Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jovian RTW by Jovian Mandagie

I'm pretty sure by now almost everyone is down with Jovian RTW fever (including me of course!). How can you not die when you see his collection??!! You die, you wake up and die again after seeing each one of his design.

For his first launch I didn't manage to go to First Lady (coz the little boy was down with fever at that time), so I waited for the release at Zalora, and boy it was selling like goreng pisang panas! I managed to grab only one piece during this first release :'( I remembered being 'super sedih' at that time.

Then, I got to know there will be second release and so on.. Super happy over the moon and stars I tell you.. This time I promised myself I would drag my hubby to First Lady! And I did! But of course la we didn't go to First Lady Jalan TAR.. Madness! Mau encek K jadi HULK pulak bertolak-tolak.

It was encek K's idea to go to First Lady Melaka (Thank you sayang coz layan bini awak yang meroyan nak baju Jovian). And we made the right decision by going to Melaka. There was a lot of people but no 'tolak-tolak', 'rebut-rebut tarik tambut' and definitely tiada rak yang terbalik! I bought 3 pieces only (coz encek K TAK KASIK beli lebih! arghhh menyesal please!!!) Dahla tu kat Melaka, certain hot design like Jules are not available..

So eventhough I have already owned 4 pieces of JRTW after going to First Lady, I still want more and more.. Sampaikan encek K dah tak larat nak keep track coz I was buying from people in Facebook and Instagram and also from Zalora(they keep sending me wrong size btw) and selling 'em back if it doesn't fit me. You see each design and cutting are different (to cater for different type of bodies I guess and to be fair of course), so whenever it needs alteration I would sell it back (dengan berat hati), coz I did not want to ruin the garment :( I will only keep the ones that fits me perfectly..

After buying and selling back number of times(many, many, many times), here is my final 6 Jovian RTW.. Yeah only 6 lah! So sad coz I had to let go the precious Jules, Janelle and Jova, S size is too big for me, XS made my body look weird  :p  So I had to let go all the masterpiece.. Benci!!!

 all mine!

Out of 6, I have only worn 2 pieces so far. Haha! Sayang kot nak pakai! Kena carik tempat yang sesuai baru pakai. Sampai encek K keep on asking bila nak pakai, bila nak pakai  :p

And when I post the outfit on instagram, Jovian Mandagie himself liked the photo!!! Senyum sampai belakang telinga. Thank you Jovian for taking your time and effort to actually look at all your Jovianistas photos! And thank you for making it possible for everyone to own a piece of your collection.

Now, my Jovian RTW fever is coming back as Jovian has just released his Aidiladha collection. Arghhhh cannot sleep thinking about his Aidiladha collection. Should I or should I not add more to my collection?? Encek K please don't be mad. Layankan aje isterimu ini.. My favourite so far are Jovanita, Jerielle, Jameela and Jewel. How now brown cow? Helppppppppppppppp!

I want more!
I know, I know, I need help *LOL*


buat buat bodoh said...

La piccau trying those baju and help me to follow y blog thanks

eliana said...

Have all the dresses in XS size been sold? If you still have, I would like to c :D thanks