Monday, May 27, 2013

duck face

Kepandaian terbaru Arfan Miqaeel...
Making duck face hahahaha...

He will show us his duck face and won't stop making duck face until me and encek K follow him (as in we have to do the duck face too).

Also has started saying few words such as memey (as in mommy), daddy, kakak, adik (nak adik ke?), oh noooo, abeshhh (as in habis) and nak (his favourite word is NAK, and he uses the word correctly when he wants something from us).

Me and encek K has started filtering our choice of words when we speak in front of him. Memang try to avoid any bad words/ any curse words. Tau la budak2 kan, cepat je tangkap, so we really have to be careful when we say things in front of him. Wouldn't want him to learn the negative words for now :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

My baby is not a baby anymore :(

He's back at his school today after staying with nenek for two weeks. 
Last two weeks, mulut penuh kena ulcer plus demam :(  That's why had to stay with nenek.
Luckily it was not HFMD. Mommy and daddy was so worried. 3 kali pergi hospital in two weeks. Ubat toksah cakap la kan, memang banyak, dengan ambil darah lagi haihhhh.

Nasib baik rumah nenek dekat, dapatla stay dengan nenek sampai sihat.
Memang kena pampered la stay dengan nenek kan.

And then last Friday we came back home.
He was so happy when he saw all his toys.
And on Saturday we brought him out and declared the day as 'Miqa's day' (we pretty much let him do what he wants).

Tapi pagi ni pergi school cembeng je. -__-

Arfan Miqaeel.
He will be 2 years old soon, my baby is no langer a baby :'(


Thursday, May 16, 2013

congratulations Kazu and Tina

The girl whom we celebrated is finally married to the man of her dreams alhamdullilah!

Congratulations Khazrul and Martina for your beautiful wedding.
Malam berinai and solemnization was held at Fraser Place KL.

I had fun during our malam berinai and sorry tak dapat sleepover, macam biasa mommy duty awaits me.

I am also honoured to be one of your dulang girls :)
To Arfah, Gji, Eana, Farra, Zeffy and Nurel it was nice spending time with you girls!

Fairytale majlis bersanding was held in Duchess Place Ampang.
I love this venue so much (nasib baik dah kahwin, ehh)

To Khazrul and Martina:
Congratulations to both of you, may your love and jodoh lasts till Jannah.

Ameen :)

p.s: I was wearing Jovian Mandagie's collection for both ceremony! Got so many compliments for both peplum kurung and my fave blue dress.

JM oh JM

I hate you..

I hate you..

I hate you Jovian Mandagie..

For making me having sleepless nights thinking of your collection..
For drying up my bank account (ok, maybe I should blame myself for not being able to control my urge to shop your collection)

I actually managed to control myself for a while. (pat myself on the back for this!)

I did not purchase any of your JLuxe collection when it was released on (trust me, it ain't easy refraining myself from clicking the 'add to cart' button).

I really really wanted the Jewel Luxe in purple and Layla top in black but somehow, someway (a very difficult way) I managed to control myself.

Jewel Luxe in purple

Layla top in black

And so I thought I was saved.
Butttttt then you came out with Orked by JM pulak..
Why? Why? Huarghhhhhh..

How can I control myself now?
(luckily I am not a big fan of satin fabrics, or else.....)

To all you ladies out there, you can pre-order your fave Orked by JM directly from Tesco's website:

Happy shopping!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hen's Night

One of my girlfriends, Martina is getting married soon, and we were finally able to throw her a 'hen night out' last week. 

The plan to do the party was really short notice, but luckily we were able to pull it together last minute. It was a simple celebration anyway but we sure had tons of fun.

We started our hen's night with a nice (and super expensive I must say) dinner at Marini's on 57. It was my first time there. Our table was overlooking KLCC and we can see the KL lights beaming all over the place and it was just insanely gorgeous! I would definitely recommend this place if you want to celebrate something really special. I myself would probably come back here for my anniversary dinner. But remember to call in first as the place is always full house :)

at Mandarin Oriental

before dinner

me-arfah,zeffy-tina-gji(missing here)

After dinner, we actually wanted to chill and have our drinks at Marini's on 57 bar/lounge area. Unfortunately the only table that was available at that time was the indoor table, and we wanted the table outside as the view was way better but the place was packed :(

So we moved on to Sultan's Lounge in Mandarin Oriental instead. I definitely had a great night out with them. Just chillin' and groovin' around. They all had a sleepover at Mandarin Oriental that night but I had to pass on this as I have to be on mommy duty by 6am on the next day (coz encek K was working). But I had fun, a lot of fun that night!

me-zeffy-tina the bride to be-gji-arfah


lounge-ing at Sultan





BTW, do you guys recognized the veil that Tina was wearing?
It is actually my veil that I wore during my hen's night three years ago. My girlfriends got it for me.
I passed it to Tina for her hen's night and hopefully she will be able to pass it to the next lucky girl soon :)

my hen's night a zillion years ago

p.s: Can't wait for Tina and Kazu's wedding soon!