Friday, January 24, 2014

First choo choo ride

So during the Thaipusam holiday we decided to bring Arfan on his first train ride (or choo choo ride according to his language). This was his first time on the train so we were quite nervous. At first there was this debate between me and encek K on where we should go and which train we should take, haha! Komuter or LRT? Midvalley or KLCC?? Such big decisions *LOL*

Finally we decided to take Komuter train as it was nearer to our home and we figured we would just go to Midvalley as it was a direct route from Kajang Komuter station. If we were to go to KLCC, we will have to drive to LRT Sungai Besi and park our car there and then have to make LRT change at Masjid Jamek and then only reached KLCC. We figured it would be too much for a first timer like us (and we were right!).

We left our place after Friday prayers and parked our car at Komuter Kajang. Arfan Miqaeel was already quite excited during this period hehe. We kept explaining to him "kita nak naik choo choo ni" (don't think he fully understood what we were doing that day hehe). Entrance to the train station was smooth as we used our Touch n Go card, we didn't have to queue for tickets that day. And there was elevators! (Life saver I tell you!!). We brought his stroller, one big bag and of course there's the little boy who is constantly running here and there every 5 seconds. With only two pairs of hands our plan was that encek K would take care of Arfan and mommy will take care of things. I kept telling encek K "ape2 pun awak kejar si kecik dulu, saya takpe, saya boleh uruskan barang-barang." 

So off we go to the across platform. We used the elevator which is so convenient for parents with stroller. 
And then one train passed by and Arfan pointed at the train and said chooo chooo. (Masa ni happy 2 lagi)

After about 10 minutes our train to Midvalley arrived and somebody was really quiet from the moment he stepped onto the train. 

Guess who? -____-'
Si kecik yang hyperaktif ni lah. Tiba-tiba diam semacammmmmm!

terpaksa mommy kasik tazkirah kejap 

All of sudden he kept quiet. And HE-SAT-STILL! He is never still, not even for 5 seconds!
Guessed someone was afraid of the choo choo ride. But luckily he didn't cry at all, good boy. He kept asking me to sit besides him that day, baiklah anak, mommy turutkan aje.

muka cuak je anak mommy ni

he sat still there all the way to Seputeh

He was completely still from Kajang to Seputeh I think, then barulah berani sikit, asked daddy to pick him up and dukung him so that he can play with the train's handle bar. When I said still, I mean really still ok, mommy was impressed hahaha.

berani sikit time ni

Pheww after 15-20minutes we made it to Midvalley. FYI, this Komuter ride is also my first ride since 4 years ago. I was impressed with the train, it was in good condition, it was on time, there's the ladies coach and even the facilities at the train station was great, with elevators and escalators everywhere making it child friendly (Kudos KTM).

We immediately went for our late lunch at Chillis after reaching Midvalley (that is around 4pm already), pushing the stroller up and down the elevators and escalators made us hungry lah. The late lunch was great, encek K had rib steak, mine was the usual chicken bbq salad and Arfan had spaghetti with warm Milo (Kids eat for free yo!)


handsome nya anak mommy

enjoying his Milo

Selfie lah sangat phuii

arghhh nakkk!!!

After lunch we went around for window shopping and encek K kept reminding me that we have to leave Midvalley around 9 pm. He was scared that we might forget that we actually took the train instead of driving there and he was afraid we might missed the time and eventually missed the last train.

Arfan demanded his milk after lunch andddd he fell asleep while we were wandering around the shops.
Coz he was asleep my sweet sweet dearest hubby volunteered to watch him while having his caffeine fix at Starbucks Coffee, he offered me to go shopping while he watched Arfan (hahaha, mentang2lah anak dah tido, laju je offer diri jaga anak kan??)

But of course I took the chance and went for window shopping alone while my two boys chilled at Starbucks. I was doing really great but at the end I gave in and bought Lancome cleanser which costs me RM100, kalau muka tak licin siappppppppppp!

kong terus, penat lah mommy naik train :p

We left Midvalley around 9 pm and journey back home was the same, he sat still in his stroller hehehhe.
Next trip is to bring him for LRT ride to KLCC. Soon!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

new year holiday

Started my 2014 with a family vacation to Lost World of Tambun.
Highly recommended for parents who have children who likes to swim (read: ME)

Full review soon.

Hello 2014!

Bring it on :)