Tuesday, February 17, 2009

saya anak malaysia!

Yups I'm back in KL.. And I am thankful that I am back in my own country! Saya sangat sayang Malaysia!!!

As I said in my previous post, I knew I won't be relaxing during my holiday trip and yup I am totally right.. Sangat penat berjalan ke sana kemari cari barang for my shop....My feet still hurts until today.. blerghhh!! I think all of us "naik sheikh" bila time shopping. Semuanya jadi tak hengat dunia weii.. (don, anda dilarang membeli baju untuk 5 tahun lagi okeh??)

But overall I had loads and loadsss and loadsss of fun during the trip.. Most of it was because I had great friends and homies travelling with me :) Sayang korang!!

Will write more on my trip in the next post. In the meantime enjoy the pics!

kena promote airasia sket sebab dapat return tiket rm70

tengah menggila walaupun beli kain batik je

kesayanganku :))

reaching for the starsss (i just love this pic sooo much!!)

my sayang perform with some indon band!!

my bestie since high school :)

my bestie since UNITEN days aka hot mummy(we lurve our matching bebe jacket!!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

di hari jumaat ini

Only a few hours left in the office :) But still I have sooo much work to do.. Guess some of it can wait after I come back from my holiday then.. I really do hope the workload does not increase too much when I'm gone but I really really doubt that..

Abit info on my shop, the renovation is still ongoing as the contractor was on a very long break for Chinese New Year *sigh.. terpaksa banyak2 bersabar.. And once I'm back from my shopping spree holiday, kerja cat-mengecat akan dimulakan oleh diri saya dan kawan2... I know, I know the progress of the shop is not as fast as I want it to be, but I think the fact that it is "in progress" makes it abit ok I guess.. Pleaseee be patient peeps! (I have to also tell that to myself every effin' day)...

Right now my mind is already on holiday mode. Getting ready for next week.. Weeeee.. Will be updating on my trip once I am back yahhhhh...

p/s: am missing my dearest as he is awaaayyyyy again

p.p/s: E'en sila jangan stress pasal peperiksaan & Maisara congrats on your baby boy "Iqbal Aqil Izz" (I hope I spelled his name correctly)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

good and bad?

Good news: Next week, I will be off for 1 week for my holiday :) Yippie.. Sangat excited!! Can't wait to go for the trip although I doubt that I will be relaxing for this holiday. I think most of the time I will be busy doing shopppinggg :P

Bad news: I won't be able to catch Rihanna in KL la weiiii... effin shit! Arrggghh.. I so wanna go see Rihanna... :(

Anyhoo, what to do right? I bought the tickets wayyy before I knew Rihanna was coming. What to do la.. Takkan nak cancel my trip plak kan.. Memang tak aaaa....

p/s: My new toy. Am loving it so much! Excuse the hippo.