Wednesday, October 30, 2013

gold digger

I finally managed to grab this gold plated belt from H&M a couple of weeks ago yeay!
Was looking for it everywhere you know (online, offline, kedai jinjang, kedai tak berapa jinjang).
When I accidentally saw it at H&M, it was like love at first sight!
*must buy this belt*

But, I have not been able to wear it and style it yet *bummer*

Googled some inspirations and these came up.
I think I will wear it with my black maxi skirt or maybe my black jumpsuit? *hmmmm*
Encek K, let's go out this weekend please so that I can wear my belt. 
Or else I will just wear it for our mamak session (hover la pulekss)

BTW, the belt is RM 59.90 only and comes with sizes as well.
Go and get yours now ladies.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

on being a mom

Seriously, when you are a mom, you have to do things twice as fast.
Taking your own sweet time is not an option anymore.

Well, at least that's how I feel sometimes.

Check out my date with my boy in the fitting room couple weeks back.

No more taking my own sweet little time trying out clothes *sigh*
No more checking out yes this top makes me look fat *sigh*
Just grab-try-go these days especially when it's just me and him.

He wanted to get out of the changing room within 5 minutes; started banging the door after 5 minutes there, and this is even before I get to try the second top. 

Apelah nasib -__-

 Arfan Miqaeel: ok first I'm gonna check myself out, not bad eh?

Arfan Miqaeel: Next, I'm gonna teach mommy how to pose. Like this lah mommy!

Arfan Miqaeel: Ok now I'm tired and bored, so I'm just gonna sit down.

Arfan Miqaeel: Helloooo mommy, aren't you done yet? Please stop taking pictures and start changing!!

Arfan Miqaeel: Mommy, let me out of here now!

Monday, October 28, 2013


As usual, our weekends in normally busier than our weekdays.

Last Saturday, Encek K was the busiest person of all, he left home around 8am on Saturday for his rugby tournament in UNITEN.
*semangat sungguh bila nak main ragbi phuii*

Came back to pick me and Arfan Miqaeel around 12++ noon and rushed to Azrai and Ezani's wedding (this time majlis sanding belah lelaki pulak ).
Traffic was not so kind that day, so we arrived a bit later than our friends. 

And let me tell you it was one of the shortest wedding I have ever attended in my whole entire life. Please blame Encek K for this as he was rushing (again) to go back to UNITEN for his rugby tournament to catch his third match *pftttttttttt*

Picture this; arrived at Azrai's house, parked our car at Azrai's house, said hi and chit chat a bit with our gang, ambushed the bride and groom who were having their 'makan beradab' session. Forced the bride and groom to eat really quickly so that they can take picture with us. Again, ambushed and hogged the bride and groom's dais and quickly posed for pictures. 

*all photos are taken from my friends' instagram*

And then..... (drumroll please....) we said bye-bye to our friends.. and quickly drive away to rushed back to UNITEN. Apekah kegilaan ini?
I-didn't-even-get-the-chance-to-eat! Bye-bye apam balik and cendol (saw these from far while we were driving away....*sobs*)

I told Encek K; "Sayang, saya nak bersiap pakai makeup ni pun lagi lama dari time kita kat wedding tadi."
Encek K keep on saying ,"Takpe janji kita datang, walaupun sekejap". *pfttttt*
I want my cendol, my apam balik and masal lemak daging salai *grrrrr*

But guessed what? When we reached UNITEN, his team has already played (sayang, it's Karma coz you didn't let me eat haha). He didn't manage to catch the third game even though we were rushing like mad. We went for super late lunch and headed home after that.

I think Encek K felt guilty after that and decided to bring Arfan Miqaeel for a swim at our gym. At least we get to spend quality time together kira okaylah. It has been a while since we last brought him to the pool. As expected he loves it so much and even refused to get out of the pool. We will bring you again sayang, we promise!

Note for mommy and daddy: 
Please buy new floats for Arfan Miqaeel, and preferably not in pink please.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Missing Krabi


Me and Encek K just got back from a much needed vacation.
Just the two of us. 
Almost didn't make it actually due to work constraints.

Full story soon.

Salam Jumaat to all of you.

Friday, October 18, 2013

weekend at Pavilion

Spend some quality time with my small family last weekend. Went to Pavilion last Sunday, this time of course with the little one Arfan Miqaeel and oh boy; we were already exhausted after one hour being there chasing him around haha! Lari sana, lari sini, pendek kata buat Pavilion macam rumah dia.

try and catch me mommy

I believe I can fly


Mommy, come and find me when you are done will ya?

There were not that many people in Pavilion that day, I guessed they already 'balik kampung' for Aidiladha so our outing was a breeze. We only went back to our kampung (Seremban je pun) on Monday evening as Encek K still had to work on Monday *pftttttttttt.

Daddy please let go! I wanna run!

Mommy, I am not heavy ok, just 12kgs on your shoulder!

After two hours of running around, making scenes here and there, finally the little guy knocked out for his evening nap. *Phewwww* Lega! But before he knocked out he keep on pointing to his feet saying "Akitttt, akitttt". I think his shoes were getting smaller and his feet was hurting. So I took off his shoes, gave him his milk and 5 minutes later he was already in la-la-land! Since he was asleep, me and Encek K managed to have a nice, peaceful lunch and a nice photo session in front of Pavilion *LOL*

Then, we made our way to Lot 10 (sebab maknye nak pergi H&M la kannnn). Didn't get anything for myself there, kudos to that, but I did buy new shoes for Arfan Miqaeel, ye la kesian kot anak sendiri dah kata akitttt, akittt, so haruslah beli kasut baru kan. Arfan Miqaeel woke up when we were in H&M and asked for milk again, and was recharged after that; andddd continued running around with his new shoes!

Mommy please, can you make my milk first,then only take photo?

Walked back to Pavilion, Arfan Miqaeel had some chicken rice (as he has not eaten his lunch yet) and then we were back to shopping mode. Encek K bought some shirts for work and I scored a top from Padini. That's all, one top. Wanted to get a pair of wedges from Aldo, but they were damn expensive (RM220), so I had to put it on hold for now. 

Photo again mommy??

What's that mommy?

Faster mommy, faster!!

Had our dinner at Subway and finally left Pavilion around 9pm and bumped into my besties at the carpark boleh? Had 10 minutes conversation and photo session (sempat gittew haahaa) and left for home. It was a great day for us I must say :)

Ma ladies!

Whatever lah, iPad lagi best!

Friday, October 4, 2013

happy birthday Tadda

Still bercerita pasal last weekend. It was indeed a busy weekend for us :)
After wedding Dr Azrai and Dr Ezani, we all rushing balik rumah tukar baju coz si kecik ada 'social gathering' pulak. Ok fine, more like mommy nye social gathering je tapi menggunakan alasan anak pulak kan. Hihi. We all got an inivitation from my blogger friend to attend her daughter's third birthday celebration. So of course la nak pergi kan.

 Dalam kereta otw balik rumah dari masjid si kenit tertido pulak, so we all tak sampai hati nak kejutkan si kecik naik atas tukar baju, so we had to take turns tukar baju boleh? First I went up, tukar baju, encek K standby si kecik and then encek K pulak naik tukar baju. End up si kecik tukar baju dalam kereta je at last. Tak sampai hati nak kejut coz I knew he was pretty tired from running around the masjid.  So we just let him sleep and recharged.

After tukar baju and then terus shoot pergi J Kids dekat Tropicana Mall as the birthday will be held there. Trust me traffic from Putrajaya to Petaling Jaya is very bad during the weekend, so we were late (sorry Nad) and missed the cake cutting ceremony (sorry Nad, rasa bersalah sangat). Tapi lega dapat jumpa yang lain-lain walaupun lambat, cuma tak dapat jumpa Eida and baby Amni je.

Actually, this is my first time going to Tropicana City Mall ni, sebelum ni tak pernah datang this mall, encek K pernah datang coz his old office dekat je ngan mall ni. And also it's my first time bringing Arfan Miqaeel to J Kids' playground. Selalunya bawak pergi Kidz Sport je and tak pernah bawak pergi J Kids lagi.

Si kecik memang enjoy habis tawaf satu J Kids playground. His fave mestilah slides and the trampoline. Mommy pun terjebak sekali naik slides. 

Thank you Nad and Mizi for having us there, makan sedap, kek sedap, playground best and definitely great to hang out with all of the ladies (gossip mak jemah jap la kan)

To Khadra, happy third birthday to you si comel. Semoga membesar menjadi anak yang baik. Harap Tadda suka doll yang adik Miqa belikan, hihi.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

dokter dokter cinta

So, last weekend me and encek K attended our friends' solemnization ceremony at Masjid Besi Putrajaya. Second time kami berkunjung ke masjid ni untuk upcara nikah. Seriously masjid ni memang sangat lawa, tenang dan mendamaikan. Mula-mula melangkah masuk memang 'it will take your breath away for a couple of seconds'.

Anywayyys, the solemnization was none other than the solemnization of the oh-so-famous dentist turned Malaysia's first Masterchef winner; Dr Ezani, with our dearly friend who also happens to be a doctor; Dr Azrai.

Dr Azrai ni actually kawan encek K dari sekolah menengah and kitorang sangatlah selalu mendapakan free consultation dari beliau especially untuk Arfan Miqaeel. Thank you Arai sebab selalu melayan pertanyaan pelik2 dari kami and too bad you are going for O&G and not paediatricion (sebab kalau tak, confirm kami book awal2 untuk Arfan Miqaeel, O&G tak dapekla kan, takkan I olls nak bersalin dengan u olls pulak, tak seswai)

For this solemnization, encek K awal-awal telah ditugaskan menjadi jejaka dulang gittew. Tema yang ditetapkan untuk jejaka dulang ialah jubah serba putih. Memang kelam-kabut last minit pergi beli jubah sebab encek K memang takde jubah putih. Siap beli kopiah putih sekali especially untuk majlis 'dokters' ni.

Dah encek K pakai jubah, I pun turut terjebaklah pakai jubah for this solemnization. My black jubah ni my MIL yang belikan few years ago. And the tudung that I wore on that day baru je beli sehari sebelum majlis, tudung dekat rumah dah lusuh sikit and tak berapa nak match so I bought new tudung and belasah jek lilit on that day. Niat di hati nak belik loop shawl tapi carik2 tak jumpa pulak. Arfan Miqaeel pun pakai jubah pemberian my friend (eventhough dah nampak macam midi dress belasah jela anakku), and masa kat masjid dok sibuk mengejar air pancut dekat depan masjid. Nasib baiklah tengok je dari jauh dan tak terjun dalam air pancut tu, kalau terjun, haihhhhhhhhhh tak tau lah nak cakap ape dah.

Majlis bermula dalam jam 11++ am and alhamdulillah everything went on smoothly lah kan.. Tok Kadi pun simple je, takde tanya banyak-banyak and takdelah bagi tazkirah yang terlampau panjang.

To Dr Azrai and Dr Ezani, tahniah kami ucapkan dan semoga jodoh kalian hingga ke Jannah insya Allah.

See you guys soon during the majlis bersanding!


mommy and Arfan Miqaeel

jejaka dulang sesuci murni

hijabista gittew :)

my small family

love this shot

tahniah you guys!

dah mula dah sawan kamera

encek K, Dr Azrai, Dr Ezani, me and Arfan Miqaeel