Thursday, July 14, 2011

lelong.. lelong.. mari beli..


Hello.. Hello.. harini nak lelong lelong barang, tapi bukan handbag ye.. Encek K dah tak bagi jual handbag yang lain-lain.. :p

Harini nak let go our Canon SLR camera and Encek K's Toshiba netbook..

Item 1: Canon 400D Camera (image is googled, I dah snap the original item, tapi terlupa bawak cable kamera to the office today, will post the original picture tomorrow)

Basic info: Canon 400D Camera

Condition: 9/10 (excellent condition sebab jarang guna)

Colour: Black

Package: Nak let go camera body, battery grip, 2 batteries, 50 200mm lens, original Canon Camera bag.

Reason nak let go: Kamera ni jarang sangat guna sebab berat nak bawak ke sana sini, plus we have 2 compact camera already.

Price: RM1100(cash) or RM 1200(2x payment), you will get the camera after the second payment. Dekat they are selling the camera around RM1400-RM1700.

Item 2: Toshiba NB200 Netbook (image is googled as well)

Basic Info:

- Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition 32-bit Edition (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)- Intel® Atom™ processor N280- 1024 MB DDR RAM (800MHz)- 10.1" Widescreen TruBrite® VGA (1024 x 600) High Brightness display

Full Specs: You can find the specs HERE

Colour: Satin Brown

Condition: Good. 8/10.

Reason nak let go: We have too many computers at home! Both myself and Encek K dapat laptop company, ada lagi dua personal laptop plus one desktop at home. Plus right now dah ada iPad, so we wanna let go this netbook sebab tak pakai kan.. So tak nak la membazir terbiar macam tu je kat rumah. Personally sangat sayang nak let go netbook ni sebab very convinient nak bawak sana-sini. Tapi dah banyak sangat computer, so it's definitely better to sell it off before specs dia jadi outdated.

Price: Original price RM1200, now nak let go at RM600 (cash), RM700 (2x payment), you will get the netbook after the second payment.

So if ada sesiapa yang berminat, you can leave you comments here, or email me at or SMS me at 012-6625779. Price adalah negotiable and of course you can see the item and test the item first before purchasing.

Monday, July 4, 2011

you, me and him

I simply love the month of July...


Coz today I'm turning 28, and in 6 days it will be our 1st wedding anniversary and in about a month or so (hopefully it is still July by then), there will be 3 members in our small little family.

Encek K surprised me with an early birthday/ anniversary gift when he got back from his outstation last weekend. I was superrrr happy with the gift (have been giving him hints on it for few weeks already :p).. Bangun2 tidur je terpisat-pisat, tengok ada hadiah kat sebelah.. Walaweii.. Terkejut veruks mak! Super super happy over the moon.. Thank you sayang for the present! *pandai ye awak berlakon, kesian saya tipah tertipuuuu*

bangun-bangun tido nampak ni kat sebelah :) masya Allah super happy

Updates on my pregnancy.. I am entering 35 weeks already. Went for checkup last two weeks and finally my hb level increases! Yeayyy.. sungguh lega I tell you! But I still have to continue my eating pattern (makan hati, sayur bayam, ikan cencaru, ikan bilis).

Baby's stuffs; almost complete except for babycot, stroller and car seat. The basics stuff are all done and covered. Tinggal nak masuk dalam beg hospital je. My feelings as of now? Excited sangat, can't wait for our baby to come out (tak larat pun ada jugak coz I can't sleep well at night these days) and of course nervous plus a bit scared when I think about the 'labour' part. They don't call it labour for no reason kan.. Harap segalanya di permudahkan oleh Yang Maha Esa :)