Monday, September 28, 2009


How was your raya peeps? Mine was great! One week holiday filled with meeting families and friends and most importantly the yummilicious food everywhere :)

Kesayangan and his family came to my mak angkat's house on the first day of raya (my family would also be at my mak angkat's house on the first day of raya every year)..ok, maybe I should tell a bit bout my mak angkat's family.. I have known these people since I was a born(yes,semenjak lahir!!!), you see my mom send me to this wonderful lady after her confinement period coz naturally my mom had to work la kan.. So this lady I called "mak enon" was the one who babysits me eversince I was born. Di pendekkan cerita, mak enon and her family are like family to me..They meant the world to me..I memang call her "mak" and her husband "abah" and I know their entire family sampaila tok nenek moyang and cucu cicit sume and even balik to their kampung, memangla dah macam family dah.. Every year my family will beraya at mak enon's house(I will be there sampai malam) and I believe it will continue walaupun saya dah kahwin nanti.. That's why I asked kesayangan and his family to come to my mak angkat's house terus... Ouh did I mentioned that my mak angkat ni is like the BEST COOK ever?? She can cook like EVERYTHING! Semua sedap gils babs ok! (ok, ni dah masuk cerita pasal food bahaya)

So anyways, the rest of my raya was as usual filled with loadsaaa open houses everywhere, kalau takde open house pun I will come and visit coz kata raya kan so why not try to visit and meet as many poeple as possible kan? Lucky for me this year belum kena cirits birits lagi masa raya ni.. Normally I would get one coz mesti makan tak hengat dunia nye kan.. hehe..

Well, today is already my second day back at the office and I haven't even finished reading through my mails yet... So many mails to answer and soooo much work to complete this week..

Hmm...this coming weekend I will have more open houses to attend.. yippie, jumpa kawan2 lama lagi....and ermm bila fikir-fikir next year my raya would probably be different kot coz insya Allah dah kawen kan so lain la sikit...ok fine, let's not think about that one now ok, let's not go there yet(tiba2 panic attack)... ok lah, have to get back to work for now.. latersss

me & kesayangan @ one of our friend's open house

* I think I have too many blue outfit la.. asek2 pakai warna biru je.. tskkkk... need new wardrobe kot... hehe

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

aidilfitri yang mulia

Hehe, second entry for today :) Gonna do it in Malay coz barulah feelinggggg..

Di hari yang mulia ini kami ingin mengucapkan

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
dan kami ingin memohon
Maaf Zahir & Batin di atas semua kesilapan dan kesalahan kami :)

Sebab kami belum kahwin, maka takde open house lagi ok. Mungkin ada open kedai je nanti kalau ada rezeki lebih. Semoga anda bergembira bersama sanak-saudara dan rakan taulan di hari mulia ini. Dan jangan lupa berhati-hati ketika memandu.

Mohd Ajmal Faiz(boroy) and Shafiza Azali(jai)

p.s: tengah tunggu orang lain mintak maaf kat kitorang gak :P

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

guilty as charged

Sooo happy that Raya is just around the corner. Been super busy at bajoo boutique this week. I guess loadssaa people (including me) love to do last minute shopping for this coming Raya. Kalau shopping awal2 cam tak feel je.. hehe

Yup, I did mine already(partially); already bought some nice tops(ye, tokey kedai bajoo pun ada beli baju kat tempat lain ok) and some accessories to go with it. I will be needing a few more things for this coming raya and am hoping that I could steal some time tonight or tomorrow night for my final shopping spree. Kesayangan also got all his things already (dia beli lebih dari saya please); so he's super happy bout that.

I'm gonna be off for one week (yeay to that); and will come back to the office on the following Monday. Sangat tak sabar nak raya please... Really looking forward to meet all the relatives, friends and not forgetting the fabulous food! hehe...

Ok lah that's all for now, will be doing my raya entry later :)

* while waiting for kesayangan

Monday, September 14, 2009

what a day

Just got back from my boutique half an hour ago. Was there from 12 noon until almost 12 midnight.. Yup; 12 hours straight today. Stopped for an hour for breakfast and then came back immediately to bajoo boutique.

Suprisingly I'm not that tired at all. I guess it's true when they say "if you do what you love, then you don't feel like working at all". Soo many customers came by today; including kesayangan's rugby mates who brought their lovely girlfriends; my aunt and her family who came all the way from Seremban and loadsaa close friends came from noon till midnight.. Gosh I don't even know how to thank all of you for stopping by and purchasing things from my little boutique.. Terima kasih yang tak terhingggaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

As I'm typing this entry I am busy uploading bajoo boutique's first ever men's collection online. We have POLO Ralph Lauren t-shirts, Punk Berry t-shirts (super cute design, sold out almost immediately) and awesome jacket from Hackett London (the internet connection kinda sucks right now, I have been trying to upload the pics on FB for almost an hour now).. For you guys who's reading this, do add us on Facebook id: My Bajoo to view our latest men's collection. For you ladies out there, do browse our men's collection and force your boyfriends/ husbands/ dad/ grandpa to buy these cool outfit from us!! hehe..

Well, for you ladies out there, we have our super SALE right now for our raya collection. FREE Postage when you purchase our baju kurung collection..Grab yours now!!

Enough babbling on the boutique; I just realized that tomorrow is already Monday and I only have half of heart to go to the office tomorrow. *sighh.. With Raya coming soon, I bet most of you feel the same way eh? But too bad I have soooooo much work waiting for me at the office. I can literally heard them calling me now.. :P

Ouh, and have you done your shopping already? Me, not yet :( I just need a pair of really cute wedges to wear for all the open houses.. Nothing fancy and strappy, just a simple slip ons supaya senang bukak & senang nak pakai balik..Hopefully I'm gonna have some decent time to get out next week to do some shopping for me-self and kesayangan..

Well, like I said just now, the connection kinda sucks right now, so I'm gonna log off soon. Have to get some rest and catch up on my zzZZZZzzz. After all, there's always tomorrow right? Nite peeps. Sweet dreams :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

patience is always the key

It's almost 6pm and I am still at the office coz I have soooooo much work to do today. Dah alang2 kena balik lambat, tunggu je la sekejap coz the traffic must be mad right now. Am going for iftar with D & T today somewhere in Kajang. Hopefully by the time I leave office traffic will start to cool down.. Kesayangan is breaking his fast with his rugby team mates somewhere in KL and I am too lazy to join.

These past few weeks have been indeed stressfull for me and kesayangan.. (Work, boutique, personal matters).. Our emotions were tumbling up and down daily. But nevertheless we did made it through with the help of sooo many beautiful souls around us. We can't thanked them enough for everything.. I know that sometimes things might not turn out to be how we wanted it to be, but the one thing we shouldn't stop doing is pray to HIM for only HE knows what's the best for us..

Sometimes I truly don't understand some fidiots, you think you know them well, but BAAMMM the moment you turn your back, they stabbed you from your behind.. One moment they say it's A, the next nano-second they changed to B and they claimed they don't owe you any explanation and they expect you to believe everything they said (bodoh ke nyanyuk pun taktau la dorang ni). True, you don't need to explain yourself to anyone, but please lah, grow up and show some respect for the people you call your true friends.

On the other hand me and kesayangan feel that we are truly blessed with all the rezeki that HE has given to us. Alhamdulillah, sale for this month is more than what we expect it to be. Hopefully it will continue to be like this and our rezeki di murahkan lagi olehNYA. AMINN

I'm off for now.

p.s. Life is what you make of it. You are responsible for your own choices and decisions. I feel sorry for some people who are easily swayed by other’s judgments’.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As promised here are some pictures from yesterday's breakfast session :)

*I arrived early as I had to meet my friend E'en at Bangsar :)
So amek gambar kat centre court dulu with all the raya decorations.

*at 6pm we(me & kesayangan) were already waiting at Chillis to ensure that we get our 12 persons table. Kesayangan sampai mengantuk tunggu di situ... hehe


*err.. hadi kenapa tangan semacam je tu?


*huarghhhh sedap gils nak mamps!

*before our food arrived

*after food arrived, semua tak sabar!

*birthday boy Hadi!

*cherry, cherry lady!

*after buka, shopppiingggg!! gigih mencari bajoo di ZARA.

* me

*tukang bawak beg saya yang saya sayangi :)

* more piccies at Centre Court after makan

* muka tahan nafas.. hehe

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

circle of trust

Just got back from another heavy breakfast session with my hommies at Chillis Mid Valley. Hari2 heavy meal for breakfast, how lerr? Had my usual fried chicken buffalo salad (please don't underestimate this salad) and my dearest had his bbq ranch burger (sedap nak mamps weh).. I can barely move after that..

Now tengah terlentang dalam bilik coz too full, just now we even had our free dessert; complimentary from Chillis as Hadi's birthday just passed few days ago..Yummeh but of course we had to share it la kan.. Kalo makan sorang2 pun sure tak habis coz brownies ngan ice-cream tu manis nak mamps boleh kena diabetes.. huhu...

Right now everyone else is at the karaoke session booked at 10pm but I had to decline as makanan ni betul-betul kat hujung tekak ni haa.. Am scared that I'm gonna barf if I start singing :p

Am too lazy to load the pics from camera.. I will do it tomorrow and put some pics here tomorow yeah.. Nitey nite!