Friday, January 27, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore

Miqa kasik chance kat daddy and mummy berjimba lagi. Yeayy! Tunggula Miqa besar sikit kan.. Confirm takde chance dah, for sure Miqa wants to follow where ever daddy and mummy goes.

Anyhoot, me and Encek K FINALLY got the chance to visit Universal Studios in Singapore (like FINALLY la kan, semua orang dah pergi, kitorang baru terhegeh-hegeh). Encek K's company organized company trip to Singapore during Chinese New Year; so off we go! At first we wanted to bring Miqa along, but after discussing and thinking thoroughly we decided to leave him behind (sob..sob..); bukan apa, dok thinking of the super hot weather there, sangat tak sesuai for a 5 month old baby.

We arrived in Singapore on 21st January and went to USS on 22nd January (Sunday). That time dah bajet dah for sure ramai gilaaa orang coz it's a Sunday (durhh) plus the following week was a long public holiday for Singapore and Malaysia.

And we were right of course. Arrived at USS at 9am, car park almost full. At 10am we entered USS and yup the crowd was crazy but still manageable. The longest queue was for Transformers 3D Ride, we had to queue for 45 minutes, but the queue was held indoor with airconds and fans to keep us cool, so no complaint there I guess :) But for sure the 45 minutes queue was worth every minute. Transformers 3D memang super duper best (we vote it's the best ride in USS!)

The next best ones would be the crazy-bad-ass roller-coaster. Me dah taubat selepas naik "Human roller-coaster". You see, Encek K is 190cm tall and whom ever is taller than 184cm has HAS TO SEAT AT THE VERY FRONT SEAT! Maka saya pun terjebak sekali, duduk paling depan sekali time naik roller-coaster ni. Tuhan sahaja yang tahu perasaan duduk di depan sekali. My face expression was priceless actually (read: ketakutan yang menggila, terus tak jadi beli gambar atas roller-coaster yang berharga SGD18 tu). So terus taubat nak naik the second roller-coaster; "Cylon roller-coaster". Again, supertall Encek K had to seat on the first row (nasib baik tak naik roller-coaster ni).

The rest of the rides were so easy-breazy after the roller-coaster. We managed to catch up on every ride except the ones in The Mummy and Jurassic Park. Kesimpulannya, sangat best USS ni. And yup, lucky tak bawak Miqa coz it was really hot that day. Tips nak pergi USS, please wear light clothing, flat shoes (I cannot understand how people can wear high heels here, pakai flats pun nak tercabut kaki dah), sunblock and sunglasses. Bawak botol air mineral pun ok, coz there's water fountain everywhere for you to re-fill your bottle :)

Enjoy the pics!