Friday, November 19, 2010


Caution: Photos Overload!

Some of you might know that I work with an automotive company. A 'very famous' one indeed. But, let me make it clear; I do not sell cars. At least not directly. Of course the nature business of my company is selling cars (that's how we make money durhhh), but I, myself DO NOT SELL CARS DIRECTLY! *bukan marah, cuma nada suara tegas*

Why am I saying this? Coz everytime someone asked me "Where do you work?" and I reply back "I work at company xxx." The immediate respond is "ohhh jual kereta rupanya". And some of them will immediately go on and on and on and onnnnnnn asking about the price of the cars, if they buy the car how much discount will they get, can they use my name to buy the car, the problem of their car(if they are driving the brand), this and that.. blaaa blaa blaaa...

I mean, I have no problem to answer some of the questions, but some of the questions are ridiculous. Siap cakap "Alaaa takkan la kau tak boleh dapatkan aku diskaun lebih kot." or "Kenapa ko tak pakai kereta brand tu lagi?". Haihhhh, people can be so errrr funny sometimes eh? Hehehehehe.. kadang-kadang tak tau nak jawab macam mana..

Oklah, enough of my babbling. Dah lari point dah ni. Actually I wanted to upload some pictures of my recent work related trip to Singapore. It was a one day trip to attend a workshop and visit BMW WORLD EXHIBITION in Singapore. It was held st Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Was really really impress with the whole exhibition, the setup was definitely luxurious yet very informative for all the visitors.

Coz the trip was really short, I didn't manage to do much things in Singapore. Sempat pergi Bugis Junction je with my colleagues :( tu pun tak shopping la, tengok-tengok aje..

check in counter

entrance to the convention centre


me and my colleague :)


excuse my vanity

inside the exhibition.. cool innit?

haaaa basikal pun adooo

haaa jangan memain, ada degree tau

madam sooyaree bila nak belikan cik aiyu?

classic vs modern

berdarah hidung tengok kereta ni. I waaaantttttt

ada brani?

JOY is BMW :)

Thank you for coming.....

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yeah, yeah, I know.. I have been silent for quite sometime now. Not too worry dearies... Am just busy living my life as a wife ..hehehehe... Alhamdulillah we have been married for four months already :) Didn't realize time flies that fast when you are happy :)) And before anyone asks, let me say it first, NO I am not pregnant yet *belum ada rezeki lagi* But of course we are trying :p

This month, am superrrr busy with work, bajoo boutique and attending more than one wedding every single weekend. This weekend I got four wedding invites(haihhh pening kalau banyak sangat invitation), and will try to attend all four of 'em insya Allah. So yes, life right now is a bit hectic. Kesayangan is also superrrrr busy with his work these days. Nonetheless he always, always make time for me everyday *I love u sayang!*

Life as a wife has been great so far *alhamdulillah*. Of course we needed sometime to adjust and accommodate ourselves when we first move in together, but so far it has been great and we feel really blessed (maybe I 'll do a post on this later yeah). Ok lah, have to go for a meeting right now. I promise I will write more really soon! Ta-ta!!

recent date nite @ alamanda. watched the movie 'Takers'

tube dress: bajoo, cardigan: bajoo, blue bangle: Bandung

mr n mrs ajmal :)