Wednesday, August 28, 2013

wordless wednesday

I was lost at words when I met her a couple of years ago.

Starstruck I supposed  -___-

Such - a - classic - beauty.

Friday, August 23, 2013

ideal relationship?


encek K's current obsession...

Going to the gym!
 Ok, maybe no surprise here kot.. Like durhhh... Pergi gym je kot..
But for him it means going to the gym every single freakin day (trust me it's more than an hour everyday)

Siap post the below picture on instagram, konon2 nak bagi I faham lettew. (Sebab I bising asek nak pi gym jerrr?)

he said we should be like the bottom right picture   +_____+

Ok tak kisah nak pergi gym, saya pun suka nak pergi gym nak exercise tapi puhleaseee sayang jangan obsessed sangat okay? Siang, malam, pagi, petang dok fikir nak pergi gym, apekahh??  Gym, gym, gym, protein shake, protein shake, blaa, blaa, blaaaaaaaaaa. I is boring hokay, I is like to go shopping better than going to the gym hokay?

Muscle sikit-sikit sudah, tak payah nak melampau nau lerr sayangku. I love you so much already. Awak tetap muffin top gagah di hati saya.

Saya doakan awak dapat badan idaman awak macam The Rock, but puhleaseee don't look like the guy above in the poster tu. Geli mak nokks, rasa macam nak bagi my bra for extra support?

 See awak dah cukup muscular dah sayang, I look like a freakin hobbit already standing next to you, nak besau macam maner lagiiikk???

So as promised today no gym okay?

Happy weekend peeps!

My weekend will be filled with more gym sessions I supposed *blerghhhh*

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Short holiday to Temasek

Monday, 12th August.
So on the fifth of raya, we went to Johor Bahru (together with my in-laws family). The main plan is of course to go to Universal Studios Singapore but we would stay in JB as it is cheaper and more convenient as we do not want to drive in Singapore.

Initially we wanted to go to Bangkok or Vietnam during this Raya holiday, but the timing was so short we figured we would go someplace nearer.  So USS it is!

Left Seremban around 8am that Monday morning and alhamdulillah traffic was smooth all the way to JB. We stopped at RnR Ayer Keroh for breakfast and continued our journey. Believe it or not, this was my first trip to JB ever! Never been to JB and never stayed in JB before (agak sadis kan?). Selalu lalu tepi JB je nak pergi masuk Singapore.

We stayed at The Embassy Hotel and Service Apartment in JB. I really wouldn't recommend this hotel ever to anyone, for the price we paid, the service really sucks big time. Encek K was the one who did the booking hokay, not me. 

Upon arrival around 12 noon, they let us check into our rooms. But there was no towels, no kettle, nothing whatsoever. Cleanliness is only so-so for me. Trust me I don't mind a small room but main point is that it has to be clean. Bersih!! I would say the room size is decent but the cleanliness must be improved. Breakfast also sucks, considering they only served mihun goreng, mee goreng, nasi goreng and roti bakar with butter and jam, no eggs, no hotdogs, no side dish whatsoeverrrrrrrrr. Sungguh tak puas hati as the room costs us around RM200. Will never stay here again ever.

After checking in, all of us went for lunch, had a nice mee rebus and nasi ayam during lunch.

Next pit stop is JPO (Johor Premium Outlet)!

JPO ni sesuai cuci mata je kot. Burberry, Michael Kors and Coach are still expensive here than online, so better beli online kot. I saw the same MK leather wallet which I bought for my mum during my trip to Munich and it was RM600++ after 50% sale, I got it for 60 Euros only in a retail store inMunich, kan banyak beza? So the designer bags still mahal lagi kat sini compare to Europe walaupun JPO ni ialah outlet and not retail store. I bought a pair of Charles and Keith wedges for RM70 and a couple of undies from La Senza, untuk si kecik atok and nenek belanja kasut Nike sempena his birthday yeay! Thank you atok and nenek untuk hadia tu. Encek K pulak borong Levis dua pasang. Sehelai RM100 oklah kan for a Levis jeans. We left JPO around 7pm, had our dinner and head back to hotel as we wanted to rest for our USS trip the very next day.

MIL-me-Arfan Miqaeel

Tuesday, 13th August
On Tuesday, semua bersemangat dah, janji tunggu kat lobby for breakfast at 6am. As mentioned breakfast sucks, so alas perut je and we drove from our hotel to Tune Hotels at Danga Bay for our bus ride direct to USS. Sampai-sampai je bas dah tunggu.

breakfast paling tak best

FYI, we took the package from Rajawali Travel, so seorang kena RM310 for USS entrance ticket (kami upgrade EXPRESS PASS ye, malas nak beratur), RM310 tu jugak termasuk sekali transportation pergi dan balik dari Tune Hotel, and for the USS ticket, dapat sekali $10 untuk voucher makan and $5 untuk voucher beli barang kat dalam USS. FYI all of the bookings is made by encek K, kali ni travel I goyang kaki tak payah fikir nak settlekan the itinerary at all.

We left Tune Hotel around 8am and reached USS around 9.30am, traffic was really bad in Singapore. The best thing that day was that it was raining in the early morning, so we were lucky the whole day dalam USS cuaca mendung aje, tak hujan langsung and tak panas langsung, so tak penat sangat lah seharian tu.

yipeeee second time here

papa and daddy

mi familia

Ok, kat sini nak bagi tips sikit, if you have extra money and extra budget, please please puhleaseeeee upgrade your ticket to express pass. Trust me, it is worth every dollar. We managed to catch all rides in all seven zones that day thanks to the express pass. Dulu masa pergi first time dengan company encek K, we did not have the express pass, memang tak sempat naik semua ride that time, but this time, we managed to finished all rides in one day, siap sempat tengok show Waterworld kat The Lost World Zone. So please upgrade your pass ya! The upgrade will costs you around $30-$50 depending upon the date. Imagined when we wanted to go for Transformers ride, the waiting time is 55 minutes, but with our express pass we had to wait  less than 10 minutes only. Berbaloi-baloi! Plus, if you are bringing small children this would safe a lot of energy used for waiting trust me!  

Other tips is; please bring your own water bottle, as there are water cooler/water fountain inside, so you can save your money by re-filling the bottles, takyah beli  air mineral everytime. Bring some snacks if you want especially for kids as they might get hungry along the day; you will be there from 10am to 8pm kan, so better stock up some snacks if you wanna save some money.  For halal food, don't worry there are two cafes inside USS which served halal food, and both pun makanannya sedap we have tried. Also, if you are lazy to bring your child stroller, you can also rent strollers at the entrance. During our visit that day, we rented the wheelchair as my MIL sakit kaki that day. So kami sewakan kerusi roda untuk emak and alhamdulillah mak selesa sikit.

Ok for now enjoy the pictures!

We left USS around 7.30pm and the bus was already waiting for us at the parking lot. Naik bas, semua orang tidur sebab penat gila tak terkata, even Arfan Miqaeel pun tidur sekali. Woke up time nak pass immigration je and lepas tu sambung tidur balik. We reached Tune Hotel around 9.30pm and immediately had our dinner at Sekinchan Ikan Bakar which was located right in front of Tune Hotel. Semua dah penat that time, so malas nak drive pergi tempat lain, so we had dinner there and by 11pm we were back at our rooms. Memang semua kong tidur until breakfast time next morning.

Wednesday, 14th August
On Wednesday, memang dah takde plan ape-ape. Ingat nak pusing-pusing JB before we headed home. Tapi encek K pulak nak pergi JPO again!!! He said he couldn't sleep thinking about a pair of Timberland shoes that he saw at JPO the day bafore. Gatal sunggoh laki mak ni! I asked him why he didn't buy it earlier, he said he wasn't sure at that time, tapi sebab tak boleh tido so dia sure dah nak beli kasut tu.. Apekahhh?
So we had a very late sucky breakfast, check out (bye-bye, will never come again!) had lunch nearby the hotel and headed to JPO again. Haihhhhhh geram je laki mak ni tau. 

Sampai JPO, it took him almost two hours to decide whether he should take the shoes in size 9.5 or size 10. I told you right my darling husband memang bila nak beli barang. Terpaksa ku layankan jugakkkkk. Haihhhhhhh. And what time did we finally left JPO? 7pm  +___+

Cuba teka what time kami sampai KL?

And yes, we were working on Thursday!

Friday, August 16, 2013

First Day Raya 2013

Salam peeps!

How was your raya? Rindu sangat nak berblogging, tapi malasnya ya ampunnnnnn.

This year raya di bandar sahaja (my side), and petang first raya baru balik Pilah. Raya macam biasala meriah gittew (tapi kat kampung lagi meriah kot), paling best of course the food!! Sumpah tak larat nak bergerak dah masa first day raya tu. Makanan di sana-sini, too hard too resist. Thank god for Spanx hahahaha.

For us, this year tema kaler biru, tapi my mission for a blue baju kurung/kebaya clearly failed. Nasib baik dress dark blue Jovian ku menjadi penyelamat. No new baju raya for me this year benci sungguh! But the Jovian dress memang never failed to impress, ada je orang puji bila pakai dress tu, I loike! And as usual, I love to wear Azura Azwa turban for hari raya, sungguh mudah dan selesa.

After beraya around Seremban, petang raya balik Pilah pulak, ape lagi makan dan makan lagi la. Malam main mercun pulak, tapi si kecik takut dengar buyik kebabom sana-sini. Kesian dia takut sampai nak peluk mommy je.

What's your raya story? Second day nanti akan ku sambung kalau rajin muahahahahaha...

tempat lepak di rumah nenek

with his Mak Su

maafkan diriku yang kekurangan ini sayang

oh my Jovian, this dress never fails to impress

hubby said I'm his first wife and the car is the second wife, nasib baik kereta kan, sentap mak noks!

family potrait 2013

di kala bosan melayan jammed di Bukit Putus

mommy dan sayangku

papa, arfan miqaeel and daddy

arfan and imanina

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya

Salam semua,

So this year balik kampung Soghomban je, tak jauh pun. In fact both of us are still working today.
Malam ni last call shopping lagi. Esok baru balik. This year raya with my family and petang raya pertama baru balik kampung encek K.

Raya kelima kami sekeluarga nak pergi holiday, tapi tak jauh pun, dekat-dekat je. So hopefully jalan tak jam lah Isnin tu.

Oklah, sempena hari mulia ini, kami sekeluarga ingin memohon ampun dan maaf di atas segala kesilapan, kesalahan, keterlanjuran kata-kata. Halalkan makan dan minum kami juga :)

Semoga Aidilfitri ini membawa seribu kebahagiaan kepada anda semua (kenapakah skema sangat ayat ni?)

Oh, jangan lupa duit raya Arfan Miqaeel juga.

Salam Aidilfitri!

new project

Sebelum terlupa, nak cerita bersempena birthday Arfan Miqaeel haritu I did some goodie bags and send it to his nursery for him to share with his friends. Hantar sekali dengan kek black forest  for his birthday celebration at his nursery :)

Nursery Arfan Miqaeel ni khas untuk budak 2 tahun ke bawah and owner nursery dah cakap kalau nak hantar goodie bags tu try-lah avoid junk food. Is it just me or memang susah sangat nak carik benda-benda yang bukan junk food for budak-budak? Most of the things that I saw in the supermarket are junks. Baru terperasan la selama ni tak pernah perasan pun. Last-last settle for pandan layer cake, apollo biscuits and Kit Kat saje to put in the goodie bag. Mula-mula nak letak biskut Jacobs, tapi macam tak cool je letak biskut Jacobs dalam goodie bag, and lepas tu nak switch to organic hazelnut biscuits tu tapi encek K kata that biscuit macam tak sesuai for children under two. So I just settled for this three things. Kira oklah kot for a simple goodie bag kan?

Actually nak cerita pasal scallop tag Mickey Mouse ni, coz I made it myself. Designed and punched it myself. It's a simple, cost-effective way to decorate the plain white paper bag. Dapatla buat scallop sticker with Mickey Mouse design for Arfan Miqaeel. Tak henti-henti jerit hot dog bila nampak his goodie bag.

I bought the scallop puncher(and some other punchers) when I was in Munich, memang time tu dok carik puncher ni sebab kat KL tak pernah jumpa lagi this puncher. So far kat KL pernah jumpa puncher size kecik je, kalau kecik sagat memang tak cantik nak buat tag kan.

Cantik tak the goodie bags that I made? Simple je tapi comel kan?

final result, I made 25 bags btw

Actually before this memang dah start ambil tempahan sikit-sikit from my friends to do the tags for their goodie bags/doorgifts. Selalunya close friends saje, tapi memandangkan ramai yang dah tanya-tanya, yes I do take your orders for the tags. 

For wedding, birthday, baby shower, any kind of tags just name it. I will try to design according to your theme.  Apa-apa theme pun boleh saje, just let me know. And for the shapes, I actually have scallop round, scallop square, round shape, love shape and a simple tag shape. Price dia starting from RM0.30 - RM0.70 per piece tak mahal pun. If you would like to order please email me or whatsapp me :)

Elmo scallop tag with Elmo bottle label

Emo tag on brown paper bag

Elmo bottle label

Hello Kitty tag in the making

some of the punches that I have with me

Monday, August 5, 2013

I clicked the add to cart button

I almost made it..  *sigh*

Only a few days left (till Raya) and I would have been fine.

But I failed and succumbed.

I clicked the add to cart button. +___+
I know, I know, I failed right?

Blame it on ZALORA, they gave me 25% discount!
That's why I gave in. *haihhhhh*

Happy Monday peeps!

dating dengan encek K

Two weeks back me and encek K went on a date, only the two of us.
Arfan Miqaeel was back at home with nenek, kasik chance mummy and daddy berjimba gittew.

We were so looking forward to go on our date actually. 
Siap fikir mendalam on what we should wear. +_+
Yes, it has been so long since we last went out just the two of us hehehehe. 
So we really have to make full use of this golden opportunity. Susah nak dapat peluang ni. Bercitan-cintun berdua sangat susah sekarang ni.

The night before we have already decided that we wanted to go to Pavilion. 
We almost could not sleep hahah!

Why Pavilion you may asked? Coz we have been there only 3 times all this while can you believe that? Hahhaahaha.. It is too far for us to go on a normal weekend;  we will never go there just for the sake of going/lepaking.  Mesti ada arah tujuan baru boleh pergi, kalau tidak nan-ado. The traffic is usually crazy on weekends and that makes it even worse. 

We figured we wanted to go to Lot10 as well as we haven't set foot there for more than a year I think, plus we wanted to go to Sg Wang the very same day (if that is even possible lah with the time constraints). Like I said, we had to take the chance since Arfan Miqaeel is not there lah kan. Going to Sg Wang with a baby is a big NO-NO for me. That place is wayyyy to congested for a baby. Kesian kat baby bersesak nanti.

So at last we reached Pavilion around noon. Surprisingly traffic was good to us yeay!

A bit awkward initially as we are so used to pushing the stroller and chasing Arfan Miqaeel all over the mall. Kali ni dapat pegang tangan, peluk-peluk pinggang dengan mesranya auuwwwwwwwww! Kali ni jugak dapat bertenang tengok barang, dapat try baju dengan aman and dapat masuk banyak kedailah kesimpulannya. We even managed to snap photos at the fountain in front of Pavilion, hahahaha konon2 fe-feeling tourist gittew. Kalau Arfan Miqaeel ada, pasti mencecet kejar dia hahhahaha.. Silap-silang dia mandi terus kat fountain tu. But of course lah sepanjang dating tu asyik teringatkan si kecik tu. Takdelah hanyut je all the way kan. Sampaikan kejap2 je cakap ni kalau Arfan ada ni, habislah dia explore satu tempat ni. 

baru sampai

inside GUCCI

tourist kah?

We even managed to go to Lot 10 that day, kira memang dapat fully utilise the day. Sempat masuk H&M Lot 10 for the first time (trust me, I have been to H&M in Munich more than I have been in H&M KL). Sadly takde ape yang menarik for me in H&M, plus sesak gila, but I managed to score two tops from ZARA which was on sale. 

Jalan punya jalan dalam Lot 10, encek K terberkenan a pair of loafers pulak. Trust me my husband is 'very cerewet' when it comes to buying things. So for him to like something and actually buying the thing is a really big deal *LOL* So kenalah melayan encek K try-try kasut dia. Iwanted to get a shirt from SEED tapi tak sempat la pulak nak try. Sedar-sedar it was 3.30pm at that time, and we knew tak sempat nak pergi Sg Wang damn! We were rushing as we wanted to go to HUKM to visit a friend who just had a baby. Yes we were still sane, visiting a baby is way more important than going to Sg Wang :p

walking to Lot 10

my cerewet hubs

balik sudah

posing dulu


Off we went back to Pavilion (we parked our car there), make our way out and headed to HUKM immediately. 

Visited baby SH and her parents at the hospital. Congratulations Kiki and Lyn on your newborn!

At 5pm we headeD back to our hometown, kalau lambat sangat kang terlepas iftar pulak. We had our iftar with my family that evening. Rindu sungguh kat si kecik petang tu tak boleh berenggang. Thank you sayang kasik mummy and daddy chance berdating!