Friday, September 12, 2014

come to mama

Remember this and this entry?

Just want to say hello sayang come to mama!

I finally got my Michael Kors Selma bag in cobalt blue. 
I just went with my guts and purchased it like what the heck kan...
My "penutup bag" for year 2014. 
Eh ye ke penutup?

Absolutely love the colour and the saffiano leather and the structure of the bag is fantastic. Money well spend I think and even encek K agrees the bag is stunning.
I am even thinking to get myself one more MK Selma bag early next year in purple colour.

I can see why in the purse forum that some say this MK Selma bag is addictive. I understand why one would have more than one MK Selma bag, I saw in the purse forum this one lady has almost all the colour for Selma, it's crazy I tell ya! But yes, the price and the quality is really worth the money that you are paying and the bag is absolutely practical yet stylish and it has a zipper. Sometimes I still do not really understand how come a bag can be so expensive yet it has no zipper for safety purposes :(

So for now I am happy over the moon for this cobalt blue beauty (even matches one of my shoes perfectly!). I got my eyes on the purple one next (encek K, saya beli tahun depan don't worry)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

of shopping online (what's new?)

Fuhhh fuhhhh fuhhh (tiup habuk sat naaaaaa)..

Sorry for not updating for quite some time... Didn't have my mojo I guess..

I'm alive and well thank you (well actually I was unwell last week, down with vertigo for one week blerghhhh).. But now I have recovered..  And what better way to reward yourself after you get well..?


Ok I think you guys get the point right? Go shopping - lah durhhh

Well for me it's just online shopping unfortunately :(

Can't really remember when was the last time I visited a mall actually. I think before or during Ramadhan kot.. Yerp I have been thattt busy!! (What's wrong with me??)

Never mind let's not discuss why malls aren't exactly my best friend right now -___-'

My new bestfriend right now (don't know for how long) is statement necklaces. You see, all this while I'm more of an earring kinda girl, not really into necklaces ever. Never bought any fancy schmancy necklace. I even reluctantly agreed when encek K wanted to buy me "rantai emas" as present during our wedding back then (again what the heck is wrong with me, emas kot, hambekk je lain kali!). We did buy the necklace for the wedding eventually but a very short necklace with a decent size pendant (should have taken a bigger, massive pendant).

Back to the point, I am now into statement necklaces! I saw this one cute girl on instagram wearing this soft pink necklace and I was like "Ok, I gotta have that necklace!"

And I bought the same necklace bahahahahahha!
Got it  online for RM39 which for me was super cheap coz I saw that someone else was selling it for RM85. Excited to wear this soon but I have to first figure out how to style this (hello, not a necklace person remember??)

I also bought a few more.

And I have my eyes on even a few more necklaces. Gahhhhhhhhhhh :(
I bought all of them online and nothing is over RM50. I can foresee more necklace coming soon into my wardrobe. Can't wait to wear them soon.