Thursday, June 27, 2013

first bag for this year

Got my first handbag for this year.

I know I deserved this. Syukur.

Monday, June 17, 2013

thousand miles away

Currently I am away for business trip.

Had the chance to be on board of the Airbus A380. Business class of course :)
Impressive I must say.

Will blog about my trip after I return.

Right now I am missing both my boys back at home, wanted to actually bring them along, but encek K cannot escape from work and plus my trip is a short one anyway.

Till then..

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday laughs

It's Friday kan..
So let's chill lah..


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jangan sesekali klik

Bertabah lah wahai hati....

Jangan sesekali klik "add to cart button"

Tengok aje dekat ZALORA sambil ambil bau....


My wishlist for Falling Feathers by Jovian Mandagie:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

Had to re-post this from encek K's instagram.

Arfan Miqaeel and his wayfarer obsession.
This was taken by encek K at 10pm last night (I was at the gym)

Swag enuff?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Latest makeup haul

I don't wear make up a lot. -___-
I just stick to the basics; foundation, nude lipstick, blusher and then loose powder (sometimes I skip the blusher part when I am in the rush especially during morning time)

But lately I have been experimenting (on myself lah kan) with make up.
I've read somewhere that if you want to master the art of make up you need at least an hour a day to practise (no wonder lah, I am no master here, no time maaaa, haha)

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I purchased few make up items from MAC, Body Shop and two drug store eye shadow palettes.

My MAC studio fix liquid foundation has always been my favourite (semenjak azali lagi). I have been using it since I was 17 years old after being introduced by my big sister. Yes, it's a little pricier (RM118 for 30 ml) but it has never failed me. I like the texture, I like the coverage, I like how the tone matches my skin perfectly and I like the fact that it lasts, and I mean it does last the whole freaking day. 

I also purchased the MAC fix plus (this is my second bottle after stopping for a while). This MAC fix plus as you know is used to set your make up and my opinion is that it will make your make up more matte and look natural and it also helps to make your whole look stays longer. Don't really remember the price, around RM70++ I think, but highly recommended from me yeah!

I also got me-self the MAC blusher (I think this one is RM68?), previously I was wearing Loreal blusher which I absolutely love but I thought I would just give this one a try (damn you sales person, termakan janji manismu).  The shade that was recomended was Plum Foolery and I am one happy girl using this blusher. The application is easy and you just need to dab a little on your cheeks. I still love my Loreal blusher btw coz I feel that it has the same effects and sustainability as this one. Probably will continue buying my Loreal blusher after I ran out of this one just coz hey it's CHEAPER! The Loreal blusher is only around RM30++ while the MAC blusher is double the price. If I can save some money on the product that has the same effect why not right?

Next, from The Body Shop. I bought the basic make up brush (to replace my MAC brushes which are already 5 years old). Got the brushes for RM 79 only as they were on sale (still are on SALE now, so hurry up!). I love the brushes so far especially the eyeshadow brush and face/body brush. For RM79 I think it's worth it la kan :) Quite soft and easy to use.

I also got the All In One Face Base powder foundation for RM54 (ni pun dek kerana termakan kata-kata SA tu whyyy?) I never use Body Shop foundation before and let me tell you I am hooked! I loike! It provides medium to high coverage and it lasts the whole day (from 7am to 7pm I tell you!! not even oily!!). So now I can save on my MAC liquid foundation and just use this for my daily office wear. I think I might even re-stock this once I ran out of it.

And then after buying all of the above, I still feel that it's not enough (what's wrong with me?? kenapa tak cukup jugakkk??). I wanted to get some eyeshadow pulakkkkk. Since I rarely (and I mean rare) use any eyeshadow I decided to get it from our local pharmacy coz it's cheaper than MAC and Body Shop lah kan. I got a couple of palettes at home (Lancome, a few MACs, elianto and Miss Rose) but all of them can no longer be used, al maklumla beli je lepas tu simpan bertahun-tahun tak pakai, and then they became hard, or the pigment breaks :( What a waste kan.

So I got the el-cheapo ones this time just for fun. But I haven't use them until now. It's from Maybelline and Revlon btw. Both palette costs me around RM60+ which is not too bad I guess. Well, I must use it first to do the review right? Will try to find the time asap.

When I want to buy make up, I would say I wouldn't mind spending a little more and get the ones that has higher quality. Coz I do know that it will last longer and give me the result that I want. So kiranya alah membeli menang memakai la kan. So what's your favourite make up brand / item? 

Monday, June 3, 2013

his current obsession

Well, last month his obsession was his shape sorter ball and his audi car.

This month; his obsessions are his sunglasses (encek K bought this wayfarer all the way from Sabah yo!) and this RM15 piano (berbaloi-baloi).

Couldn't stop wearing his sunnies indoor and even wore it while sleeping *LOL*

As for his piano, I got it for RM15 only from Kenanga Mall, totally worth it. Actually this is the second piano we bought for him, the first one is already broken coz biasa la budak2, baling sana, baling sini, hempuk sana-sini, maka piano pun tamatlah riwayat. Hopefully the second piano will lasts longer than the first one. But for RM15, we wouldn't mind getting him a third piano in case the second one breaks. Takde lah pedih hati sangat like the first one coz it costs RM50+ for the first piano.

We shall see how long the second one lasts ;)

p.s: Will post on my latest make up haul soon!