Friday, September 27, 2013

wishlist again..

Remember THIS entry?

Well, I can safely say there's still no sign I will be getting those blue babies this year. Why????
Encek K tak approve permintaan bini kesayangan dia ni. Bajet telah pun disekat. 
Pelamin Handbag anganku musnah.

And because of this, I am making another bag wishlist muahahahahahahha. 
Dengan harapan dapat dipertimbangkan.

And FYI, this time the price of the bag in this wishlist is only 1/3 of the Prada bags. 
Cheapest which I have found online is below 1k. That's quite reasonable don't cha think?

Of course in navy. 

Saya nak beg kaler biruuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Hello-sayang-are-you-reading-this *ehemmmmm*

Such a pretty bag don't you agree?

The same Selma bag is also spotted on some celebrities in various sizes.

Lawa nak mamps kan???

Will I get this bag this year? 
Let's just wait and pray and see  :p

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Salam everyone..

To those who have texted, whatsapped and called me asking on Arfan Miqaeel's condition, thank you so much for your concern. And thank you for your prayers, kind wishes and visits to the hospital. 

Arfan Miqaeel was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis and he was warded for five days four nights in KPJ Seremban. When we left KPJ he was still coughing a bit. We wanted to go home anyway coz the doctor told us his lungs were already cleared (no wheezing sound) and that he had no fever anymore. Besides he was already getting bored at the hospital, I guessed he misses his toys back home, he even gave up on his iPad on the last day. One small room for this active boy is surely not enough I tell you.

After he got discharged, Arfan Miqaeel stayed with my mom for a week coz I did not want to send him to his nursery just yet. I wanted him to fully recover before he goes back to his nursery. Besides, during this period, few more kids from his nursery were also sick, so I did not want to risk him by sending him back. Watching you child get nebulized every four hours is not a pretty sight *sigh*. Forcing him to take the medicines down his throat is heartbreaking as well. But all I want is for him to get better.

Sending him to my mom also means I have to drive back and forth from Seremban to Cyberjaya for a week. And this is after staying at the hospital for five days. So, yes, I am tired.

Now, we are back to our own apartment and he is back to his nursery and the little guy is doing fine syukur alhamdullilah. Back to himself, playing, singing, dancing and grooving. When he came home from the hospital we also tried some natural remedy for him at home. We applied 'miyak bawang putih' to him and gave him a little bit of honey in his milk. My mom made the 'minyak bawang putih', you can refer it here to make your own.  For the honey, we got the original honey from our previous trip to Cameron Highland. Alhamdulillah it worked for him. Batuk dan kahak dah berkurangan.

Now I am down with cough pulak :( Satu persatu la pulak kan. 
Takpe, sakit kan penghapus dosa insya Allah.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Just a quick update.

Si kecik kena warded since Wednesday :(

Went for his 2 years check up; plus he was coughing on and off; next thing we know the doctor advised us to ward him for treatment. Or if not we have to come to the hospital every 4 hours to get nebulized; so we thought it would be better if we just stayed at the hospital. *sighhh* Did not see this coming at all. Memang pergi check up sehelai sepinggang lah kan. tak bawak baju semua. So kena patah balik KL and balik Seremban balik as we did the checkup in Seremban.

Get well soon sayang. Mommy and daddy doakan sayang cepat sembuh ye.
Hopefully we can go home today :(

Day 1 at the hospital

Day 2 at the hospital

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

deco-deco Eric

Me and encek K is currently vamping out our apartment. 

Deco-deco Eric gittew!

Been wanting to re-decorate our place forever but haven't got the time (oklah, more like we are a bunch of lazy people kot :p)

Colour scheme that we have choosen is grey-ish with black and white accents (well, if it's up to me it would be monochromatic kot, I kan pencinta black and white gittew).

We have installed new lamps for our living room, dining area, a brand new fan in living room and finally installed air-cond in the living room as well. The air-cond has been sitting in our store room for about half a year now (told ya we are lazyyyyy). 

Here's some of our current inspiration:

Now we are actually debating whether we should paint a grey feature wall or install grey-ish wallpaper. Decisions... decisions...

We are also looking for a huge mirror to place over our grey couch. Something like these preferably. Anyone has any ideas where we can get beautiful mirror?

Will snap the finish product soon! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

hati panas

Remember this entry?

Well... I did purchase the limited edition bottles online directly from Mothercare UK. Fineee pentamak sangat kan? Nak jugak the limited edition bottle for Arfan Miqaeel. 

I purchased one bottle (untuk kenang-kenangan gittew) with a couple of shirts from Mothercare UK for Arfan Miqaeel. One bottle pun jadikla daripada takde kan.

 Co-incidently Mothercare in the UK was having massive sale a couple of weeks ago. So, I bought some stuffs la kan for Arfan Miqaeel.  It's really cheap btw. And FYI, I bought only the stuffs that was on sale. Nothing over 5pound. 

So I was sooooo damn happy waiting for my parcel to arrive from the UK.

That is until I walked into Mothercare Alamanda last weekend  and saw this sitting happily on the rack.

What the eff la kan.

They say the limited edition bottle is not available outside the UK. That's why I made the order online and got it shipped from the UK to Malaysia.

Now I feel cheated!

Luckily the shirts and t-shirts save my soul.

From left, grey-ish shirt 2.50pound, white shirt with writings at the back 5pound, stripe shirt 2.50pound.
Yellow and green polo shirt is 7pound for two pieces. Bottle is 6pound.

Total damage is less than RM200 with international shipping for 6 items. Oklah not too bad.

But still, hati panas sangat considering I could have bought the bottle here. I could save more on the international shipping if it wasn't for the bottle. That's the main reason I bought only one bottle anyway, coz the bottle is big and I would have to pay so much more if I bought two bottles.


Anything for you my dearest son.
But errrrrr no more clothes for you until next year hokay.

Mommy loves you!