Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rizalman X ZALORA

Keep on posting about baju raya..
Like so what the fish kan, no other story to tell is it?

I promise you this will be the last one.. (Tapi Hatta Dolmat belum keluarkan collection dia lagi how??)

Fineee what the heck kan, kalau tak suka tak payah lah baca..
It's just for me in the future; that I know I was obsess with buying RTW collection for Hari Raya.
One fine day, when I am older and wiser, I will read this again and laugh hahah..

Ok so this designer needs no introduction kot.

He is after all Rizalman Ibrahim.
Who doesn't know Rizalman Ibrahim kan?
He is known for his 'posh' and 'very sleek' minimalist design.
Don't know when  I will be able to afford his 'made to measure' design', in the future insya Allah.
So for now I will settle for his RTW collection.

Hampir meroyan tengok collection dia kat Zalora semalam.
I love all of it. All - of  - it! The colour is oh so my style :)
Hampir pitam di atas keyboard haihhhhhh.
But let's face it, I don't wear baju kurung as much daily, buying a lot of pieces would mean keeping all of them in my closet and what's the point for that.
But of course I had to get at least one.
Which one is that? Let it be a surprise lah kan.

Have you gotten yours yet?
Go click now!

BTW Encek K, we are soooo not wearing red for this coming Eid!