Thursday, October 30, 2008

end of syawal

Tomorrow one last open house to attend (hopefully).. The host? Yours-truly and a few other friends.. Jemput kawan2 dekat je.. huhuhu..

Cam malas nak pakai baju kurung, so I might be wearing my maxi dress with a bolero :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


hasil usaha =P

So, I had a longer short weekend :) Still soo many open houses and sooooo many weddings to attends. Thanks for inviting me peeps! I'll make sure I invite you guys for my wedding nanti ok? (God knows when la kan)

jai + umi (arfah sory ur name takde)

Anyhoo, I have been planning to bake cupcakes since last month (tapi kemalasan membara selalunya!), and finally I made it last weekend with the help of my mummy and my besties AH & UN. (They came lepaking at my house!) Senang je buat cupcake ni rupanye.. Campak2 je everything together. I think the tricky part is making the design itself. You have to be really creative & artsy. Well, since this is my first time, I just used mixed colourful chocolate rice for the design.

excuse our busuk face. panas wei kat dapur.

The verdict? Hehehe.. Rasa ok lah for first timer, not bad at all, sedap gak la..The design? As you can see we basically wrote our names on the cake.. Easiest design everr...Kesimpulannya baking cakes is definitely not my most fave thing to do. Jual bajoo lagi best rasanye :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

maybe i will

top:bandung (no brand)
leggings: sg wang
silver flats: vincci
silver cuff bangle: forever 21

One of my friends asked me yesterday "What triggered me to open my online clothing biz?". I thought the answer was pretty transparent u know.. Because I lurveee fashion and I want to make some extra income while doing the thing I love.. like durhhh...And she asked me what's really my personal style? I told her whatever I sell is definitely something that I would wear everyday for the rest of my life. The stock is carefully selected so that it represents me truly :) And I promised the price is really affordable..

And then she suggested that I post my fashion style on my blog.. Yeah, I have seen people putting their stylish picture on their blogs; stating which brand/where they get the pieces they are wearing.. Well, I guess it's not a bad idea.. maybe I will put my "fashion shot" pictures on this blog soon..

The thing is, sometimes I'm tooo lazy to dress up to go to work u know..No cute guys to impress, no girls to share it with, no nothing... Ok fine, maybe I should impress MYSELF je la kan?..Who cares about other people la kan...

Most of the time, I will be in BLACK outfit when I'm in the office..hitam, hitam, hitam, macam takde kaler lain je kan? Don't get me wrong, it's not because of the slimming effect or anything, I just love the colour black. Period.

If I'm going out, then it's different (but I still lurveee black)... Cannot help it.. My mom always say, baju ko ni macam taik cicak je, hitam putih, hitam putih, takde kaler lain ke, cam nyamuk aedes pun ada aku tengok.. huhuh..Yup, I also love white..!!

Maybe I will put my "outing pics" more and not my "office pics". We'll see.. Enjoy the first "vain" shot then..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Perhatian: Gambar takde kena-mengena dengan entry.
Ini gambar lama zaman tok adam. Yes, masa ni saya kurus. Sekarang gemok macam badang! And please ignore the hantu pocong make-up.

Yup, as predicted the office is kinda empty this morning. Many colleagues chose to come after lunch I guess, but for me saya lebih suka balik after lunch... heheh... sooo.. I'm leaving the office at 12 noon today.. Yippie! (e'en jangan jeles ye!)

Anyhow, as mentioned yesterday hari ni nak balik kemas bilik (konon2).. muahaha...My room dah macam kapal pecah ok..

And later this evening plan nak balik hometown as my dearest punye mommy masuk hospital for an operation :( Hopefully everything will be ok..

Well, back to work for now. Have to close some tickets and send some e-mails before leaving the office. Later peeps.

Monday, October 20, 2008

video stream

Ok, am still in the office now. Have to attend an "international group IT forum" via videoconference. Good to know what's going on in my company tapi agak malas nak drive balik lambat later. The road is abit scary at night :(

Anyhow, the good thing is; tomorrow we can take half day leave. Yeay! I can clean my super messy room tomorrow (hopefully) or I can sleep some more =P considering the weekend tak cukup rehat lagi! Yup, still busy attending open houses and weddings everywhere. Bulan mulia untuk beramah mesra and mating season kot..Hehe..

Oklah, that's all for today I think, tomorrow I akan meng-update this blog lagi..

Nite peeps!

new beginning

muahahhaha.. i decided to move to a new blog site today.. why? just coz'..

same old boring day at the office..soo many things to do as it is Monday ;( will update more later as I will be in the office until 12am tonite..

saya bertali leher di ofis =P