Wednesday, May 11, 2011

finally found it

I have been looking for this particular pregnancy book for the past 2-3 months; "Amalan ketika mengandung & setelah bersalin serta panduan menamakan bayi" by Abu Afiqah. It is sold out everywhere unfortunately. I have checked everywhere; MPH bookstore, Popular Bookstore, Borders, etc, etc... but no luck :(

But..... I found it yesterday!!! Guess where? Pasar malam nearby my house!!! Sangat happy!!! Sungguh tak sangka ada jugak rezeki dapat beli buku ni. The moment I saw the book I Immediately grabbed the book and grabbed one bacaan Al-Quran CD and paid straightaway. And the lady gave me one box free of kismis.

I have just started reading the book this morning and I absolutely love the content (Malam tadi dah start bukak this book, tapi sibuk berebut ngan encek K sebab encek K sibuk nak tengok nama untuk baby) . Can't wait to continue reading the book tonite.. A lot of tips and knowledge for moms-to-be and also dads-to-be and also full of doa. Also love the fact that I can carry the book everywhere..

Friday, May 6, 2011

nice weekend peeps!

Weeehooo.. 1 hour left to go in the office! Happy Fly-Day peeps and have a nice weekend! I have no plans yet for tomorrow, relaxing at home maybe..

Sunday is encek K's final rugby match, the game will be at Royal Selangor Club and it will be LIVE on Astro Arena at 3pm (if you're free, go on and watch it!). The final match is between Keris ConlayRugby Club vs Cobra Rugby Club. I will be at the field of course, cheering for encek K's team (Keris Conlay Rugby Club). Hopefully his team wins! Go KCRC! Go KCRC! And hopefully the weather is not too hot on Sunday..

Oklah till next week then. I wish al of you a very nice weekend. Toodles!

old picture

was taken when I was 5++ months

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dah lama tak pergi dating dua orang ngan encek K, since both of us had longer weekend, we decided pegi dating last Saturday at The Curve.

Didn't do much anyway, we ate, we walked around, we window shopped, surveyed some baby stuffs, ate some more and walked around some more. I got some accessories from DIVA and some shoes from VINCCI, encek K did not buy anything (as usual la kan, he had stronger will power unlike me :P)

yeszaaaa ALL FOUR PAIRS FOR RM 60.00 ONLY!! super SALE!!

Anyhoot, here are some pictures of us :) And you can see my 26 weeks baby bump in one of the pictures. Am super loving the electric blue grecian maxi dress which I bought recently. I have the dress also in grey colour :P Yerpppp I bought the same dress in 2 colours coz I love the cutting of the dress and the gold details so much and I figured I still will be able to rock the dress after I give birth. Pretty good investment don't cha think?

saya mak dugong buyong

encek K with meatball set, fried chicken set and my favvv daim cake!!

:) dating puas-puas 2 orang, nanti dating 3 orang pulak lepas ni kan

hehehhe.. somehow managed to look like I'm not preggie in this picture

tapi jangan tertipu, here's my 26weeks baby bump!

26 weeks :))

Hello... Lama tak update about my pregnancy kan?

Alhamdulillah, I am now in my 26th weeks :) Went for my checkup last Tuesday at KPJ Seremban with encek K. This time, for the first time we had to wait really long at the hospital coz our doctor (Dr. Ishak. did I tell you guys how much we loveeee him??) had to attend an emergency operation that morning. We arrived around 9.30am at the hospital, but only get to see our doctor around 12noon. Lama kan? Encek K sempatla jugak tido sejam lebih while waiting. Tapi baby punya pasal takpela. We did not want to re-schedule our appoinment coz we already took leave on that day, so tunggu aje lah.

Everything is well for both mommy and baby *alhamdulillah*. We did the usual scan, checked the baby's heart rate, baby's weight, baby's development and also baby's gender :) Dah tau dah baby boy or girl, but for now I want to keep it as secret. Next entry perhaps I will reveal it yeah, so be patient please. For mommy pulak, my current weight is already 57kg, huarghhhhhh! But the doctor said it's normal rate for me so I am a bit relieve about that.

I can already feel my baby's movement since 2-3 weeks ago. And now he/she is getting more and more active. Encek K pun dah rasa our baby's movement and he is so amazed with it! Hahahahaha.. Hari-hari tanya "Yang, baby gerak tak hari ni? Aktif tak?" We try to talk to our baby every morning and every night before going to bed. And when I am in the office I often talk to him/her as well. Hehehehhee..

My tummy is definitely noticeable nowadays. Encek K sometimes call me 'mak dugong' instead of 'mak buyong'. grrrrr main kasar ye encek K? Baju?? Banyak gila baju dah tak muat :( Uwaaaaaa! I can't even remember when was the last time I wore jeans actually. tskkk.. tskkk.. I had to do some shopping coz I really had nothing to wear especially to the office. Encek K always try to compliment me whenever I'm feeling down, thank you so much sayang, saya tau awak tak nak saya sedih sebab baju tak muat! But still sampai hari ni tak beli baju maternity lagi, just beli baju yang cutting/pattern dia besar sket to accommodate my growing belly.

Back pain pun semakin menjadi-jadi, and at night I have to find the correct position to sleep with the help of lotsaaa pillows, kalau tidak, sampai pagi tak boleh tidur. Kaki bengkak, so far my kaki dah bengkak but sikit sangat, but my kaki is so skinny before this, so memang boleh notice that my feet are plumper these days. Leg cramps alhamdulillah so far tak kena lagi. Toilet visits, phewww memang kerap sangat visiting the toilet these days.. Memang banyak dugaan nak jadi ibu ni, tapi ganjarannya (when the baby comes out), memang tak ternilai masya Allah :)

Baby's stuff? We haven't started buying. List dah ada tapi belum start beli lagi. Will have to start buying end of this month (ada SALE coming soon kan?). And we also have to start preparing our hospital bag really soon. Haishhhh so many things to do kan... But, what ever it is, me and encek K memang tak sabar-sabar to meet our lil' bun. We can't wait to see our baby!! Do pray for us yeah :)

encek K fell asleep while waiting for our doc

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hubby on TV

Hey peeps! How was your long weekend? Spectacular I hope? I just got back to work today as I was still on leave yesterday (went for my pregnancy checkup actually, will write a post on that later). So yes, I was soooo lazy to get up this morning, I wish I don't have to.

So to kill my boredom for today, I would like to post few pictures of encek K and his team in action on Astro ARENA. Ewahhh ewahhh.. hehehhehe... encek K told me that he has been playing rugby for more than 10 years now tapi tak pernah masuk TV before this (kembang semangkuk laki mak ni masuk TV). Tapi sekarang glamour sket coz masuk Astro ARENA terus, the game is actually LIVE on the day itself (and of course ada ulangan la kan since Astro kan).

So on Labour Day haritu encek K found out there was a replay on Astro ARENA, 5.30pm. Of course lah laki mak ni made sure we were at home kan, siap tapau roti canai kat mamak bawah rumah dan bersemangat masak banana fritters with vanilla ice cream untuk mak buyong ni before the game.

5.30pm both of us dah tercongok depan TV. 5 minutes after game started, Astro TAKDE SIGNAL pulak boleh?? Huarghhh, it was raining at that time. Encek K dah buat muka seposen dah. But after 2-3 minutes, signal was back. Bersemangat balik mamat tu time ni. Hahahahahaaa.. Sibuk cakap "Wah tinggi jugak me ni eh yang." Hamboiii tetiba lak feeling lebih bila masuk TV. Pastu tanya "Yang, me nampak besar tak, gemok tak?" Errrr...camane la nak jawab soalan tu?? I just told him "Sayang, the camera adds 10 pounds." Jawapan play safe ni.. hehehehe...

We watched the game until 7.30pm, did not move an inch boleh? But the last 15 minutes encek K was no longer in action. Coz he was given YELLOW CARD by the referee and had to sit at the penalty box. Ishhhh ishhhh main kasar ye encek hubby....

His team won anyhow and will go to the finals this coming weekend :) And yes, the final match will go LIVE on Astro ARENA, but I'm not too sure whether it's on Saturday on Sunday.

fewitttt... hubby sapa la tu?


hubby ku yang tinggi

yup, no 4, he's my man :D