Coach designs lately that I have stopped buying Coach handbags. I think the design is so outdated and so blerghhhh, and for me it's not really worth spending my money on the bags. I rather save up more money and buy another bag which might be slightly expensive.
Ok back to the point, terrrjebak masuk Coach sebab encek K is looking for mens clutch. Ye laki mak sungguh stylo mylo like that yo. Dia nak mens clutch yer, maka mak layankan ajer browsing the mens section. Tapi dah alang-alang masuk butik kan, takkan tengok mens section jer. Al-makanya tertengok womens section, specifically 'Final Clearance' section. New collection tak pandang hokay, I suka perkataan Clearance itu sahaja.
Browse punya browse punya browse.
My heart stopped when looking at this one particular bag!
Adakah ini cinta??
Coach Borough Turnlock in Saffiano Leather.
Large size and in brindle colour.
The bag even matches all my criteria, zipped compartments, a structured bag, comes with a sling and the leather is to die for. I tried the bag on and it matches me perfectly. And the clearance price is around 40% off the original price! Gila hokay! For a saffiano leather bag, that's a steal!
Wahh this time encek K dah menjeling mata dah. Jeling sambil jegil sambil terbuntang ye mata. Camne tu? Hahaha.
But he did say "Cantik bag tu. Kaler dia classic."
And then he said "Sayang nak ker?"
Ni soalan perangkap ke ape ni?
"Kalau nak amek la, saya belanja." Again, tengah perangkap saya ke tengah test saya time ni sayang???
Wahhhh, berbunga hati time tu dah. But I was still contemplating (dah kenapa kau ni Shafiza, orang nak belanja hangkut jelaaa)
Si kenit pun tak membantu time ni, sebab dia dah lapar and keeps on shouting "Hungry, hungryy, hungryyyyy" in front of all the sales person. Adoiiii  -___-'
So I put myself aside and put the bag back on the rack and said "Ok takpe, saya fikir dulu, saya pergi makan lepas tu saya datang balik" (who is this person?? refusing a bag?? God help me!)

Then we had dinner, and sadly we didn't manage to go back to Coach as we needed to find shoes for Arfan Miqaeel. It was almost 10pm after we bought the shoes, so there was no more time. Maka kewangan encek K terselamat pada malam itu.
When I came to the office the next day(malam tu ala-ala tak boleh tidur la kan fikir pasal bag tu), the first thing I did is; I googled the bag asap, yela nak tau kan pasal bag tu. And I found all this retis wearing the same bag! Ok not helping la kan! Semuanya gojes-mojes wearing the bag. Ai is stress dah time ni. Masuk pulak purse forum, baca semua thread about this bag. Time ni rasa nyesal pun ada tak beli bag tu malam tadi uwaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Lepas tu, two weeks after my so called first terjebak visit to the Coach boutique (nampaknya berjaya melupakan kejap pasal bag tu), I came back again to the boutique in January 2015. This time I was there alone, asalnya nak pergi bayar duit kereta time tu kat Alamanda, tapi ternampak pulak sign Final Clearance still terpampang kat Coach. Dengan harapan tolongla bag tu dah takde, so that selamat duit hakuuu. So I masuk terus menuju ke bahagian Final Clearance.
Guess what?
Sitting on the rack, calling my name.
Kenapa??? Why am I being punished??? It's like a sign to me. Buy-the-bag-you-idiot (I'm talking to myself ok!)
Called encek K to tell him this and he still said the same thing "Kalau nak amekla sayang". Pftttt. Hati berbunga-bunga kejap time ni actually.
But guess what?
I walked away empty handed. No; I'm not kidding. Baahaahaa gelakkan diri sendiri sebab tak beli bag tu. Rasanya sebab time tu I masuk butik tu seorang diri, so takde sesiapa yang merasuk/meracun jiwaku ni. Makanya berjaya mengawal diri dari membeli dan melangkah pergi. Jodoh still tak kuat lagi dengan bag ni nampaknya. The salesperson even said to me before I leave: "Kak sale ni sampai 8 Februari ye kak. Bag ni kaler ni tinggal satu je lagi ni."
So I did manage to walk away. Again.
To be continued in part 2.

Friday, February 13, 2015

new obsession

Ok semua tau kan, I memang suka pergi gym. No secret here.
Sampaikan I panggil gym = my happy place (butik handbag pun I tak panggil my happy place okay). Yelah memang happy kalau dapat workout keluarkan peluh. Lepas tu ldapat ayan sauna kat gym pulak kan, memang best and rasa relaks sangat. That's the only 'ME' time that I get anyway. The only time that I am alone and doesn't have to think. Going to the gym keeps me sane in a lot of ways trust me. Luckily encek K understands this. Sebab kalau tak faham, confirm I dah jadi Hantu Kak Limah ye. And lately a lot of friends have been asking me for some workout tips which makes me more happy coz I didn't realize I was motivating people around me to workout as well. *pat on my back* I'm not an expert, I will just share what I practice and what I know.
Tapi apa-apa pun, don't get me wrong, workout tak semestinya kena masuk gym, like one of my friend she likes running outdoor, she doesn't like working out in a gym. She even bought a stroller for her baby which is suitabke for running. I say do whatever makes you happy girl!
For me, I personally like joining the group exercise class (bodycombat, zumba, rpm classes), I hate running (tak kisahla lari atas treadmill atau lari outdoor, I - hate - running - get - it?), that's why I joined the gym for the classes. When I am doing the classes tu I tak sedar masa berlalu, tau-tau je dah 55minutes and I'm done with the class, so that's why  I like doing the classes. Kalau lari atas treadmill tu rasa macam dah lama tapi ehhh baru 15 minit sebenarnya, ehhh baru 50 calories? Rasa macam dah seribu calories je hahahah. One more thing, when I joined the class, I think I pushed myself more. Why? Coz you see all these people, and they are so pumped up following the instructor's moves, so if you are slacking in the class you should be ashamed of yourself you know.
Harini nak cerita some of my new toys for the gym which makes my workout interesting :)
The first one is my new pink Adidas shoes.
Okla it's actually not so new. But I love, love, love the shoes.
Very,very light, super comfy and it's suitable for all activities indoor (ie:in the gym).
Not really a big fan of pink but I make exception for this one as teh shoes are way too cute.
Got it for RM150.00 only from Al-Ikhsan masa sale, rasanya berbaloi-baloi sangat beli!
Was torn between the pink Adidas and white Nike, but I choose pink in the end!
Secondly, my new Lesmills tops which I bought from my Singapore trip.
Bayangkan kat KL dah sold out! Terpaksa redah semua mall kat Singapore during my business trip just to find these tops. Sungguh gigih ye tapi benci sungguh sebab kat Singapore mahal gila the tops due to the currency exchange. Tapi dah sebab suka gila terpaksa tutup mata dan bayar jelah. Confirm rasa bersemangat nak workout in these babies and nampak kurus sket ehhhhhh hahahahha.
My Lesmills BodyCombat and Lesmills BodyPump tops!
Kurus ker Kak Ton?
Lastly my most favourite toy for now:
My Polar FT7 Fitness Watch with heart rate monitor.
Sangat suka jam ni, highly recommended for all users especially if you are just basic users like me.
Macam I takdela nak particular sangat about fitness, as long as I know how much calories I burned during my workout sessions, and then I boleh tengok my heart rate cecah maksimum ke tidak, I am a happy girl.
Bila dah pakai jam ni barula I tau total sebenar calories burned, I did overestimate the calories burned for some classes and I did underestimate some other classes. Who knew Shbam class burns so much calories? And trust me, calories yang tunjuk kat treadmill tu selalunya tak betul and tak accurate, it is usualy showing higher calories burned, tapi sebenarnya burned sikit je and lower. Tipah teritpu! 
Bila pakai jam ni baru tau the real calories burned, so now I am more aware of my workout. So boleh agak-agak sendiri dah. I think it's worth paying RM3xx for this watch which I bought from Lazada. Investment yang berbaloi-baloi. Highly recommended for those of you who is just looking for basic fitness watch. It comes with a chest strap and cara nak pakai pun senang aje. Pakai chest strap kat dada lepas tu pakai jam and tunggu jam tu detect your heart rate.  I recommend the watch to all my friends yang serious about loosing weight, yela bila u tau how much you burned, you boleh la agak-agak berapa you kena cut kan food intake you kan, senang sikit nak bajet makan berapa banyak. Satu lagi for me bila you tengok number of calories burned kat jam tu, you akan lebih bersemangat tau tak. You akan lebih fokus nak burned lagi banyak calories. Selalunya I akan aim untuk burn minimum 500 calories untuk satu sesi senaman, biasanya 1 1/2 jam dah cukup nak burn 500 calories kalau you buat high cardio class. Hopefully korang faham my explanation ni  :)


Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Aku tanya apa khabar?
Aku tanya apa khabar semuaaa...
Ok fine, nobody nak jawab khabar baik. Ada ke orang baca blog ni pun lagi? Hahah...
Sorry that I have been missing.
Actually rindu je nak tulis kat blog.
Tapi tak tertulis-tulis pun hmmmmmphhh...
So far how is your 2015? Haha dah masuk February dah pun kan baru nak tanya ker?
Dah masuk 2015 ni rasa macam hari-hari busy gila tak bernapas I ni boley? (ayat agak poyos di situ).
Anyway nak cerita benda basi since I have some pictures, masa new year haritu, me and encek K berjaya menjejakkan kaki ke KLCC setelah sekian lama. KLCC kan parking mahal, makan semua mahal, shopping pun mahal, sebab tu la kami jarang sangat ke KLCC. Plus it's quite far compared to other malls from our home.
On new year  day kami berjaya spend some time with our friends and had lunch at Chilis.
Ye kami peminat tegar Chilis because of the bottomless drinks and the yummy food!
Masa dekat Chilis kami duduk tepi tingkap menghala ke fountain and si kenit kept on looking outside the window sambil cakap "Mommy nak swim" (Sambil tunjuk kat fountain KLCC).
Adoi anakkk -____-'
Terpaksa mummy and daddy cakap swimming pool ni ada yakk.
Lepas makan kami tawaf KLCC, encek K did some shoe shopping at iSetan and I did some damages at ZARA as there was sale ongoing everywhere. Mata I dah pusing kiri, kanan, depan , belakang dah haahaa. Berjaya membeli baju ZARA dengan harga rm49.90 daripada rm159.90 I loike!
Dah berusia ni (wah berusia ker?), takde partay-partay dah.. Lepak makan or minum kopi atau teh lebih afdhal gittew.. Yang paling penting anak-anak happy kan.. Let's see some pictures on our outing day.
Happy Belated 2015!

Pentamak sangat meja penuh.
Geng mak jems

Nampak macam kami je ada kan, padahal penuh ya ampunnnn, camera trick yo!

Posing silang kaki OOTD new year.
Top: ZARA, skirt: ZARA, shoes:COTTON ON, necklace: DIVA, bag: GUCCI