Thursday, February 25, 2010

cintaku tertinggal di jakarta

Hoyeahhh, at this time tomorrow I will already be in Jakarta with kesayangan and my future in laws. Sangat la tak sabar coz dah lama tak gi Jakarta dah.. This time the main purpose is to go for a real holiday and to look for my wedding stuffs. Stock bajoo adalah sampingan sahaja, not the main focus for this trip (tapi kalo ada yang cun2 untuk Butik Bajoo, confirm saya rembat terus). Kalau sempat I wanna go do my hair at the famous Johnny Adrean salon, tapi tak sure kat mana ada salon tu pulak :(

My in laws semua dah excited gila nak pergi siap beli baju baru and kasut baru untuk naik flight boleh? (comel gilerr kan?) Yela dorang semua first time pergi sana, so mestila excited lebihh kan, same like my first time there la... Me and kesayangan sangat tak sabar nak bawak dorang jenjalan..Hopefully dapat lepak HRC, Jakarta lagi like last time.. hehehhe.. For my mum in law, mestila pasar tanah abang and pasar baru tempat heaven untuk dia, yela nak beli kain sume kan and nak carik door gifts for my wedding. For my father in law, kena tunggu pergi Bandung kot, sebab mestila nak cari baju dia kat F.O. kan, takkan my F-I-L pakai kain lace pulak.. hehehhe....

Me and kesayangan? Semua pun boleh ajaaa, pasar tanah abang and pasar baru, nak cari kain for our ceremony, area mangga dua and F.O. untuk cari baju casual... tak sabarrrrr pleaseeeeee!! Ohh and nak makan nasi padang, brownies kukus, jus strawberi yang murah gilerrr(RM1.50 BOLEH??) and fruit punch yang heaven giler(campuran segala macam buah-buahan ngan air kelapa) and also bakso XXL(saya tak makan bakso XXL ni, besar sangat meat ball dia, takut weh).

Kesimpulannya, sangat tidak sabaarrrrrrrr untuk kembali ke Jakarta dan Bandung!!!

me during my engagement/birthday ceremony, saya tunang pada hari jadi saya :)

korset: bandung, lace outfit: beli siap kat Ampang Park coz yang saya tempah tidak seperti yang saya inginkan, 3 tiered keronsang: Ampang Park

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

so little time

Please excuse my on and off writing here. Like I said before, I have so many things I wanna write here, but I have to find the right amount of time to write those things. Maybe I'm gonna start with a bit of update of what I am currently doing right now.

As always, am busy as a bee (that's not exactly a suprise right?), now that I have fully recovered from my previous fever, flu and cough combination, I have to yet again push myself over and over again. Butik Bajoo is running as usual, more people are coming daily and even more people are asking me to move to a new location, preferably nearer to KL. Dearies, trust me, if I have the money and strength, I will do it in the future. Please, please pray for me. My custom made kaftan is getting more and more orders these days, alhamdulillah. Cuma kadang-kadang, I don't dare to take so many orders because I don't have so much time for it :(

Next month, something bigger is coming at Bajoo Boutique, I can't reveal it just yet as it is not official just yet. This also means more things to do in the future. So many plans I have in my head for Bajoo Boutique, I just have to focused and try my best to execute those plans. One step at a time right? To all my loyal customers, I thanked you for being our loyal supporter, could not make it this far without you guys. And please, if anyone has any suggestions on how I can improve my store, do drop me a mail or just directly text me.

On a more personal side, I have not done much for my wedding preparation. Hall has been booked, catering has been decided. For the dais, I have the picture of how I wanted it to be, I just have to send it to the wedding planner. As for the outfit, it has to wait until I come back from my trip this coming weekend. Yup, am leaving for a 5 days trip to Indonesia with kesayangan and my future in laws. Hope everything will go smoothly during this trip. Have to be on my best behaviour la kan.. hehehehe..

Well, that's all for now. Just a little update on what's going on in my life at this very moment. Yes, sometimes I do feel super duperrr tired, and yes on some days I only get to meet kesayangan during dinner time, but I feel really blessed and I am truly happy with what I have accomplished so far. Right now I am really looking forward to accomplish more things for my store this year and reallyyyyy reallllyyyyy looking forward to become someone's wife :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Too many things to do at this moment, have to put blogging on hold until Friday(hopefully). Enjoy the pics darl, am loving the combination so much :)

double me

first time doing side ponytail braid

diamante tank top: bajoo, long black skirt: nichii, gladiator sandal: vincci

customer is our priority

Hi dearies, there's too many things which I would like to write here but it's gonna have to wait.

Anyhoots, this entry is dedicated specially for our customer Miss Diana Azmi whom successfully transformed this cute plain cardigan into something funky below.. She made it looked funky like her sense of style. Thank you for purchasing dear, we truly, truly, truly appreciate your effort in taking the cardigan to the next level!

In case you don't know where to find us, look here darlings: or facebook ID -> My Bajoo

plain jane

to funky

Thursday, February 11, 2010

almost there

CNY holiday is almost here! Yehaaa! Just one more day in the office and 4 days break for everyone. Am not taking extra leave coz the other colleagues will not be in the office, so I must be there. So last night was my brother in law's birthday. Kembar kesayangan ni, coz soooooo many people have mistaken them as twins, siap sampai bergaduh ni when we said they are not twins. hehehehe.. oklah memang ada rupa, takdela sebijik sebijohn kan, tapi memang dekat2 la rupa diorang ni.., me, kesayangan and homies headed back to our hometown coz nak buat suprise for his birthday. And we were the 'gift holder' coz we were the ones who bought the gifts la kan (dengan perintah mak la ni).. balik kedai kesayangan, macam biasala, makan tak hengattt dunia punya sampai homies semua duduk tegak je coz kenyang sangat. Tu la masa mula2 korang kata korang lapar kan, makanla puas-puas.. hehehehe.. The suprise was a simple one, beli kek, nyanyi lagu birthday and bagi hadiah.. Yang penting everyone was happy :) So macam biasa la hari ni saya zombie lagi coz tido lambat semalam. This weekend, more weddings to attend and also loadsaaa things to do for my own wedding. I need a checklist pronto! Peninggg, peninggg....

gambar ni takde kena mengena ngan entry, ni just nak promote bajoo je :)

SEIKO(for my F-I-L) coz jam dia dah rosak, GUESS(for my B-I-L)

me and kesayangan pilih hadiah ni, cantik tak?

B-I-L is 25 years old already!

zombie me in office today
blue top: bajoo, black inner: bajoo, black pants: bajoo, black wedges: cats whiskers

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey peeps, am feeling much better today :) Tapi still pening2 sikit and still selsema lagi. Thanks to those who SMS-ed me wishing me to get better soon. And yes, I am working today. Yela kalau asyik cuti pun bosan jugak takde buat ape kan.. Anyhoo, how was your weekend? Mine was awesome possum. Walaupun tak berapa sihat, I tried my best to enjoy myself during the weekend, yela asek tido, makan, makan ubat, pastu tido, tak tau la bila nak sihat kan, so I kinda force myself to get well, lagipun rugi je kalau asek tido kan and missed out living your life?? Soooo on Saturday afternoon, me and kesayangan went to our university mate wedding at Lake Club Putrajaya. Yup, first time attended a wedding there, cool jugak la tempat tu. And as usual, sangat best jumpa kawan2 Uniten semua. Yela selalunya susah kan nak jumpa coz everyone has their own thing to do kan including me-self, so, a wedding would be a perfect place untuk berjumpa semua kawan-kawan lama :) And biasala kalau jumpa dorang ni memang cam-whoring tak hengat.. hahahahha

Rose, Dayah, Nyna, Nisa, Didi, Jai and Hani

my BFF cantek.
my black lace top from bajoo boutique, I matched the top with a black/red sarong also from bajoo boutique.

Sooo after wedding, we headed back to Seremban(before heading to PD with kesayangan's rugby team mate). Balik Seremban amek nasi goreng yang di tempah khas from kesayangan's mother for our barbecue session later in PD. After amek nasi goreng terus gerak pegi PD as we were already late. At that time it was already 5-ish pm almost 6pm. Got lost in PD coz we didn't know where the place was and was making u-turn every 5 minutes, hahahhaa... Akhirnya sampai jugak dengan pertolongan Encek Azam. Sampai je terus pergi pantai and kesayangan joined his friends for touch rugby game. I was killing my time by walking at the shore alone. Cantik jugak petang2 kat PD ni... hehehe... and kesayangan was sweet enough to left his touch rugby game for a while to take my pictures when he saw I was walking alone. Tak kisah pun la sayang jalan kat tepi laut tu sorang2. Tapi after kesayangan took my picture, naturally I had to take his picture with his team la kan. Chettt, ada agenda rupanya :P We were at the beach until maghrib and selepas di paksa baru la semua nak balik banglo for barbecue, kalau ada lampu kat laut tu confirm semua stay kat laut until the next day kot.

superwoman. flying high.

kesayanganku yang ku cintai

Malam, as mentioned we had barbecue dinner. Sangat sedap! I ate alot :) And paling best ada lucky draw session where we had to "do something" in order to get our lucky draw price. Sangat kelakar I tell u. Of course ada acara bebas la kan, berjudi main kad tu standard la.. I think I slept at 4am that night and kesayangan told me he slept at 6am and some of the guys ada yang tak tido pun.. Apela yang diorang buat pun I tak tau...hehehe.. Sunday afternoon, semua siap2 nak balik and everyone wanted to have their lunch in Seremban, at Warisan Hamim Cafe of course(kesayangan punye parents punye kedai makan), soo we all ikut aje.. Kedai kena serbu and yours truly jadi waitress hidang air coz tak cukup tangan nak layan diorang ni.. hehehhe.. After lunch, everyone headed back to KL and me and kesayangan stayed in Seremban for a while. Ingatkan nak pergi jalan-jalan kat KL cari barang but the traffic in KL was really really bad. Soo as usual kami pergi Alamanda je la lepak2. And guess what? I slept at 9pm last night sampai pukul 8 pagi tadi. Letih sangat tapi I had a great weekend.

bbq stuffsssss.. yummeeehhh

.cinta hati saya.

Keris Conlay BIB Rugby Team

crazy fun people

WAGs yang best!

Ini ialah iklan. New arrivals at bajoo boutique. Gorgeous maxi dress from us coming soon!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

after all I am only human

Yours truly is down with fever and a VERY VERY low blood pressure 80/50 kata doktor. That's why my head is spinning like hell these past few days and I feel like fainting whenever I'm up :( Bangun je pening nak pengsan..

So, am taking some rest now and hope I will feel better soon. Duit kalau bertimbun pun tapi sakit tak guna. Health is the most important thing for me. Doakan saya cepat sembuh darlings.