Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mom and Son OOTD

So I have always wanted to do matchy-matchy OOTD with my boy (yes, I am that cheesy mommy!).
It's not so easy doing OOTD with boys; if you have a girl, then it's a whole new level you know.
The choice is endless if you have a baby girl.
You can wear tutu, leopard pants, dress, skirt, blaaa blaaaa (the list goes on and on if it's a baby girl). When it's a boy, it's kinda limited, and more challenging.
I saw this few pictures of mommy and son OOTD on FB, and this is what makes me want to do OOTD even more with my boy!

So I was thinking, how the heck am I gonna make it werk?
I am not going to make my son wear leopard print pants obviously; he will hate me forever (or probably will not forgive me) when he understands what is leopard prints.

I have to make use of whatever I have and improvised.
I also start buying more clothes based on his clothes (not so easy I tell ya!).
But, I will dress up matchy-matchy with him for as long as I can just coz I want to!

So here goes......
Outfit number one! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa......
Quite a match duncha think!
Yeay to mommy and Arfan! But he looks more swag than mommy here heheheheh.
Encek K was upset that he didn't have a matching shirt.
Alaaaaaaaa sorry lah daddy, kasikla mommy chance OOTD with Arfan kan....
Mommy's outfit: Top: Forever 21, Jeans: ZARA, Shoes: Vincci
Son's outfit: Top: H&M, Jeans: Mango, Shoes: PUMA

Outfit number two:

Mommy's outfit: Top: Forever 21, Jeans: ZARA, Shoes: Vincci
Son's outfit: Top: Mothercare, Jeans: Mothercare, Shoes: PUMA

I am not a big fan of white, but it is growing on me.

A good start right? 
I have few more shirts that is already matching with his shirts (what to do, I can only match shirts with him).
Also a pair of red jeans which I just bought one pair for him and one pair for myself. 
Have to think how to rock those jeans to match him.
One thing for sure, taking pictures is not so easy with this dude.
We have to 'really work' to get the shots. I even have to bribed him sometimes.
Thank you to my ah-may-zing husband who is always there to take the pictures. 
I will post more OOTDs soon!