Tuesday, December 31, 2013

every year...

Every year, the same thing that almost every sane human being wishes for is.......

to loose weight  (like durhhhh)

That-includes-me. -_____-

Must loose weight (every year pun must loose weight *LOL*) and get back to pre-wedding weight (sounds almost impossible). Most of the time I blame my implanon coz implanon causes imbalance hormones thus making it harder for me to loose weight despite working out like a mad cow. 

But encek K said it's all in the mind *pfftttttttttttttttt
(mentang-mentanglah dia dah kurus banyak chaitsss)

A girl can always dream returning to her old weight right?
Come on 2014, be nice to me and my weight.

I want to be this skinny againnnnnnn!!!

Arghhh benci kurusnya, sekarang gemokkk

things you would do for your child

All parents are the same I'm sure.
We will try to do anything and everything possible to make your child happy.

Even if that means stuffing yourself into a mini car at the mall. 
Just coz your babyboy wants you to sit beside him while he is 'driving'.

Lucky mummy can partially fit into the car (macam sardin dah hokayyy)
If he asked daddy to sit in the car.................
Well, let's just say we have to call 'Bomba' to get daddy out from the car  +_____+

Happy New Year :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

mango online shopping

I am a big fan of Mango (as in Mango the clothing store, not the fruit, damn I like the fruit too actually!)
Do you know that Mango is having a massive sale right now?
FYI, Mango usually does their sale in June and December. 
Being a loyal customer, of course I have been waiting for the sale to start as I have been eyeing on a few items since a couple of months ago. So I waited and waited for the sale to happened.

And when the sale starts I made my purchase lah kan.
But this time I did it via online yeay!
It was my first time doing the Mango online actually, usually I will go to the store physically and do the purchased; but since I already know what I wanted and I have tried the items before so I figured why not try to do it online. Anyhoo, the nearest Mango store to my office does not have the items that I wanted anyway, so that's one more reason why I did my purchase online.

The sale is still ON actually with 50% off all items but a lot of items are gone already.
You can go to this page and register yourself first and then make your purchase online.
It's really simple actually.

My items arrived 3 days after I made my purchased!
And I was really really surprised to know that the items are shipped directly from Barcelona, Spain. If you spend RM400 or more then you get free international shipping (this is what I did), or if not the charges for shipping is RM40 (which I still think is very reasonable considering they ship the items from Barcelona)
They also have exchange policy in placed which allows you to change your items locally, means you do not have to ship it back to Barcelona, you can walk into any local Mango store in your country and make the changes for your items. Quite convenient duncha think? 

And now I am browsing for more. Help!

Some useful tips for the next sale; first you should go to any Mango store locally; have a look and try the items that you like, so that you will know what's your exact size(I am always between XS or S) and whether the clothing look good on you or not. Sometimes some things are just not right for your body type/body shape eventhough it looks damn good on the mannequin, so better be safe and try it on. Then wait for the sale and do your purchase online. Saves time and money I think plus since you already know what you want you can avoid from exchanging the items. This will be my strategy for the next round of sale muahahahhahahaha.

So tell me is it too early to prepare for their June 2014 sale?  -___-

Mango website

Tracking my items, this was how I discovered that it was shipped from Barcelona

And what did I get for myself? Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Just a short entry today.

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all my christian friends.
To the others; do enjoy your holiday. I know that some of you are having a long break and going for holiday with your loved ones. 

No holiday for me and encek K just yet; we'll be taking time off during new year.

Enjoy your holiday peeps!

Christmas deco at the office

Arfan Miqaeel adoring the christmas tree at Lot 10

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twilight really?

Fine, somebody sue me please..
Nobody is even talking about Twilight anymore, it's soooo yesterday durhhh.

Forgive me as I have just finished reading the Twilight books, the complete series (lembap betul).
I have never been interested with Twilight all this while, I'm more of Harry Potter fan actually. 

My mum actually bought all the books  right after the first movie came out, she's a die hard fan of Team Edward you see (don't you ever kutuk Edward in front of her ok!), but I have never been interested to read the books all this while. However this changed a couple weeks ago when I accidentally saw the final fight scene in Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Astro. Fuiyoohhh I tell you. It made me immediately wanted to read the books. Like I want to read it right there and then!

It took me two weeks to finished all four books. My verdict on the books; I really love it! The whole series. It's actually easier reading the books coz I just imagined all the characters in the books like the ones in the movie  (macam saya bayangkan Aaron Aziz dalam cerita Adam & Hawa). But I don't think Robert Pattinson can be justified as Edward Cullen *LOL*

One thing for sure, the final fight scene in the movie was really something, the director did a really good job on interpreting the scene from the book into the movie. Ok, now my mission is to watch all the Twilight movies, so far I have only seen the first one and the fight scene from the last movie.

Talk about "ketinggalan zaman."   -__-'

Monday, December 16, 2013

Not so much of a party actually

My legs hurt a little today.
Putting on shoes and walking in heels seems impossible today (so I changed to flats instead).

I guessed I pushed myself a little bit too much last Saturday at the gym.
But I guessed it's worth it; the pain I mean; heyyyy no pain no gain right?

On Saturday I attended a special "Christmas Party" at my gym.
Well, not so much of a party lah, it's the launching for all the exercise classes at they gym (this is where they officially introduce the new release for each exercise).

I managed to attend three classes that day which are BodyPump 88, BodyCombat 58 and Grit Strength 7. 
I might have stayed for MTV but I had to pick up si kecik from his nursery by 2pm.

First class for the day is BodyPump. To be honest I have never been a big fan of BodyPump before. I just started to join BodyPump earlier this year after I realized the importance of weight training in order to tone my body and to gain more muscle mass. So I have been joining BodyPump at least once per week. Actually I do realized that I sweat more during BodyPump class then BodyCombat. I also read somewhere that doing cardio for an hour will burn fat for 24 hours but if you do an hour of weight training the fat burning can lasts up to 72 hours.

Second class for Saturday was BodyCombat. And of course I love BodyCombat the most no matter what. Love all the tracks and the movement. And I definitely love the instructors as they always try to make you push yourself further and further in the class.

Then we had a short 45 minutes break. The gym provided some fruits for re-fueling our body but I was confused when I saw that they served some cakes as well. Big NO-NO. Penat je exercise kalau makan cake lepas tu. *LOL*

Last class for the day was Grit Strength. This class is a high intensity interval training which is designed to give you the fastest way to get fit and in shape. It contains short, sharp bursts of effort to allow you to reach maximum training zones, in other words 'it will kill you'; but in a good way. I almost died halfway through, but I really did love the class and will definitely be back for more. 

By the way, the theme of the so called Christmas party is green, that's why you see almost everyone was wearing green that day (or some green elements in their clothing). Unfortunately I was not aware of the 'green theme' until it was too late to make any last minute shopping. Otherwise I would definitely get these for the green Christmas party:

Super cute combo isn't it? Just the right touch of green elements for the Christmas party at the gym. I am not really a big fan of green colour, therefore a little bit of green here and there works fine for me.

BTW these collection are from Zalora Nike Malaysia!  
Zalora has an awesome Nike collection and currently some items are even on sale. 

As you might know the clothing you wear to work out is just as important as bringing water with you. So it is very important that you wear proper shoes and proper clothes to optimize your performance in the class. And you-can-never-go-wrong with NIKE.

Even though my legs hurt a little today, I still wouldn't trade last Saturday. I just love working out and love spending some 'me' time in the gym for my own sanity. (Yes, I told encek K that going to the gym will keep me sane in some ways) Sometimes I even feel ashamed of myself as some of my gym friends (whom are a lot older than me), but they can lift heavier weights than me, sungguh memalukan tau tak? I know for a fact that some of them will attend 3 hour back-to-back class almost everyday and only rest from going to the gym for one day. Some of them even stayed until the last class on Saturday, that's 4 to 5 hours back to back for them,  trust me they are 50+ years old (but they DO NOT look their age ok). Much respect for these ladies. 

Monday, December 2, 2013


Yes, I know it's Monday.

Let's forget the Moday Blues for now shall we? 
After all it is the final month in 2013.

Let's keep calm and be happy :)
Wishing you a great week!