Monday, December 22, 2008


Again, my weekend was restless. In fact, I think I am more tired during the weekend than weekdays. How come laaa??

Anyhoots, me and my homies decided to go for a short and sweet trip to Malacca during the weeked. The MAIN intention was to "MAKAN IKAN BAKAR SAMPAI PENGSAN", nonetheless since dah sampai Malacca, jalan2 sekali je la...

We left KL around 4pm and headed directly to Malacca, first stop; Taman Buaya Melaka. The last time I visited that place was three years ago I think. Tapi rasanya the park is getting smaller and smaller. Dah kata g Taman Buaya, of coz la tengok buaya kan.. and tengok kuda and lastly masuk rumah hantu. I have to admit, I am not the bravest chick on earth when it comes to "ghosts", tapi rumah hantu ni saya dah masuk 2 kali dah.. dah tahu patung hantu tu kat mane.. saspen sket je la..

After that we shoot directly to Umbai, the so called medan ikan bakar terapung was dissapointing, takdela terapung sangat.. Looks like the everyday conventional food court! Boring! So we decided to go back to the old place. Lagi best! For our feast, we took 3 ekor ikan(masak sambal, sweet sour), kupang masak black pepper,siput sedut masak lemak,sotong goreng crispy, sup sayur & kailan ikan masin... *am still drooling thinking about it!!

Lepas makan semua dah jadi "buaya darat" coz we couldn't move anymore.. Lepak2 for a while and then drove straight to Bandar Hilir. A lot has changed in Malacca; and the most impressive one is the Taming Sari solero shot in the city. We didn't ride the solero shot though. We just jalan2 around the city. Around 12 something we drove back to KL and I immediately dozed off in the car.. :P



food bill

On Sunday, went to my UNITEN friend's wedding in TTDI, sesat jap sebab GPS bodo!! Pengantin sangat cantek!! Congrats to both of them!!

After wedding; went to Bangsar to do some surveying with my dearest. Surveying what? I still cannot disclose just yet! Have to wait and see!!

Today? Abit tired and abit quiet in the office :( Benci!

Am looking forward to the weekend already.

Friday, December 19, 2008

benci :'(

:'( Feel like crying. My two best buddies in the office will be leaving next week. Now I got fewer buddies in the office.

Well, what can I say about them? Tooooo many GOOD THINGS I think! I have known them since the first day I joined the company and that was three years ago.

To RB, my current cubicle neighbour, I will miss you man; who will bring me newspaper everyday from now on?? Who will I ask questions to next week? Who will crack jokes with me?? Who will disturb MR with me? WHOOOOOO?? Arghh!!!

I am happy that you moved on but VERY SAD that you will be leaving me. I have never seen someone who is so passionate about their work as you. And you always think positive even if the whole world is collapsing on top of you. You will go far my friend. And I want to thanked you for all your help, for all your motivation, for protecting me, for everything.. Thank you.

To II, thank you for always pushing me to be the best in everything. I know you always mean well and that sometimes I am too stubborn to listen, but please know that I always, always remember whatever it is that you said to me. Who's gonna bring me food next week man? Who will "kacau" me until I cry when you and RB left??? Who?? Who??

Again, I am VERY SAD that you will be leaving, but thank you for always making me realized that there are a lot of opportunities and chances out there. Thank you for giving me and RB alot of motivation and making us realized that there's always something bigger and if we put our hearts into it, we will definitely achieve it. Thank you. Thank you.

It has been a pleasure to know both of you and it has been a pleasure to work with both of you. I wish you the very best in everything. And I am truly sorry if I had done something wrong throughout our 3 years friendship (and many more years hopefully!).

If there's anything I think both of you know how to reach me :)

p/s: ok, ok, jangan risau saya akan jemput bila saya kahwin nanti! RB, let's see siapa dapat baby dulu =P

p.p/s: I am sure you guys will be missing me at your new office kan? (ok la sory kalau saya syok sendiri)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

untuk menenangkan hati yang terluka

Been tagged by e'en, soo untuk mengubat hati yang terluka ni I buat je this tag.

Note: Hati terluka bukan sebab my dearest, sebab lain ok.

1. Do you think you are hot?

Ermmm.. HELL YEAH!! hahahahaha... Kalau kita sendiri tak rase kita "HAWT", camane nak buat orang lain rasa kita HAWT kan? heheheehe

2. Upload your favorite picture of you!

3. Why do you like the picture?
Many reasons, one of it coz my dearest said I look pweety in the picture (silakan muntah please).

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Can't remember. Last month kot wif me mummy.

5. The last song you listen to?
Bunga Cinta Lestari and Ari Lasso - Aku dan Dirimu (sangat best lagu ini)

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Talking to my dearest, trying to fix our current problem :(

7. What name you would prefer besides yours?
Alexia or Valentina, omputih habis I tell you!!

Tagged peeps: Hmmm... nak tagged sape ni?
1. Aimy Farhana
2. Knits Anita Rohaida
3. Amin
4. Zaki
5. Yusmir

8. Who is number one?
High school friend, who is currently in Japan, balik la kawanku! hehehe

9. Number three is having a relationship with?
Ermmmm tak sure la...

10. Say something about number five?
He's a really skinny guy.

11. How about number four
Seorang yang kelakar dan rabun warna and my future photographer.

12. Who is number two.
My UNITEN friend who is currently an expecting mother :)


I know sometimes mighty ALLAH wants to test us. DIA nak uji kita untuk tengok whether we can take his ujian or not. Whether we will give up that easily or will we fight for the things that we believe in?

I will not give up nor give in. Kalau tak dapat satu cara, there's always another way to go. Pasti ada caranya dan insya-allah DIA akan bukakan jalan yang betul.

"YA ALLAH, permudahkanlah usaha hamba mu ini. Amin."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Weekend was quiet for me. Did some house cleaning on Saturday and later drove back to my hometown. My bestie UN came lepaking at my house and trying new bajoo :) Lepak2 makan spageti sume sambil borak2.. Really glad you came my dear.. Semoga semua rancangan kita berjaya bebeh!! hehehehe

Sunday; I finally got what I want, which is zZzZZZZzzzz (almost) the whole day. Sangat gumbira! (E'en sory awak call saya tak jawab!). Memang tak produktif langsung on Sunday. *sigh

*sengal di office

Today; biasala back at office. Not so much work today but was pissed this morning due to some stupidos here. This evening, will be going to the gym to kick some butt and later maybe going for bowling session with my homies.

* Am missing my dearest as he is currently away (again and again) for his outstation. Balik cepat please!

Friday, November 28, 2008

and they call me a liar?

It's Friday, it's Friday! WOOOT WOOOT!! And today I wanna go shopping!! Yippie!! What I want to buy? Tak tau lagi la... Yang mana2 berkenan saya akan beli :) Benda yang saya tak sepatutnya beli? Earrings and more earrings... Whyyy?? Here's why...



Yups, that's only HALF of mua collection.. People usually don't believe me when I said I own 200+++ pairs of earrings. Diorang kata saya tipu..Apakahhh???? Well, you better believe it now.. hehehe..

This obsession of mine started since I was in high school tapi masa tu tak banyak duit kan, so selalu harap kat my mom je or beli earrings yang 3 rm10 tu... now I have my own money; soo I can buy it on my own la kan.. tapi still tak beli yang mahal, mostly under rm30 je.. my favv shop for earrings hunting? F21 and DIVA.. cantek + murah je collection dia.... My dearest pun dah pening dengan hobi saya ni... Usually if I ask him "B, yang ni cantik tak?", he will say, " B, bukan awak dah ada ke pattern centu?".. Aduss, tension je..hehehe.. His intention is good, taknak saya membazir, but I like what I like you know.. Sooo dia pun dah give up nak menahan diri saya ini... Sorry sayang!

Anyone wanna help me to "expand" my earrings collection? Sentiasa di alu-alukan!

p/s: have a nice weekend peeps!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Weekdays are almost ending.. Yeay.. And I am really really tired this week (Whyyy???).. Not enough rest kot coz' busy with work, bajoo & gym-ming (almost) everyday... Hari2 tido kul 2++ am and bangun kul 7++ am..So damn tired! This weekend I wanna sleep all day long!!

But I think what I really truly madly deeply need is A HOLIDAY ASAP! Ada sesapa nak sponsor?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

padang,bangsar,midval,sangria,ayat2 cinta

Back at the office again and as usual lotsa work to do :( Weekend was pack, was fun and also tiring. On Saturday I accompanied my dearest to his rugby match (macam tak biasa pulak kan)..Panas gile padang tu please.. Was at the field at 3.30pm and guess what my dearest didn't even play coz his name is registered under another state. Damn! Penat je g training sume. Anyhoo, we stayed and watched the game anyway eventhough saya lagi rela g Midvalley. Hehe.. Around 6pm we made a move and headed to Bangsar. Layan kuewtiaw and nasi lemak longkang jap (sekarang dah takde longkang dah coz dah ada stall sume kan..)... And after that shop-hopping around Bangsar.. Pity him as he had to accompany me to all the boutiques in Bangsar :P
And FYI, I DID NOT buy anything in Bangsar.. weeeeeeeee :)

After shop-hopping around Bangsar we got bored and decided to go to Midvalley plak. Again, we shop-hopped in Midvals and Gardens and we successfully refrain ourselves from buying anything.. Kudos to us!

Last2 skali dah bosan gile; my dearest ajak tengok live band kat Sangria (again). Walaupun penat + ngantuk ikutkan ajaaaa...

On Sunday didn't do anything much; woke up, takde elektrik plak. So terpakse la g gym untuk hilangkan kebosanan. After that food-hunting with my dearest.. We had cendol, keropok lekor, meehoon sup, otak2, roti canai dan macam2 lagi on Sunday.. Was fun :)

Oh yeah, I watched ayat2 cinta on Sunday night. Sangat best the movie!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

yippie yay

my room

Jualan bajoo sangat memberansangkan 2,3 hari ni. Sangat bersyukur! Alhamdulillah!!!

Am thinking to turn my house to a home-base boutique so that more customers could come and buy more stuffs at a cheaper price(as I do not have to pay the shop rent, I can sell the clothes at a cheaper price!!).. Nak decorate cantik2 macam kedai & nak bring more stuffs for my lovely customer..

What do you think? Should I do it???

my maxi dress mestila exclusively from bajoo

p/s: entry ni sememangnya untuk tujuan promosi

Monday, November 17, 2008


*sigh* We got into a fight last week :( And he said something which really hurts me. I know he didn't mean it that way but I still feel sad.. Part of it is also because of me I guess..arrghhh... I hate it when me and him fight.. Sungguh benci!

gambar sekadar hiasan, masa ni tak gaduh pun..hehe

Anyhow, tak nak la cerita benda2 sedih, sekarang ni pun me and him dah ok sket.. As they said, "time will heal the wounds".. so let it be je la... Was back at my hometown for the weekend and didn't do much except for makan, makan dan tidoooo (gemok sudah!)... Yups, all because I was stress (damn, tadi kata tak nak cakap benda2 sedey)... Arrgghh..
Untuk mengubat hati yang luka (chewah), hari ni sibuk meng-update facebook, friendster dan blogspot. Sila lah browse ye korang..

new item @ bajoo

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i like to move it move it

Yups, you guessed it right! I watched Madagascar 2 yesterday night with my homies. Kelakar nak mampos please. We wanted to watch Bond (again) but we arrived late at the cinema, all seats were already taken, cuma tinggal row depan sekali sahaja (tidaaak).

So, we decided to watch the midnight show and instead of watching Bond, we decided to MOVE IT, MOVE IT.. hahahahha....and so terpaksa la melepak main game sume sementara tunggu midnight, dah la saya PMS, so macam takde mood sangat yesterday..

Anyhoo, weekend is nearby peeps! Yeay! Can't wait to get more stuffs for my
bajoo. Unfortunately my cameraman is abit tied up, so gambar kena tunggu lagi.. Shyte!


Monday, November 10, 2008


my new gladiator sandal-present from someone

As usual, weekend was really short for me :( Lepaks with a few friends on Saturday morning and then went straight to take my new stock for my bajoo online business. Me likey the new stock! Alot of nice tops and maxi-dress :) Sila lah browse dan beli ye!!

new stock @ bajoo

Sunday; I watched Bond with my mummy at 11.45am (sila faham, ibu saya yang pergi beli tiket pagi); the movie was great, full with action pack scenes. Biasa la, James Bond kan, mesti ada tembak2, racing2 kereta, meletop sana sini and don't forget the aweks.. Semuanya cun2 belaka.. hehehe.. After that was whole day at home watching tv + eating + sleeping :)

Friday, November 7, 2008


Yup, another week passed by.. My dearest lost one of his relative yesterday *Al-Fatihah*.. That got me thinking that life is really really short and that I should be thankful for all the things that I have in my life.. *Alhamdulillah*..

Monday, November 3, 2008

di sana sini

Weekend was short :( Tak sempat nak buat banyak benda (I want longer weekends!). Friday night, me and my homies+friends hosted our small open house. We invited our close friends and friends from our neighbourhood only. Thanks to all who came that night, makanan biasa2 je..Btw, I did not wear maxi dress, I wore a long tunic top+leggings :)

orang belum ramai lagi masa ni

Saturday; was really tired as I slept around 3++ am. Woke up around 12 noon, took my shower and headed to Midval to pick up my dearest as he had meeting at Boulevard (he works on Saturday). Mula2 ingat tak nak keluar, but end up going from shop to shop in Midval. I bought 1 top and 1 leggings from Jusco and they were having HUGE sale. And then went to DIVA and bought 2 earings and 1 long necklace. All SALE items only..huhuhuhu.. My dearest had stronger will-power as he did not buy anything eventhough he tried this one t-shirt from Topshop for about 5 times. Last2 tak jadik beli, pening abang yang jaga fitting room tu.. Saturday night went out to Sangria Bar @ Nouvo to watch live band+football..After that lepaks at Pelita sampai game Liverpool habis. (Liverpool kalah = yahooo!)

us @ topshop

Sunday; still tired as I went to bed near 5am.. Woke up around 12 noon again, siap2 and then headed to my UNITEN mate's wedding at Jalan Duta. The wedding was held at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan (that explains my tudung in the picture below ok). Liana, muka awak sangat lain!! Congrats to both of you :)

Liana + Shah Weds

After the wedding, went straight to KJ to watch COBRA 10 Rugby Tournament(ramai orang hensem pls!) Muahahahaha. Was at the stadium until 7pm. Had dinner at Chop & Steak and balik rumah around 10pm, just in time to watch ANTM. After that? Kong tido terus!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

end of syawal

Tomorrow one last open house to attend (hopefully).. The host? Yours-truly and a few other friends.. Jemput kawan2 dekat je.. huhuhu..

Cam malas nak pakai baju kurung, so I might be wearing my maxi dress with a bolero :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


hasil usaha =P

So, I had a longer short weekend :) Still soo many open houses and sooooo many weddings to attends. Thanks for inviting me peeps! I'll make sure I invite you guys for my wedding nanti ok? (God knows when la kan)

jai + umi (arfah sory ur name takde)

Anyhoo, I have been planning to bake cupcakes since last month (tapi kemalasan membara selalunya!), and finally I made it last weekend with the help of my mummy and my besties AH & UN. (They came lepaking at my house!) Senang je buat cupcake ni rupanye.. Campak2 je everything together. I think the tricky part is making the design itself. You have to be really creative & artsy. Well, since this is my first time, I just used mixed colourful chocolate rice for the design.

excuse our busuk face. panas wei kat dapur.

The verdict? Hehehe.. Rasa ok lah for first timer, not bad at all, sedap gak la..The design? As you can see we basically wrote our names on the cake.. Easiest design everr...Kesimpulannya baking cakes is definitely not my most fave thing to do. Jual bajoo lagi best rasanye :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

maybe i will

top:bandung (no brand)
leggings: sg wang
silver flats: vincci
silver cuff bangle: forever 21

One of my friends asked me yesterday "What triggered me to open my online clothing biz?". I thought the answer was pretty transparent u know.. Because I lurveee fashion and I want to make some extra income while doing the thing I love.. like durhhh...And she asked me what's really my personal style? I told her whatever I sell is definitely something that I would wear everyday for the rest of my life. The stock is carefully selected so that it represents me truly :) And I promised the price is really affordable..

And then she suggested that I post my fashion style on my blog.. Yeah, I have seen people putting their stylish picture on their blogs; stating which brand/where they get the pieces they are wearing.. Well, I guess it's not a bad idea.. maybe I will put my "fashion shot" pictures on this blog soon..

The thing is, sometimes I'm tooo lazy to dress up to go to work u know..No cute guys to impress, no girls to share it with, no nothing... Ok fine, maybe I should impress MYSELF je la kan?..Who cares about other people la kan...

Most of the time, I will be in BLACK outfit when I'm in the office..hitam, hitam, hitam, macam takde kaler lain je kan? Don't get me wrong, it's not because of the slimming effect or anything, I just love the colour black. Period.

If I'm going out, then it's different (but I still lurveee black)... Cannot help it.. My mom always say, baju ko ni macam taik cicak je, hitam putih, hitam putih, takde kaler lain ke, cam nyamuk aedes pun ada aku tengok.. huhuh..Yup, I also love white..!!

Maybe I will put my "outing pics" more and not my "office pics". We'll see.. Enjoy the first "vain" shot then..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Perhatian: Gambar takde kena-mengena dengan entry.
Ini gambar lama zaman tok adam. Yes, masa ni saya kurus. Sekarang gemok macam badang! And please ignore the hantu pocong make-up.

Yup, as predicted the office is kinda empty this morning. Many colleagues chose to come after lunch I guess, but for me saya lebih suka balik after lunch... heheh... sooo.. I'm leaving the office at 12 noon today.. Yippie! (e'en jangan jeles ye!)

Anyhow, as mentioned yesterday hari ni nak balik kemas bilik (konon2).. muahaha...My room dah macam kapal pecah ok..

And later this evening plan nak balik hometown as my dearest punye mommy masuk hospital for an operation :( Hopefully everything will be ok..

Well, back to work for now. Have to close some tickets and send some e-mails before leaving the office. Later peeps.

Monday, October 20, 2008

video stream

Ok, am still in the office now. Have to attend an "international group IT forum" via videoconference. Good to know what's going on in my company tapi agak malas nak drive balik lambat later. The road is abit scary at night :(

Anyhow, the good thing is; tomorrow we can take half day leave. Yeay! I can clean my super messy room tomorrow (hopefully) or I can sleep some more =P considering the weekend tak cukup rehat lagi! Yup, still busy attending open houses and weddings everywhere. Bulan mulia untuk beramah mesra and mating season kot..Hehe..

Oklah, that's all for today I think, tomorrow I akan meng-update this blog lagi..

Nite peeps!

new beginning

muahahhaha.. i decided to move to a new blog site today.. why? just coz'..

same old boring day at the office..soo many things to do as it is Monday ;( will update more later as I will be in the office until 12am tonite..

saya bertali leher di ofis =P