Friday, May 30, 2014

Syomir Izwa for Zalora






Zalora just released their Syomir Izwa for ZALORA collection and I am slowly dying inside on this peaceful Friday evening. Haihhhhhhhhh.

I love everything about the collection.
Every single freakin design. 
The design, the genius panelling, the colour blocking, the colour combo, the cut. Gahhhhhhhh!

I guess this raya will be all about Syomir Izwa, sorry Jov, this ain't your year anymore. Don't worry though, I still have your collection locked in my closet. It is still precious to me.

I have my eyes on Nicole and Evelyn for now.

Yuhuuu Encek K, this year tak jadilah pakai merah  -____-

Don't forget to browse HERE for Syomir Izwa for ZALORA collection. You will not regret it (or maybe you will after seeing the damage on your wallet hahah)

Nicole Dres

Evelyn Kurung

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

OMP (Oh My Prada)

Remember this entry?

Finalllyyyyyyyyy I got my blue bag after waiting for almost a year! Hip hip horayyy!
Well I also managed to grab one brown bag, one pink bag and another bag in vermilion colour and errr one cobalt blue purse. I should lay low on the bags department the whole year I supposed. 

Never in a million years I thought I would ever get a pink bag for myself; I must be out of my mind(the weather was too cold, therefore I cannot make proper judgement hahaha) or the bag is too pretty to resist.. Haihhh....

Unfortunately the blue bag that I got is not the I-must-have-Givenchy-Antigona-bag :( 
The Antigona was number one on my list. But, the bad news is that the Antigona in blue is sold out in all stores in Munich (whyyyyyyyyy??) Trust me I went to every single store. They only have it in beige, pink, black and limited edition in grey. I didn't like the other colours as my mind was set for blue colour. I was damn frustrated at first.. Not my rezeki I guess..

But, on the other hand, I did buy a blue bag which costs a little less than the Antigona. And for this reason, Encek K was the happiest person on earth as he knows I have spend less money for a bag. I told him; helloooooo, it's not just a bag, it's the Antigona, errrrr ok for my case it's not just a bag, it's Prada ok.

Well, for now here's a little preview of my blue bag, I had doubts on it at first, but I absolutely love it now!
You will have to wait for it's full preview along with the rest of her siblings.

For now, I am broke (ok fine what's new?)

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am backkkkkk...
It was my 6th (or is it 7th?) trip to Munich for work.
Syukur for this opportunity that I get to travel to Munich almost every year once or twice.

So I basically know my way around central Munich. Where to shop(most important), where to find halal food, which train station should I take, etc.. Munich is a beautiful city indeed. Some of the things that I like is of course the beautiful architecture of the buildings(breathtakingly beautiful) and the fact that you can travel anywhere in Munich using their trains. Impressive :)

Weather was not good when I was there. I actually feel like I am in KL coz it was raining daily. If it wasn't for the cold wind, hey I would have thought I was in KL. All of my colleagues said I had pick the worst week for my travel (15 degrees and below) and the day I flew back the weather was 20 degrees. Benciiiii.

Here are some pictures in random orders. Maybe I should write some travel logs? What say you?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tepung Gomak

I still remember this; he was about one year old during this time..

Left him for 5 minutes and he turned himself into tepung gomak  -___-'
It was his antibotics btw, nasib baik buat sepah bukan minum sebotol antibiotik tu..

Alahaiiii anak..

And mommy screamed at him that day for making this mess (bad mommy I know). And he cried of course.
I feel bad after that cause I guess it was my fault for not keeping the antibiotics in a safer/higher place. He's just a baby you know; I'm the adult kan. I'm supposed to be the responsible one.

So sorry sayang. Maafkan mommy ye for screaming at you.

Monday, May 12, 2014

away from home

Currently away from home and missing my little boy back home :(

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

no camera please

Mommy no camera please.
I just got up lah!

My hair is not properly set.
It's way too big in the morning mommy.

Ok, now I'm ready. 
1,2 say booo!
#justforfun #throwback

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Won FREE Bodytone session

A couple of weeks ago I deciced to join the Bodytone contest (well it was just for fun) and hashtag my picture on instagram with #bodytone #tonedisthenewsexy #iwanttobodytonewithbelinda. The price that they were offering was a free Bodytone session with celebrity host Belinda Chee.

Hello Belinda!

I choose this picture below where I was smiling despite being torchered during BodyPump. A girl gotta love the Pump you know :p

happy me :)

The winner will be choosen randomly by Bodytone people and guess whatttt? I won people!!!! I wonnnnnnnn (lompat bintang boleh?)

For all of you who doesn't know Bodytone uses:

Acceleration Training™ or Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is the culmination of fitness technology developed by the Soviet aerospace industry in the 60s to assist its cosmonauts against severe loss of bone density and strength due to zero gravity. Since then, Acceleration Training™ has improved upon conventional exercises by incorporating vibration technology through the Power Plate® to effectively help you engage a higher percentage of total body muscles during training for greater results in less time.

I follow Bodytone on instagram and I am always inspired to see their methods of workout. I think the workout variations are a little more intensive than my BodyCombat and BodyPump class and the results are pretty clear; the people are dropping their bodyfat percentage like nobody's business.

Sooooo I am really looking forward for my free session with Belinda Chee and a Bodytone instructor. 
Let's just hope I don't die during the class ok?  -_______-

Wish me luck peepols.

Monday, May 5, 2014

My morning workout

Hello peepols!

Let's start our Monday productively. A little workout before going to work perhaps (like me)?
Foineee! I had no choice actually. The stroller was in the car and he refused to let daddy carry him. Normally he will refuse daddy in the morning. He wants only mommy.

This morning he wanted to 'incang' with me on my back. He doesn't want me to 'dukung' him as usual.
That's 15 kgs on mommy's back yo from 13th floor to 2nd floor. Thank god for elevators  -____-'

Happy working peepols! I will be working for four days only yippah.

Friday, May 2, 2014

RAYA 2014

Belum sempat ganti kesemua puasa tahun lepas dah nak cerita pasal baju raya dah ke?
OMG.. OMG.. What the fishhh.. What the fish..? (haha korang dengar Hot FM tak??)

Bukan ape, nak kena prepare awal untuk mengelakkan kekangan bajet nanti. Nak beli semua sekaligus memang pening nanti.

So for now kasut raya Arfan Miqaeel dah beli, one red and one blue, bantailah baju raya kaler ape pun nanti. Kaler block je lah wahai anakku.. Kita beli baju awak and baju daddy dekat Omar Ali je ok sebab awak kena matching ngan daddy, bukan mummy.

This year plan nye nak tema kaler merah mak ngah.. walaweiii... dah bosan asek-asek biru, balik-balik biru. Nak buat macam mana, me and encek K memang pencinta kaler biruuuuuuuu..

FashionValet and ZALORA pun dah start release raya collection for this year.. On FashionValet, Nurita Harith punya collection quite pricey for me, Syaiful Baharim is affordable and simple je design dia, but why no red colour? Whyyy?? TSyahmi pun quite simple and affordable, but no more black and white for me, dah banyak sangat kurung black and white! Rico Rinaldi pun lawaa but pricey.. and Azura Azwa tak berapa menepati citarasa ku. So how now?

Encek K likes the Syaiful Baharim collection, tapi berkenan kaler biru jugak, adoii.. End up I didn't buy the collection when it was released coz I memang nak avoid wearing blue this year.

On ZALORA, the new JLuxe collection by Jovian Mandagie pun dah release, but why almost semua nya pattern peplum? Haihh.. I am not a big fan of peplum, mak badan straight u olss tak berapa sesuai nak ber-peplum bagai. Tapi ada satu kurung kaler merah biru menambat hatiku (nak jugak ada biru kannnn).

Tak nak lah jadi macam last year, nak pakai biru, tapi all RTW collection takde kurung/kebaya biru yang cantik, end up recycled dress Jovian jugak. Arghhhh!