Monday, July 8, 2013

Quinny vs Maclaren vs Sweet Cherry


Actually terpanggil untuk buat entry ni since few of my friends are currently expecting and they will pop out anytime soon. All of them have asked me and encek K's opinion on stroller. Not that we are experts on this stroller thingy (hello baru satu anak dah kecoh), just that kitorang je yang dah ada anak kecik dalam geng kami. 

Anyhoo, Arfan Miqaeel will turn two at the end of this month and he's one lucky boy as he has tried 3 strollers in his 2 years life. Bertuah sungguh si kecik ni.

We actually did not buy any stroller before we gave birth, we thought we will not be needing it for the first two months after the baby comes and we were right. Memang tak pakai pun time pantang tu, we prefer to carry him around rather that putting him in a stroller.

Arfan Miqaeel's first stroller was actually given by my in-laws after birth, thank you atok Rahmat and nenek Ani bagi Miqa stroller few days after Arfan Miqaeel lahir. My in-laws bought the Sweet Cherry SCR6 stroller together with the SCR7 carrier seat for Arfan Miqaeel. We were so lucky that we got this stroller and car seat as a gift from my in-laws. 

We love the innovative design, love the red colour combo, love how stable the stroller is, love the fact that you can do forward or rearward facing, love the fact that it is a travel system (we can attached the SCR7 carrier seat with this stroller) and it was quite easy to open and close. The main downside of this stroller was the size and weight. Terasa macam pertandingan angkat berat coz the stroller itself is around 9 kg, if you put the SCR7 carrier seat on the stroller, that's another additional 4kg, making the total of 13kg. Quite heavy for me when I am going out alone with the little one. As for the size, kalau masuk kereta kami (which is an MPV), memang takde masalah, but when we borrowed my BIL car which is a MyVi, the stroller would not fit in the trunk (tayar terkeluar), so we had to put the stroller at the front seat of the MyVi, mommy and Arfan Miqaeel have to seat at the back then which was not very convenient.

our SC6 stroller and SCR7 carrier seat

Arfan Miqaeel in SCR6

 Arfan Miqaeel was about 5 months 

Then, when Arfan Miqaeel was about 9 months old, we wanted to bring him for his first overseas trip chewah! Bandung je pun! And we knew at that moment we could not be bringing the Sweet Cherry stroller on the plane back and forth, plus it would just be too heavy for us to move around. 

After we did some survey, we decided to get the Maclaren Quest stroller for our little boy. We got it from Baby Cottage which was on sale, for about RM500++. The stroller is an umbrella fold stroller which is superrrrrr easy to fold and unfold and the weight is just 6kg. We fell in love with the stroller instantly! Again we got the one in red colour combo. The downside of this stroller is that when you hang too many things on the handle, it will tumble/topple easily. Memang kalau sangkut banyak2 barang confirm stroller Maclaren ni akan terbalik becoz of the light weight. The plus plus point would be the fact that it is light weight (dukung Miqa in one hand sambil sangkut stroller kat bahu satu lagi pun takde masalah). The umbrella fold is easy and of course this stroller would fit in any car. And plus kalau pergi mall mana-mana pun this stroller can still menyelit in between the escalator bars.

Arfan Miqaeel in Maclaren Quest

Ok, for his third stroller al-kisahnya begini, my colleague from office wanted to go for a trip with her baby (same age as Miqa), and she also thinks that her Quinny stroller is too heavy and too big to be carried around. So at that  time we decided to swap our strollers, means that she will take my Maclaren Quest and I will be taking he Quinny Zapp for about a week. 

Wahhh, time tu rasa happy jugak dapat pinjam Quinny Zapp from her coz to be honest, this Quinny Zapp was one of my dream stroller for my baby.  Pernah la jugak mintak kat encek K nak beli stroller ni. So dapat merasa pinjam sekejap pun jadikla kan. Hmmm for me the best thing about this stroller is that the design is so smart and sleek, memang lawa and compact, also I think it is so stable, means kalau sangkut banyak-banyak barang pun takkan terbalik. Size-wise pun not too bad, still can fit into a MyVi. Weight is about 8kg which is not too bad. Tapi, I had problem to unfold and fold the stroller. Tak tau la becoz I am not use to it ke hape, but nak buka stroller ni memang leceh sket and memerlukan extra tenaga, nak tutup tak susah.

Arfan Miqaeel in Quinny

So, at the end, when my friends asked me about stroller recommendation, I would still recommend my trusted  Maclaren Quest. Yes, memang pernah terbalik but I still find the umbrella fold and the light weight convenient for my lifestyle. 

For the SCR6 Sweet Cherry stroller, now dah di bungkus elok-elok dan dah disimpan, insya Allah for future use. But we are still using the SCR7 carrier seat until now yeay! Even Arfan Miqaeel punye current car seat pun Sweet Cherry brand (we have two car seats, one for my car and one for encek K's car). Pernah jugak dengar orang kata brand Sweet Cherry ni tak setanding international brand, but I have to disagree on this, because I can vow that it is a good brand with good products. And harga nya sangatlah pocket friendly. I think for the SCR6 stroller together with SCR7 carrier seat the total is less than RM700.

As for Quinny pulak, we find that time nak buka or tutup stroller tu a bit challenging, and the size wise after being fold pun still quite big. But design wise, memang Quinny menang. Price wise of course la Quinny mahal kan, I think Quinny Zapp ni about RM1k over here.

At the end of the day, I always tell my friends, tepuk dada, tanya poket anda selera. Choose a stroller that suits your lifestyle the best and beli lah ikut kemampuan dan bajet anda. Rasanya kalau stroller sampai RM3k++ macam tak berbaloi pulak, but again as I said, if you have the budget and you want it, go ahead. After all, it is your money and your baby.


Yazidane Shah said...

Kami ada menjual Sweet Cherry Stroller SCR6 Murah. Dijamin harga terbaik. Pos Percuma...layari web saya untuk maklumat lanjut

ajuchim said...

salam sis, u beli SCR6 + SCR7 baby car seat tu kat mana ya. Thanks :)