Thursday, July 26, 2012

20 by Rizalman Ibrahim, exclusive for Tesco

Ok ok I know I know, cerita pasal Rizalman for Tesco ni dah basi.. Sekarang semua sibuk dengan baju Jovian Mandagie kan?? But still.. Tak kira nak update jugak  :p

I first heard about this collaboration between Rizalman and Tesco on Astro Awani, seriously super excited when I heard it, excited enough that I immediately put a reminder on the launching date on my phone.

Googled the designs and fell in love with some of the pieces. Plus, a lot of the pieces came in black and white (if you know me, you know I'm a black and white kinda girl). So I waited and waited and waited until the launch date which was 7th July; woke up at 7am on a SATURDAY morning just for the sake of going to Tesco. Encek K siap perli lagi kata I pergi Tesco lagi awal daripada pergi kerja, heh! Hangkut si kenit sekali as Encek K was working on that Saturday morning.

8.30am I was already 'terpacak' at Tesco Kajang; and good news was... the Rizalman area was empty! Yipeee takde orang sangat pun, ada sorang dua je tu pun blur sebab ape ada baju Rizalman kat Tesco. So I happily tried on each and every piece of the collection. Spend about two hours there just for trying the clothes and of course contemplating which one I should get for myself. Muahahahahahahha.. Kalau ikutkan nafsu habis semua ku beli, tapiiiiii sebab ikutkan kewarasan akal fikiran ku ini, belilah beberapa helai je.. (beberapa tu berapa exactly?)

Beberapa helai tu = 3 helai aje (3 helai aje encek K kata??).. But encek K forgive me and kasik chance coz last year I was in my confinement remember? No fancy baju raya for me last year.. So he gave me green light for this year to go all out(yeayyy). This year memang sakan lah raya saya! I bought the three designs below :))

Tapi... ada tapi pulak... I can't wear the polka dot mini kurung just yet... Whyyyy????


This is why!!! Cashier lady kat Tesco tak cabut 'grey tag' tu!! Arghhhhh!! I realized this a week after I bought the baju sebab ingatkan nak pakai pergi wedding skali I noticed the tag was still there! Superrrrr stress when I saw this I tell you. And sampai sekarang pun belum sempat pergi Tesco lagi to take off this thingy. Arghhhhhh!!!

why oh why?????

Ok jumping to a different topic; encek K is now on his outstation trip again until this Friday :( He left for his trip yesterday evening; buttttt before he leaves the house yesterday he prepared some food for my buka puasa. I came home from my office and found something in the kitchen. He said it was for me and that he prepared it.

The thing is... I feel so touched by this (dalam hati ada taman time ni).. I know he was rushing from his office, came back home to take his luggage and then straightaway to the airport to catch his flight. Still, he managed to squeeze some time prepare food for me (since he is leaving me during Ramadhan he said).. Thank you sayang. Sangat-sangat appreciate your effort. Balik cepat pleaseee! I love you!

Kebab with garlic wrap by encek K. Super sedap!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ramadhan 2012

Salam everyone!

Alhamdulillah, dapat merasa lagi Ramadhan tahun ini.. Last year my Ramadhan was errrr not exactly Ramadhan as I was in my confinement period. This smart little guy was born one day before Ramadhan. Yes, I can eat all day long last year during Ramadhan but only lauk-lauk orang pantang la kan... I only get to watch what other people had for their berbuka puasa grrrr (air tebu, bandung soda, ayam percik, need I mentioned more???)

The night before puasa we went to Alamanda (yes tak dapat pergi terawikh tahun ni, tiap2 tahun tak pernah missed first day terawikh actually, but no one was there to take care of Miqa). We wanted to get present for FIL as his birthday fall on the first day of puasa plus we wanted to stock up some groceries as well. Alamanda was quite empty (alhamdulillah ramai orang pergi terawikh la kan maksudnye)..

First day of puasa tak sempat sahur boleh?? Terbabas tido padahal dah semangat actually nak masak burger double special bagai.. Haihhh apela nasib kan.. 

By noon we were already back at our hometown and then terus shoot balik kampung Kuala Pilah. Arrived at Kuala Pilah around 4pm and terus pergi Bazaar Ramadhan Batu Kikir...

Buka puasa was superbbbb actually, ada mee sup, nasi lauk ayam masak merah, ayam masak kurma, sambal udang, sayur kangkung goreng, ikan masak asam and also kuih muih yang tak terkira banyaknyaa hahahaha..

After terawikh celebrate birthday atok Miqa yang ke 56 :) Miqa doakan atok dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan rezeki yang melimpah ruah ye atok..

The following day which was Sunday we headed back to KL as we had some stuff to do in KL.. So tak sempat nak buka kat kampung on the second day :(

After settling our 'things', Encek K brought me to berbuka at Big Plate Restaurant . He has been telling me about this place since forever, but we never get the chance to go there before :p

We had mushroom soup, mixed grill and chicken grill for me. Food was awesome! The portion was quite big (at least for me). Definitely wouldn't mind to go there again (walaupun for us it's quite far far awayyyy)..

So that's our Ramadhan so far :) How about yours? Last but not least, selamat menyambut Ramadhan yang mulia from all of us especially from Pak Aji Arfan Miqaeel.. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2nd year wedding anniversary

10.07.2012 was our second year wedding anniversary. Alhamdulillah I feel so blessed to be married to this guy named Mohd Ajmal Faiz. Blessed to have him in my life as my dearest husband, my best friend, my soulmate, my companion, my partner in crime, my shopping buddy, the father of my son and he's my everything...

We've been together since 2002; so it's our 10th year together now. *masya Allah sekejap je masa berlalu rasanya*

Feels like it was just yesterday knowing you sayang. Feels like it was just yesterday we went out for our first date to Menara KL (naik sccoter lagi ingat tak hahaha tak boleh blah).

Teringat pulak masa awal-awal awak nak usha saya dulu walaupun saya jual mahal awak tetap gigih. Nasib baik awak tak give up :p

Thank you for always always always being there for me sayang. I hope I have made you become a better man and you truly did make me become a better woman and wifey. Sure we have our ups and downs along these years but alhamdulillah together we made it through..

I love you so much and I really look forward to spend my whole life with you. My heart still skips a beat everytime I see you :)

*biar sampai syurga Insya Allah*

 left: open house raya, right: USS

left: phi phi island phuket, right: shopping at Topshop



 @tangkuban perahu, Bandung


@double trouble concert

foolin around

@delicious, midvalley

@PULAPOL for rugby match

@Chinatown, Singapore

@ceria box karaoke for his birthday

@Kuta Beach, Bali

@Tanah Abang, Jakarta

@ Port Dickson for New Year's Eve

Dolu-dolu bergambar berdua je, sekarang dah bertiga.. Nanti setahun dua lagi kalau ada rezeki berempat pulak ye insya Allah ;)

wordless wednesday

Last night's dinner by my masterchef hubby. The best sambal ayam I have ever tasted, telur dadar bawang + cili and also steamed  bak choy, cauliflower and brocolli smeared with oyster sauce. Nyumssssss!

*bertuah sungguh badan dapat hubby pandai masak and suka masak* thank you encek K sayang*

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July is special for me :)

Hey peeps!

Sorry for not updating for a while. Been busy juggling life and work (yeah.. yeah.. the usual).

My boy turns 11 months a couple days ago. *sigh* Time does fly very fast I suppose. He's a big boy now with 2 teeth already yeay!

And at the end of this month he'll be one year old. Oh emm geee dah besar anak mommy!

The month of July will always be special to me; first there's my birthday (yup, am gonna become a year older tomorrow), then there's our wedding anniversary on the 10th July (which reminds me I have yet to buy anniversary present for Encek K, still don't know what to get him though), and then there's little Miqa's birthday at the end of the month which is on the 30th. 3 big events in one month. I love u July!!

Last night Encek K managed to surprise me with a cake for my birthday. Terkejut mak nokss! Wasn't expecting it coming at all. Dahla pakai comot je coz konon-konon nak pegi makan sate. Sekali ada surprise la. Thank youuuuu dear Encek K ku sayang. You never missed to surprise me with a cake eversince we got together (since zaman boipren girlpren dulu pun ada surprise kek tiap2 tahun for me). Thank you so much sayang :))



And errrr the last part... jeng jeng jenggg... the presentsssss..  got one of my dream bag as 'hadiah melahirkan Miqa' (so, for next baby buleh kah saya dapat beg Chanel pulak??) And iPhone4s as my birthday + anniversary gift. I was happy beyond words. Thank you for the things buttttttt more importantly thank you for being a great husband and a great father. Looking forward to grow old with you along with many more handbags maybe? *kidding*

Thank youuuuuu soooo soooo much sayang!!!!!!