Friday, May 22, 2009

happy mode :))

Like always, Friday is usually a happy day for mua (and also everybody i believe) coz weekend is just around the corner :)

sooo, my bajoo boutique will start it's operation formally next monday! yeayyyy!! all this while only my close friends were there and not yet opened to public. Beginning Monday 25th May 2009, it will be opened to everyone of you :)))) Yeayyyyy!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it will turn out to be how I dreamt it to be *amin* . To those of you who have supported me all this while thank you, to-che, arigato, danke, terima kasih yang tak terhingga! Yang Maha Esa sahaja yang bisa membalas jasa anda (saya cuma boleh beri diskaun bajoo & persahabatan yang tak terhingga kepada anda) :) Saya akan mengupdate lagi perkembangan kedai saya weekend ini ok!!

Do enjoy your weekend peeps! I sure will be very busy preparing alot of things but never been happier than now to do those things :P

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

his team won

Ok, not much to tell here, after almost nine years together, following him to almost all of his trainings and games everywhere and knowing MOST of the rules of the game and surviving two concussions(where the brain is shaken and he forgets everything during that time!-menguji kesabaran weiii) and millions of bruises and cuts everywhere;

I just wanna say I'm proud of him.

I know how much he loves the game and because I love him muchoo, I have to love the game too right? Walaupun kadang2 rasa nak pengsan kat tengah panas tu and kaki habis kena lecak bila time hujan, and kadang2 naik hanginnnn sebab kena tunggu sampai malam baru habis training and kena korbankan masa dating untuk pegi game, tapi bersabar je la kannnnnn... *grrrrr (Sayang, so bila saya boleh dapat handbag baru sebagai upah ganti rugi??)

Friday, May 15, 2009

jam packed

Weekend is around the corner again! Yeay! Been sick these past few days and hoping to do some recovery during the weekend.. But my itinerary for the weekend is already jam packed starting from tonight until Sunday night. *tskkk.. So many things to do yet so little time..I need more time(and more money) please! Hopefully I can spend some time with ma' ladies this weekend! Kalo dengan diorang ni daripada sakit confirm terus jadi baik!! Nice weekend peeps!


Monday, May 11, 2009

saya suka

Weekend was short as usual :( Friday nite was at my shop melayan my friend gg membeli bajoo.. Thanks gg!! :) And after that was out to watch live band with my hommies and jalan2 around KL until 4am (konon2 nak tengok KL di waktu malam)....huhu.. Was already up at 7am to send my friends to the airport. Rasa macam dia awangan je sebab tidur for like 2++ hours only.. In the evening went for my dearest' rugby game at RSC.. Yeay his team menang masuk final.. Tapi ada a few guys from opposite team sangat paduk! *drool.. hehehehe..

Afterwards was lepaking at Mont Kiara and after that pergi dating kat Petaling Street boleh? Yeah, we were out of idea where to go, so we decided to go to P.S. for the fun of it. The problem is; my dearest likes to ask how much the things cost (without any intention to buy the things) and we end up with a few people shouting at us.. *tskk ... larikssss

Yesterday (Sunday); kemas kedai lagi and was just chilling around (read: WAS OUT AND ABOUT EVERYWHERE EATING!) and later in the evening headed back to hometown for some gossipping session with my besties AH and UN. Lupe nak snap pics la!! Terubat rindu kat korang :)) AH, jangan potong rambut lagi EVERRR!!(tapi rambut u sekarang ni dah ok dah) and UN, please go to Body Sculptors HARI2!! Me love u guys mucho!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

new arrivals

Hello peeps,

Miss me? :) I hope so.. Nothing much to say about last week and last weekend, was doing the same thing almost everyday (read: work, gym, working on my bajoo boutique, zzzzzz). On Labour day my hommies and mua went for X-Men Wolverine movie, the story was oklah but HUGH JACKMAN is defo DAMN HOT... hahahahha..

Nothing much happened on Saturday as well, was lepaking at Bangsar, had lunch at Subway and in the evening went to Bijou Bazaar, again with my hommies. Was abit dissapointed as the place was too crowded and very2 hot. But I still managed to grab a maxi dress..hehe *sayang, sila jangan marah saya*.. (and now I regret that I didn't buy the belt!)

*off to watch X-Men Wolverine*

top: bajoo, dark blue leggings: jusco, chanel inspired bag, earrings: bajoo

*kesayangan ku*

Progress on my boutique? 90% READYYYYYYYYYYYY ...YEAYYY!! The current plan is to do the launching on th 17th May '09 (if everything is ready by this weekend!). Semua dijemput hadir! Thank you for all of your support (all of my bajoo's customer, my hommies, bestfriends, colleagues, my consultant Mr.Faizul and his wife, my sayang :)) , my family, my future in-laws family), I don't think I can thanked you enough for all of your support and encouragement. :'(

*new arrivals at bajoo*

My friend WANA (winner of MyStarz LG) is wearing soo sex and the city top from bajoo