Monday, November 23, 2015

My Journey as Body Combat instructor

If you follow me on this thing call "Instagram",  you probably know that I did something crazy middle of this year... 

I registered myself for the instructor training course for Les Mills Body Combat programme  -_____-

I have been wanting to do it for quite sometime but never have the guts to register myself.
Then I decided what the heck; I will only live once, I love Body Combat so much and I know the basic stuff for the training.
What am I waiting for right?
And so I registered myself on Les Mills website.
What in the world was I actually thinking?

The training was held in True Fitness, Desa Sri Hartamas.
There were 16 of us in the training and our coach was the infamous Jon Kin Chew from Body Combat 63 (he is THE presenter for track 6).

I remembered being so nervous on the first day.
Nervous that I wouldn't be good enough for the training.
Nervous that I won't be able to memorized the choreo, nervous that I would miss the beat, basically nervous about everythinggggg.
All the other participants were actually so nice and friendly.
They are really supportive as well, we kinda have to motivate each other during the three days training coz to tell you the truth it is really draining.
Some of them you can already see on the first day that they have been doing combat for a while and they are really really good with their techniques and all.

Personally, I do feel the three days training itself really does test your physical ability.
Hundreds of jap-cross and hundreds of kicks will really literally kill your physical slowly.
By the third day I actually cannot feel my arms and legs anymore (thank God for auto transmission car okay)...
I was praying very hard that I do not get track 2 or track 4 for the final presentation.
But heck, on the first day, for the first presentation I got track 2.
Jon the coach kept saying that my "roundhouse kick" wasn't progressing enough and that I have to work on the levels of the kick.
I lost count how many kicks I did by the end of day 2.
Massive leg pain alert!!!
Then towards the end of day 2 we were assigned another track for the final presentation (like finally!!).
I got track 3 for the final presentation which was not quite easy due to the "dynamic pulls", but still it is better than track 2 or track 4 for me.

After we did the final presentation, came the evaluation obviously.
I was so nervous. Jon took sometime to write few things on the papers (I remembered he was looking so serious).
Then Jon called us one by one to present our result and listened to this; I PASSED the training (full pass as trainee okay!),
I was grinning from side to side.
Jon commented that my coaching and queuing was on point, but I still have to really work on my technique though (during this I can only hear FULL PASS hahah)

Full pass as trainee (I am giving a pat on my own back)

The participants with Jon Kin Chew the coach (the dude in front in blue t-shirt is the coach)

Few months have passed since I passed my training.
I have done my part of "shadowing" the class and now I am TT-ing (TT = team teach)  Body Combat with my Body Combat sifu/mentor at my gym.
It's not an easy journey becoming an instructor.
For me, I am constantly juggling between work, travelling for work, motherhood (with no maid) and going to the gym.
Becoming an instructor means you have to memorize the choreo, you must be on the beat, your technique must be correct, you must give accurate queue and so on.
A lot of preparation has to be done prior to teaching the class itself.
So guys, show some credit to your GX instructor please, they have invested a lot of sweat and blood when preparing themselves to teach.

My journey to become an instructor has just begun, I am loving and hating the process along the way.
Would I trade it back? Nope. Not in a million years.
I fell in love with Body Combat the moment I stepped in the first class few years ago.
I don't see Body Combat only as exercising, it is more like my theraphy (besides online shopping hahahahah), I see Body Combat as my ZEN and it is one of the things in my life that actually keeps me sane (I know I'm weird).
I hope by becoming an instructor I can inspire other people to workout more and to live a healthy, happy life.
Doesn't matter what kind of exercise you like to do, as long as you keep on moving, you will see the results.

with my Body Combat sifu/mentor/friend