Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I need my sunnies

Arfan: Please mommy, it's hot out there, I need ma sunnies on!
Mommy: Ok foineee, here's your sunnies.
Arfan: Errrr mommy,can you help put it on me, it's a little too big for me.
Mommy: Oh sorry, here you go.
Arfan: Thanks mommy! I feel so swag right now with ma sunnies on.

#justforlaughs #throwback

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

gadis gomonceh

Was at Gemencheh last Saturday to attend the engagement of our dearest friend; Zafrin a.k.a Pendos and his now fiancee Ina. Ke Gomoncheh lah kami sekeluarga dengan kawan-kawan yang lain. Dalam 2 jam drive dari KL. Zafrin ni salah sorang bestfriend encek K dari sekolah menengah sampai sekarang, among the last to tie the knot jugak ni. Heheh...

Dah selamat dah bertunang pun Zaf and Ina, semoga cepat2 kahwin ye. Dah darah manis ni jangan nak gaduh-gaduk pulak tau (eh, macam pakar motivasi plak nak nasihat orang)

Si kecik Arfan Miqaeel was on best behaviour during the whole journey from Kajang to Seremban to Gemencheh. Lepas makan nasik minyak sepinggan terus selamba tido dalam stroller walaupun panas terik sampai mandi peluh. Good job my son, eloklah ikut daddy boleh tidur di mana-mana :p

To Zafrin and Ina;
Selamat Bertunang to both of you, we are very happy for you and can't wait for your majlis next year insya Allah.

My little ohana (pinjam baby Marissa Kay kejap). Mak pakai baju Rizalman for ZALORA ye u olls.

With Ina

Pengantin lama VS pengantin yang belum jadi pengantin lagi, so tak boleh duduk dekat-dekat lagi.

Sambungan cerita gym semalam

Forgot to mentioned Arfan Miqaeel also joined me at the gym for the classes.
Ok fine more like menyibuk at the gym :p

Thank you my sayang encek K for taking care of Arfan while mummy attended the class. Love you ketat-ketat.

my little Batman :)

Was excited to use the treadmill, tapi bila treadmill jalan jadi takut pulak anak mummy ni. Heheh..

Monday, April 28, 2014

1,2,3 action

Finally got some pictures of me attending the back-to-back class launching at the gym on the 12th of April.
I attended the new launching for BodyPump, BodyCombat and MTV dance class. Saya sangat sukaa walaupun by the end of the 3rd class kaki dah gigil sikit.

Theme of the day was colourful, but please pardon me for only wearing colourful cap, didn't have the time to get colourful outfits (plus all my workout clothes are either black or grey boleh?)

I had lotsaaa fun that day. Great company and great instructors for all classes. If you want to know more about the classes you can go to LesMills official page or visit the gym's official FB page: TLS Fitness.

Enjoy the pictures!
Credit to: TLS Fitness FB page, Evelyn's FB page and Kak Jo's FB page.

The offical launch at TLS Fitness

Before class starts

Again, group photo

With Kak Jo, she's such an inspiration

With Evelyn and Kak Jo

Selfie is a must anywhere, anytime *LOL*

started with BodyPump

BodyPump is definitely one of my fave now as I can see my backside getting better you know..

full concentration

group photo for BodyPump.

BodyCombat class was next. My most favourite class yo!

Spot me laughing or was I tired?

Group photo for BodyCombat!

MTV Dance class, saya si kayu yang tak berapa pandai menari...

Ewahh, pop it, shake it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

throwback wednesday

Like father like son.

Found this pictures while cleaning up my laptop.
How time flies. I miss my 'pipi pau' boy. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Anybody joining this fitmob event?

It will be my first time joining this kind of event. I am stoked!
I am hoping that it will help me prepare myself for my bodycombat instructor training (yes, I am planning to take the instructor course for bodycombat if I don't get pregnant soon). So we shall see which one comes first (baby or instructor course); I am fine with either.

So wish me luck and hope to see all of you there.
Let's kick some butt shall we?

Monday, April 14, 2014

highlight of my weekend

Spend my weekend with some dumbells, barbells and plates. *sigh*

I miss u so much Pavilion   -_____-

Thursday, April 10, 2014

matchy matchy lah sangat

Remember that I bought the Samsung Note 3 for encek K's birthday?

Guess who bought another Samsung Note 3 for herself?
 ME!! (Ok lame joke)

Remember I lost my phone during my outing to KLCC? 
I was phone-less for about three weeks, ok lah not phone-less entirely coz I was using my company mobile phone which was a very basic smart phone. 

Even Arfan Miqaeel knows that the company mobile phone was very basic smartphone Coz he always come to me and asked to take picture with him (take kicture mummy!); and since this phone has no front camera I need to turn to the back camera; and he will then say "Alaaa, tak loley" (read: Alaaa, tak boleh)... 
I is sentap gittew coz I cannot selfie with my little boy  -_____-'

I decided to get myself the Samsung Note 3 in rosegold/white while Encek K's Samsung is rosegold/black. Matchy-match gittew.

What made me choose Anroid over iPhone. Well mainly coz it was a lot cheaper (I was flat broke remember??) The iPhone would have costed me an upfront of RM2700(phone and data plan contract) while the Samsung Note 3 only costed me RM1199 upfront for the phone and data plan contract. So I gave in and bought Samsung instead of iPhone. The biggest advantage of the Samsung Note 3 is the 5.7 inch huge screen. I fell in love the big screen immediately. The rest I would say pretty much comparable to iPhone. I love it to the max! Most importantly I can now do selfies with the little boss. He is now the master of duck face btw *facepalm