Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas presents

Thank you Pak Long, Mak Long and nenek for the gifts.
Semua untuk Miqa je, mummy and daddy tak dapat pun Christmas present. Why?? Nak merajuk la macam ni boleh?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My eldest sister and BIL is back for a while!! Yeay!! (they are living abroad btw)

So, it is Miqa's first time meeting his Pak Long and Mak Long.
Miqa gave them the 'cold shoulders' (sombong betul si kenit ni) at the beginning, but slowly he started to 'trust' them.
Now bolehla kiss and salam Pak Long and Mak Long, but still tak nak kalau Pak Long or Mak Long nak dukung.

Pak Long and Mak Long gave Miqa loads of toys btw. Thank you!
Bukan main si kenit ni dapat Christmas presents.

We'll miss both of you really soon.
 Rasa sekejap sangat korang balik, Miqa baru nak warm up and you guys will be going back *sobsss*

Insya Allah, when Miqa is a bit bigger we'll definitely come and visit you guys.
Coz for now, we don't think we can survive the long flight with the little guy.
He - can't - even - sit - still - for - 10 - seconds!

 family dinner at Starhill

all ze ladies in ze family


yeay, Miqa sempat berbowling jugak

yup, we love food!

Friday, December 21, 2012


It's Friday! It's Friday!
Just a short note for today.

So what's your plan for the weekend peeps?

For us; it will be going back to the hometown as both nenek Miqa dah rindu gilers sama Miqa. Nenek dah bertazkirah suruh bawak Miqa balik. Also we have a few weddings to attend during the weekend and then some shopping spree maybe? It's Y.E.S. time of the year right? (eventhough gaji belom masuk grrrrrrrrr)

Oklah, wishing all of you a very nice weekend.
Mari bertawaf di shopping mall weekend ni nak tak?


Say yeah coz it's Friday today!

How do you like my wayfarer?

Poser sangat si kenit ni.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

wordless wednesday

Went to a wedding with encek K during the weekend and I was startstrucked during the event. Mak jakun hokay haritu!

Ok before sambung cerita pasal wedding ni, mari ber-camwhore dulu while getting ready at Royale Chulan Hotel. I was wearing my modern brocade peplum kurung from 20by Rizalman and AzuraAzwa turban for that night.

Ok, another camwhoring session before entering the superb hall which was decorated by Pak Abu.

Starstrucked for the first time when I read the itinerary. I saw Yuna will be performing for the wedding. Dalam hati dah set pasti akan ku kejar Yuna untuk ambil gambar. She sang 3 beautiful songs for the bride and groom. Beautiful voice I must say and she's damnnn tall and lanky.

After she finished her performance, I quickly went after her, lucky me, I was sitting at the table near her exit door. So apa lagi terus serbu Yuna for photo. Muahahahahhaha. Terasa sungguh pendek dan gemok berdiri di sebelah Yuna (sobb.. sobb). I think she's almost as tall as encek K (with the help of heels lah kot, encek K is 190cm tall rasanya)

See I told ya she's tall!

Starstrucked for the second time when I received call from encek K (masa ni time baru lepas baca itinerary wedding tu). I was already seated in the hall, while encek K went out for his 'ciggie break'

encek K: Hello. Yang! Yang! Jovian Mandagie ada kat depan ni!
me: Huh? Awak biar betullll?? Jangan silap orang!
encek K: Betul la dia ada kat depan ni dengan girlfriend dia (Nina). Me dah tanya dah orang kat sini, Jovian yang buat dress pengantin.
me: silent mode (coz dalam hati teringat damnnnnn, kenapa lah aku tak pakai Jovian RTW malam ni?????? why oh whyyy??)
encek K: Hello yang? Are you there?
me: Yes, OK, OK I'm here, mission for today ada dua tau, satu ambil gambar dengan Yuna, lepas tu dengan Jovian!
encek K: yelahh yelahhhhh (terpaksa redha dengan bini yang gila glamour ni)

Ironically, after ambil gambar dengan Yuna, Jovian was standing right in front of me, tengah 'ciggie break' jugak.

Went to him and asked him for a photo. Memang starstrucked hokay!
I apologized to him for not wearing Jovian RTW that night. Told him I was saving my Jovian RTWs for next weekend coz my SIL is getting  married. He was so sweet and said actually Nina noticed me coz when they (Jovian and Nina) entered the hall, Jovian was asking Nina was anyone wearing Jovian RTW, Nina said takde but she said she saw someone wearing Rizalman, which was me la kan!! I also sempat told him that the beads for my Jezzebel dah jatuh, he said, please call his office first thing Monday morning for replacement. Sungguh sweet!

He is sweet, talented and stylish sungguh! Even encek K had to admit that JM was stylish (ok, ayat ni berunsur gay sikit). Said thank you to JM for the photo and for his wonderful collection and left for my seat. I was a happy lady! Mission accomplished that night!

I don't have the photo of the bride's dress with me (ada dalam phone encek K je, tapi blur pulak), but you can check Jovian's instagram for the dress. The dress was so beautiful beyond words trust me.

Lastly starstrucked lagi sekali.
Bukan setakat starstrucked, rasa renjatan elektrik, jantung berdebar, berpeluh-peluh bila jumpa orang ni.

My sayang lah kan (ok, silakan muntah hijau)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I survived.....


Drum roll pleaseeee...

Back at the gym after 2++ years. Guess I got my mojo back (Itu pun setelah jeans favourite kelihatan seperti nangka bersalut apabila di pakai).

On the first day, first thing I did was 15 minutes walk on the treadmill before continuing with RPM class. Almostttt died, but I survived (tapi tak dapek la ikut pace instructor). Jalan senget the next day coz my bon bon terkejut agaknya.. hahahahah..

Second day at the gym (which was yesterday) I did Zumba for one hour and continued with my most favourite class which is body combat for another hour. Non-stop punching and kicking. I loike this! Again, I survived yeay! I prefer to go to the classes rather than running on the treadmill or doing the bicycle or cross trainer. Because in the class, I feel that I won't cheat as much while doing the routine. Boleh? Kalau lari atas treadmill tu sometimes I will cheat and run slower eventhough I feel that I can push myself more.

I realized now that I really do miss my gym session. Tak sangka sungguh rindu nak ke gym. Rindu nak tercungap-cungap. Rindu nak berpeluh. And most of all I miss the feeling that I get after working out..

Today; recovery day, so no gym for me. Takut kang badan tak boleh adjust lagi so I'm taking things slowly.

On the other hand Encek K has been so sweet. He promised to try to come back early from work and jaga Miqa while I'm at the gym.  I told him if I get to go to the gym 3 days a week pun it's more than enough. Tu pun dah rasa bersyukur dah. We don't have maid so we have to bergilir-gilir jaga si kecik. Actually jaga si kecik pun boleh kira macam pergi gym jugak. Kena kejar dia sana-sini kan?

Second time back from the gym, I found this waiting for me on the table.

Not only Encek K jaga Miqa while I was at the gym, he even made dinner for us.
Terima kasih ya Allah kerana menghadiahkan saya suami yang sangat baik hati dan sweet ini.
It's roasted chicken breast with roasted veggies and scramble eggs.

Healthy food tau. Only using olive oil. Kalau makan ayam goreng alamatnye penat je pergi gym kan?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

need my mojo back

I is stress..

I is overweight.. Huarghhhh..

Current weight is nearing to 5x kgs already.. Huarghhhh..
Masa kahwin 44kg sajo dik non! Benda yang dah lepas jangan di kenang boleh?

Can't blame anyone but myself..
Too lazy to exercise and still makan macam orang breastfeeding walaupun dah tak breastfeed Miqa lagi.

I used to love exercising. I would spend 2-3 hours at the gym 3-4 times per week. I love love love kickboxing and RPM class (walaupun kadang2 jantung rasa nak terkeluar dari soketnya bila masuk class ni).

Now memang la impossible nak pergi gym kan since Miqa takde sape nak jaga, plus encek K pun selalu balik lambat :(

Dah download video ZUMBA and kickboxing dah, konon-konon nak buat exercise kat rumah depan TV, tu pun malas jugak. Why lah?

I need my 'mojo' back.

Dah siap beli kasut baru dah dengan harapan mojo akan kembali.

Sampai sekarang mojo untuk exercise hanyalah suam-suam kuku.

I need help pronto!

NEON shoes still can't give me my mojo :(

Come on mommy! U can do it!

Muka adalah seperti pinggan. Tskkkkk.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hasil tangkapan di hujung minggu

Went to MidValley on Sunday. Was our third or fourth time going to MidValley this year.
Sedih tak? -__-

Semenjak ada anak lebih rela terpaksa pergi ke Alamanda, The Mines, IOI Mall or Sunway Pyramid, since those malls are closer to our home.

Didn't even make it to first floor. Got too tired chasing Miqa on ground floor haha!

Nasib baik most of my favourite shops are on ground floor. Muahahahahahha
Maka sempatla shopping while encek K kejar Miqa.

encek K? Kesian sebab Royal Sporting House kat tingkat atas sekali kan?

Sorry sayang. Better luck next time!

Leopard top from MNG, necklace was on sale at DIVA rm21 only!, and shoes from VINCCI.
Have been wanting the shoes eversince I saw them at ZARA, but was rm200++ at ZARA, sekali VINCCI buat yang sama plak at rm69 only. So ni tiru ke inspired ni? :p

Was wearing mini peplum top from ZARA and tribal pants from H&M

Yang ni hasil tangkapan terbaik dalam hidup saya!
Love u encek K

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

our Aidiladha

Our Aidiladha is different this year..
Not the usual balik kampung-main mercun-makan sampai lebam-pastu tido.

We went for a short vacay at Cameron Highlands with both our families (my family and also encek K's family)

Feeling-feeling over the sea gitu sebab sejuk gils kot, was 15 degrees at night, sebab sekarang kan asek hujan.

We left on Friday morning, after raya prayers; traffic was smooth alhamdulillah, took us about 5 hours from Seremban to Brinchang (we stopped at Tapah for lunch).

We stayed at Crown Imperial Court Apartment which was 5 minutes walk from the famous Brinchang Night Market. The apartment was booked via iBilik (highly recommended as the booking process was pretty easy and yes the apartment looked exactly the same as in the picture)

Did the usual tourist thingy you know.. Drink loadsaaa tea (durhhhh), had scones, had waffles, had strawberry ice cream, countless jagung bakar also countless corn in cup and went mad over the flowers over there, dead cheap (20 cents for one rose!).

Left Cameron on Sunday afternoon and yerpp the traffic was quite bad. Send our families back and finally reached our home at 10pm on Sunday. And encek K had to catch his 7am flight the next morning imagine that! Super happy but definitely super tired.

camat hari raye!

enuff tea for a year  :p

si kenit ni kan, tak takut langsung tau, asek nak main-main kat balcony

mommy I'm cold but I hate this hoody thingy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2 hengget punya pasal

2 hengget punya pasal...
Almost ter-missed Adam dan Hawa yesterday...

Almost jelah... tak ter-missed pun.

All because Sushi King is having their RM2 bonanza promotion for their members.
Yes, RM2 for a plate of rice based sushi. So totally worth it I tell you.

Came back from work, we both rushed to the nearest Sushi King outlet near our house. Thinking and hoping that there will not be many people there.

Harapan tinggal kenangan...

There were about 16 people in line when we arrived..
 We agreed that we would wait coz once you are inside, you are only allowed 45minutes to eat all you want (to be fair to others la kan)

So I had to queue for half an hour while encek K busy melayan si kenit turun naik escalator.

But it was worth the 30 minutes.
Had 6 plates of prawn tempura sushi all by myself. Lain tak pandang dah, udang tempura saje ku kejar.

Total damage = RM58 for 29 plates of sushi ye kami kaki makan

Sorry, no picture of the 29 plates sebab kami dah jadi dugong by this time :p

The bonanza is valid from 17-20 October for all Sushi King's outlet in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.
So what are you waiting for?

picture credit to

picture credit to mr google

happy nak pergi makan sushi

arghhh sakit hati tengok the line in front

This picture below was the last time we went to Sushi King:
The bill was almost RM80 last time, tapi tak sampai 20 pinggan pun
So yesterday's dinner at Sushi King was TOTALLY worth it. Memang berbaloi-baloi..

Ohh.. kami tak missed Adam dan Hawa. Sempat sampai rumah time lagu intro *pheww*

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

weekend update

Long post alert!
Loadsaa pictures for your eyes.


Our weekend started on Friday night yeay!
Bought the little guy to the small and more importantly free playland in Alamanda (located in front of Noodle Station, beside Parkson). Been wanting to bring him there for quite sometime but never had the chance to do so.

Friday is the only day we can bring him there.
Because from Monday to Thursday, we errrrrmmm are stucked in front of the TV for you know what la kan, Adam and Hawa lah! (Please don't judge us, we know you are doing the same to your kids kan?? kan?? :p)
Brought Miqa to the playland.. He was so excited to be there. Even wanted to make friends with the older kiddos :) He's still a bit too small to understand what's going on or how to ride the slides, so he just walked and run around the place and screamed around happily.

sedang beraksi

After daddy got tired chasing for Miqa; we headed for dinner at Pizza Hut. Mummy tak tired coz mummy tengok je from bench, muahahahahahhaha...

Do you know kids under 120cm can eat for free at Pizza Hut? Yeay! But you have to ask for the menu from the waiter, they will not offer you for the 'kids eat for free' menu if you do not ask :( Why oh why?

We ordered spaghetti for the little guy and it comes with a free drink which was sugar free soya bean (but I did not give Miqa the soya bean coz they put ice inside the drink). The spaghetti was quite nice tho..

kids eat for free!

And mummy got the chance to wear my new tribal pants from H&M. Love it to the max!

fe-feeling retis

What I wore

We went to the new Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya.
Mall ni ok lah. Quite nice and not too many people inside. But the air cond was super cold I tell you!

 Selection of shops are not too bad.
They have everything from ZARA, Charles & Keith, Cotton On, Padini Store, Brands Outlet, Payless Shoe Store and many many more. Food selection is also not bad at all, they have Chilis, TGI Fridays, Kenny Rogers, Oldtown Coffee, Burger King, Pasta Zanmai, Seoul Garden and many moreeeee :) But I did not see any food court, or did I miss it?

 inilah Paradigm Mall ye

Before masuk mall mari posing dulu ye..

Left: Daddy yang hip hop yaa aa aww *LOL
Right: Mummy yang kelihatan seperti posing Ju On :p

Had our lunch at Chilis coz again, kids eat for free. Muahahhahaha.. Ordered spaghetti again for the little guy (macam kurang sedap je daripada selalu). Also feed him the mash potatoes from encek K's dish.

 Daddy ordered chicken grill something something (sorry forgot the full name of the dish) and mummy had chicken salad something something (also lupa la sebab dah lapar tengok the yummaylicious food).

posing manja lagi

vintage photo

daddy's meal

mummy's meal

Then my favoutrite part -> shopping weehuuuu..
Went to Payless Shoe Source store to get new shoes for Miqa. Actually mummy pun nak beli shoes but daddy wouldn't let me buy the shoes, boo to that! So mummy redha je lah kan nak buek camno laki dah tak kasik beli kan.. kan.. (Wahh macam marah jer hihi)

Tapi takpe tak dapat kasut, dapat jugak beli baju peplum from Cotton On. 2 pieces lagi I loike (terlupa nak snap picture pulak)

Lepak punya lepak, we left the mall at 8pm.. Miqa pun dah tertido kepenatan time ni.

Airwalk shoes and also Ipanema sandal for Miqa :))

Hari untuk relaks :)

Encek K cooked 3 lauk-pauk for us .
 I cleaned the house hokay (kang ada pulak yang hengat mak ni duduk goyang kaki je, tak koser)

We had ikan siakap sambal, sayur campur and telur dadar bawang for lunch.
How can I not love this guy? Happy Bloated tummy = happy me!

Then chillaxing the whole day.
Gotta love Sunday(s).

How was your weekend?

our lunch.
ok laki mak boleh masuk masterchef Malaysia tak agak2 nye?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Belated Birthday Post and I am wearing Jovian RTW

Another two hours to go before the weekend starts.
I - can - do - this!

Anyhoots, today I am super rajin writing two posts in one day. Well actually is this a super belated post for my dearest son ke post ni sebab mummy dia nak tunjuk baju Jovian?

Anyhoots we had a mini birthday celebration for Miqa in middle of September. First birthday always counts, to the parents la kan, the birthday boy memang have no idea what's going on. Siap melopong bila dengar orang lain nyanyi lagu Happy Birthday.

Happy belated birthday my son. One year old; now dah big boy, you can already walk and run everywhere. Jenuh daddy and mummy kejar sana-sini. Getting smarter and growing bigger each day :')

Never knew I can love someone unconditionally before I had you.
Daddy and Mummy love you forever and ever and ever. Like every parents, daddy and mummy will always pray for all the good things for you and we will try to provide the best for you Insya Allah :')

Muaks! Smooch!

DIY banner. Mummy yang buat hokay!

Special Agent OSO buttercream cake. All the kids were fighting over the OSO figure.

Si kecik melopong bila dengar lagu Happy Bithday to youuuuu.

Pastu blurr; what's going on mummy??

Daddy and Mummy heart you sayang.

Moving on now..
Kasik chance kat mummy lagi..
Mummy wants to show my Jovian dress..

Got so many compliments that day, saying they love the dress.

I'm one happy lady that day!

Ok sory posing maut kejap bersama Jayla dress.

Feelingggg lebih ni

Again. Happy weekend. See you guys here next week.