Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 2 and Day 3 at Kindie

Day 2

Yeay! Arfan made it through the kindie gate without crying.
He took off his shoes and bag and put in on the rack in front of the door. No-crying-yet.
The moment teacher asked him to go inside, bammmm! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! He cried loudly.
And keep on saying, "mummy wait there, mummy look at Arfan ok."
Adoi kesiannya anak mummy. Why lah nak cry sayang??

When we picked him up from school in the evening he was actually very happy and chirpy.
He even said he had fun at school. Me and encek K was relieved.
Later that night before going to bed, the drama comes. He said he doesn't want to go to the new school, he wanted to go to his old nursery place. He mentioned that he misses his old friends.

Me and encek K had to give him a lot of encouragement for the new school that night.
A lot of life lessons from both of us which I don't think he quite understands but we had to  -___-

Day 3

Yeay! No crying at all. Cuma muka cembeng dan sebak the moment teacher asked him to go inside.
Of course he keeps looking at me (I am standing outside the gate as usual, I will leave once he is inside the house). I promised him that I will stay and look at him (though I think what he wants is for mummy to stand there the whole day and wait for him hahaha).

Let's see what will happen later. Mummy and daddy doakan Arfan happy kat new school okay!

p.s: One day mummy akan baca balik this entry and remind you how you were when you first started your kindergarden. We love you sayang.