Wednesday, November 20, 2013

usual weekdays activity

Ni cerita last month boleh? *phuii*
Saw the pictures in my phone and masa ni Arfan Miqaeel belum potong rambut lagi hihi. Comel rambut anak mommy macam Simba the lion.

Anyways, macam biasa, once per week me and encek K will try to bring the little guy out. Bukan apa, kadang kesian sebab awal pagi dah pergi nursery and kadang-kadang pukul 8malam baru balik rumah from nursery. So we really try to take him out once every week. 

Kalau weekdays, memang confirm Alamanda lah port kami kan. Belakang dapur je Alamanda ni. We love to bring Arfan to his fave spot which is the play area near Parkson. Dapat bagi dia main 30-45minit pun jadilah. He's so happy whenever he's here, dari kecik2 dulu tak tau pape (walaupun naik slide), sampailah sekarang dah pandai macam2, he's even good at making friends with other kids nowadays. I guess the play area also helps in stimulating his motor skills kan sebab kena panjat2.

Arfan, when you are old enough to read this, please know that walaupun kadang2 mommy and daddy penatttttt sangat bila balik kerja, rasa stress, rasa letih semua ada and walaupun kadang2 hujan lebat, kami akan gigihkan jugak bawak Arfan pergi main-main and keluar makan, walaupun dekat Alamanda je. Mommy and daddy sukaaa sangat tengok Arfan happy bila dapat main2 kat play area tu. Nothing beats the smile on your cute lil' face. We love you son.
*eh kenapa tetiba emo?*


photo again mommy?

riding the slides from the front is much more fun?

how u doin'? (hamboii dah pandai kah?)

eh mommy lah!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Anya Baheera

Masa cuti Maal Hijrah haritu, we were invited by Amy and Atim to celebrate Anya's third birthday at Palm Garden, Putrajaya. Thank you for the invitation Amy and Atim :)

First time datang kat Palm Garden actually, selalunya nampak Palm Garden ni bila lalu jalan nak pergi Alamanda je.

Kami sampai awal jugak on that day, sebab Palm Garden ni belakang dapur je, so roughly about 15mins drive je from our home. Takpelah biar awal asal jangan miss acara potong kek lagi kan..

Theme of the party was ' Disney Princess'. Waaaahhhh, dalam group whatsapp mak-mak yang ada baby girl semua memang dah excited belikan anak masing-masing baju dress princess, comel sangat. For Arfan Miqaeel, pakai jelah ape yang ada anakku, mommy dress up kan Arfan smart sket macam ala-ala prince ok. Nak carik baju prince sebenar mommy pun tak tau kat mana.

Kat dalam ballroom, deco sangat cantik! Suka sangat. Of course lah cantik kan, dah tentu mommy and daddy Anya kerja buat event, so untuk anak pun mestilah buat yang cantik-cantik kan. Kalau I ada baby girl nanti, I pun nak buat birthday theme princess jugaklah  (ehhhhhhhhh).

Disebabkan sampai awal jugak, Arfan Miqaeel men-conquer trampoline. Conquer trampoline sampai tak nak balik boleh?

Time nak potong kek, comel sangat semua princess beratur amek gambar.
Anya the birthday girl, of course dressed in Snow White, ada Aurora dan Belle jugak so cute lah!

The birthday girl Anya Baheera
(Amy, Jai curik dari IG Amy tau)

Makanan pun best-best. Amy, laki ku suruh letak gambar Pavlova di bawah sebab dia kata Pavlova ni sedap sampai dia makan 2 kali walaupun dia tengah diet. (Motif laki ku cakap macam ni???)

Pavlova kesukaan laki ku

geng mama bloggers

me, Diah, Amy and Shaz

me, Eida, Diah

together with Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland

bersama mak bapak perantin

Anak-anak of courselah yang paling happy time event macam ni. Seronoknya datang sebab jumpa geng-geng diorang. Kejar bubbles pun dah cukup happy buat diorang. Again, thank you for inviting us Amy and Atim. Happy Birthday Anya Baheera, semoga Anya membesar menjadi anak yang baik, bijak dah solehah.

p.s.: Now, kitorang pun bersemangat nak buat 3rd birthday si kecik ni nanti walaupun jauh lagi, suka tengok bila dorang dah faham maksud birthday sket-sket.

Friday, November 15, 2013

woman VS wild

I was cleaning my closet the other day when I noticed that............

I have a little too many wild and dangerous tops.
Animals printed tops lah I mean.

A little too much on the wild side duncha think??  -___-
(corak rimau dah kuda belang gittew)

Maybe *ehem* someone has been watching way toooo much of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'? *LOL*

Didn't even realized that I was such a big fan of animal prints.
I even got 4 pairs of animal printed jeans in my closet. Woahhhh. Aummmmmmmm!

Was determined to stop purchasing more animal print items until I saw Alessandra Ambrosio wearing these pants. Helppppppppppppppppppp!


picture frome HERE

Monday, November 11, 2013

matchy-matchy again

Lunch at Shogun and then bowling tournament on Saturday at Sunway Pyramid.
(The lunch and bowling tournament is held by encek K's company btw; part of his company family day)

That's how we spend our Saturday.

And I get to wear matchy-matchy red jeans with Arfan Miqaeel.

Life is sweet.

macam biasa kem-ho dulu inside Forever21

mommy and son in red jeans, fierce yo!

yes, it's hard to snap a decent picture these days.

We no friend daddy coz he ain't wearing red jeans  :p

come on mommy and daddy, jump!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

swag or no swag?

Check out si kecik in action yesterday (on Awal Muharam holiday).
We were going for a 'princess theme' birthday party; that's why I dressed him up this way. (Couldn't find any prince outfit for him actually)

One word:

I can tell he was feelin' the outfit.
(Shirt ,vest and shoes from Mothercare, pants from H&M)
Coz he asked for his sunnies and then immediately sat on his car and even drove his car out the door.

But, I think he was feelin' it a little too much.
A little too much that he wants to bring his toy car inside the elevator and bring it down to the carpark.

And when we refused to let him do so....
Guess what happened....?


He cried!
Terus hilang swag. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

first hair cut

Encek K took Arfan Miqaeel for his first hair cut at the barbershop last week.

And-I-missed-it! -____-

He took the little guy for his hair cut while I was at the gym. Haipppp sayang saje je kan? Benciiiiii! I missed the moment, missed my son's first hair cut at the barbershop (barber pun barber lah)
Told me he wanted to surprise me  (Konon lah tu).

We actually have been wanting to cut the little guy's hair for a while now. Mainly coz his hair is curly and he is turning into a lion each day (don't get me wrong, a cute little lion that is). Tapi seriously memang rimas tengok rambut si kecik ni. He kept flicking his hair backwards coz the bangs was already poking his eyes. Kesiannya anak mommy.

Encek K said he was on his best behavior while getting his hair cut by the barber. He was just sitting steadily and surprisingly he did not move an inch unless he was told to do so! Bangga sangat bak kata daddy!

Bak kata daddy jugak: "Elok jugak mommy tak ikut, kalau mommy ikut nanti takut dia mengada-ngada buat perangai nak manja-manja."

Well, I can't deny that fact can't I..?
Everyone keeps telling me: "Kalau mommy dia takde, baik je, tak pernah buat perangai and merengek pun, but the moment mommy dia balik from work je mula lah."

Nampak sangat mommy's boy.
Daddy sila jangan jeles ^_^

Friday, November 1, 2013

halloween costumes

It's a bummer that we don't celebrate halloween here.

Otherwise I probably would dress Arfan Miqaeel like Karl Lagerfeld. 
Ok fine, maybe encek K would not approve this costume but who cares right? (angan-angan je pun nak pakaikan anak)

My own Karl Lagerfeld.

Awesome innit?

Andre Leon Talley would be great too, but too much fur for a little boy, don't think he can handle the fur coat.

If I have a girl, Anna Wintour would be awesome!!
Super cute kannnn????

Pictures are from here and here