Thursday, September 27, 2012

For the love of egg

Sometimes, the small little things in our life can put a big smile on our face.

for the love of the super adorable egg

Hubby made this for dinner a couple of weeks ago.

Wait why is there baked beans and grilled things on almost all of my food post?

Coz hubby is trying to eat healthily and I had no choice but to follow pftttt  we are trying to eat healthily these days.

So no more mee goreng nad nasi lemak ayam for us bummer!

 Grilled dory, grilled chicken, grilled bread with melted cheese inside served with baked beans and a heartshape egg *awwwww, melted when I saw the egg*
Everything is cooked with olive oil btw, don't play-play arrrrrr.

 I think it's kinda sweet that he made me a heartshape fried egg (yes, I am that cheesy). 

Yes, it's a small little thing..

But the small thing made me smile :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

First time in the pool!

Yesterday (as in Sunday), we brought the little guy to the pool nearby our apartment. It was his first time going to the pool. Been planning to take him to the pool for quite sometime already, but something always gets in our way  :( So we (me and encek K), were determined to make it happen this time!

Started our Sunday with a big big breakfast; prepared by my one and only masterchef hubby. He loves big breakfast for sure. He made grilled dory with brown sauce, grilled black pepper hot dog, scrambled egg, baked beans served with steamed veggies. Nyums!

big brekafast ala La Bodega

Then we went off for some grocery shopping. Needed to get things for Miqa's porridge. Just a quick trip to the nearby Giant store near our house. Came home, I cooked Miqa's fish porridge, bathe him and then feed him. He then continued playing with his trucks and lorries; anddddddd he then fell asleep automatically (for his afternoon nap that is).

Mommy! I don't wanna walk lah! Please dukung me mommy!

At 5pm the little guy finally wake up. Mommy and daddy were so excited to bring him to the pool. Even the weather was on our side yesterday as it was not sunny and not hot at all  :)  We brought a lot of stuff (macam nak pergi picnic pun ada); we brought his floaties (which was in pink colour coz I got it from a friend who clearly has a baby girl, tq Shishe), we brought a ball for him to play, brought his porridge, a banana for him to eat afterwards, his milk... etc..etc

At first Miqa was abit scared when we pun him in the water... But we just let him be in the water, we didn't take him out, we started to 'agah' him, sing to him, push him around in the pool and he finally relaxed himself.

Mula-mula takut, nak mommy pegang je

And after 20 minutes in the water....
Mommy can let him go without holding onto him. He was brave enough to float on his own. He smiled, he screamed and laughed a lot yesterday. He loves being in the water yeay!

I'm a big brave boy now. Errrr please ignore the pink floaties. Mommy can we go and buy a new floatie pweashhhh! I simply cannot be seen in a pink floatie again mommy!

And when we tried to pull him out from the water, he cried and started screaming; wanting to go back into the pool. Ok, ok mommy and daddy promise we'll bring you to the pool again, really soon ok!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

demam datang lagi.. why oh why?

In the last entry demam Jovian RTW melanda diriku ini, ni pulak datang satu lagi demam melanda...

Demam apakah itu??

Demam Adam dan Hawa pulak!

Eksklusif di Astro Mustika HD Saluran 134 setiap Isnin hingga Khamis jam 10.00 malam.
(free free promote Astro di sini)

Memang demam ni kuat betul sampaikan me and encek K tahan memasak dinner di rumah hari-hari. Either we go out early for dinner (which is always impossible coz encek K selalu balik lambat from work) and come back before 9.30pm or we cook at home, so we choose to cook la kan.

 Harini, finally I got the Adam dan Hawa novel from my dear friend (borrowed the novel from her, thank you so much Kak!). Sungguh bersemangat nak membaca nya!

Perasaan membaca novel Adam & Hawa sambil menghirup nescafe panas dan membayangkan Aaron Aziz sebagai Am adalah sungguh heaven.


Ok. Thanks. Bye

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jovian RTW by Jovian Mandagie

I'm pretty sure by now almost everyone is down with Jovian RTW fever (including me of course!). How can you not die when you see his collection??!! You die, you wake up and die again after seeing each one of his design.

For his first launch I didn't manage to go to First Lady (coz the little boy was down with fever at that time), so I waited for the release at Zalora, and boy it was selling like goreng pisang panas! I managed to grab only one piece during this first release :'( I remembered being 'super sedih' at that time.

Then, I got to know there will be second release and so on.. Super happy over the moon and stars I tell you.. This time I promised myself I would drag my hubby to First Lady! And I did! But of course la we didn't go to First Lady Jalan TAR.. Madness! Mau encek K jadi HULK pulak bertolak-tolak.

It was encek K's idea to go to First Lady Melaka (Thank you sayang coz layan bini awak yang meroyan nak baju Jovian). And we made the right decision by going to Melaka. There was a lot of people but no 'tolak-tolak', 'rebut-rebut tarik tambut' and definitely tiada rak yang terbalik! I bought 3 pieces only (coz encek K TAK KASIK beli lebih! arghhh menyesal please!!!) Dahla tu kat Melaka, certain hot design like Jules are not available..

So eventhough I have already owned 4 pieces of JRTW after going to First Lady, I still want more and more.. Sampaikan encek K dah tak larat nak keep track coz I was buying from people in Facebook and Instagram and also from Zalora(they keep sending me wrong size btw) and selling 'em back if it doesn't fit me. You see each design and cutting are different (to cater for different type of bodies I guess and to be fair of course), so whenever it needs alteration I would sell it back (dengan berat hati), coz I did not want to ruin the garment :( I will only keep the ones that fits me perfectly..

After buying and selling back number of times(many, many, many times), here is my final 6 Jovian RTW.. Yeah only 6 lah! So sad coz I had to let go the precious Jules, Janelle and Jova, S size is too big for me, XS made my body look weird  :p  So I had to let go all the masterpiece.. Benci!!!

 all mine!

Out of 6, I have only worn 2 pieces so far. Haha! Sayang kot nak pakai! Kena carik tempat yang sesuai baru pakai. Sampai encek K keep on asking bila nak pakai, bila nak pakai  :p

And when I post the outfit on instagram, Jovian Mandagie himself liked the photo!!! Senyum sampai belakang telinga. Thank you Jovian for taking your time and effort to actually look at all your Jovianistas photos! And thank you for making it possible for everyone to own a piece of your collection.

Now, my Jovian RTW fever is coming back as Jovian has just released his Aidiladha collection. Arghhhh cannot sleep thinking about his Aidiladha collection. Should I or should I not add more to my collection?? Encek K please don't be mad. Layankan aje isterimu ini.. My favourite so far are Jovanita, Jerielle, Jameela and Jewel. How now brown cow? Helppppppppppppppp!

I want more!
I know, I know, I need help *LOL*

merempit dengan vespa

Our little boy Arfan Miqaeel turned 1 year old last month :'(  Sungguh sungguh cepat masa berlalu. Arghhh I miss my little bobot, now dah kurang bobot sebab lasak gilaaa ya ampunnn.

His biggest accomplishment as of now is "dah dapat kaki". Yup he can walk all by himself (eventhough a bit wobbly sometimes).

We did a small birthday celebration for him last weekend (will blog about this later) and one of the present he received was a super old school red vespa (thank you makshu Siti for this vespa!) (and thank you everyone else for all the presents!). He absolutely love the vespa eventhough kaki belum sampai nak kayuh vespa tu. Everyone has to push him around and the look on this face when we pushed him around is absolutely priceless (hehehe)..

Besides walking, he can already pronounced a few words such as "milk" (sometimes it sounded like "mek") and mimi (as in mommy). Also, he is very very fond of mommy's and daddy's handphone. Kalau ringing je mula la sibuk nak jawab jugak.

Banyak lagi kepandaian Arfan Miqaeel ni, kalau nak cerita sampai esok pun tak sudah agaknye. Ok lah bye kami sekeluarga nak pergi merempit berjalan raya naik vespa jap (bukan Miqa je yang ada vespa hokay!)