Monday, April 26, 2010

saya rasa saya dah tua

Hello peeps! How's your Monday so far? Adakah semua seperti saya suffering from Monday blues? heheheh.. As usual, sorry for the lack of update here :( But am gonna make up for it today yeah.

Seperti biasa jugak, nak cerita pasal last week and last weekend, nothing extraordinary happened last week, just that I went to my local gym for the release of Body Jam 52 (I think) class. Yup, I really do love this Body Jam class as you don't feel like you are exercising, it's more towards having fun plus you get to shake your bon-bon.. hahahah..The theme that night was bling2, so I wore my Ed Hardy cap with my Bebe bling-bling t-shirt, tak nak la terlampau over the top bling2 kan, kang jadi macam lampu kelip-kelip hari raya tu pulak.. heheh.. Had so much fun in the class plus my Body Jam sifu memang sangat best :)

sila abaikan muka saya yang putih itu, I was in Body Step class before that and kelas Body Step tu memang penat nak mamps!

sifu body jam saya yang pakai tanktop coklat bling-bling

Last week also kesayangan was really-really busy that I only get to meet him for 2-3 hours only during dinner. I think ada two days that I didn't see him at all walaupun we live like a few minutes away aje. Busy mengalahkah PM ni. Kesayangan, do I have to make appointment now to see you? :P

Friday and Thursday evening I was busy with bajoo. Getting new stocks and sorting the new arrived items. Sale for this month sangat2 memberansangkan, alhamdulillah and thank you to all of my customer out there :) Nak promote sket la kan bajoo-bajoo baru kat butik. Mehla shopping online or datang terus ke butik bajoo pun lagi bagus :D

Saturday, as usual I was at butik bajoo from 12 noon to late evening. Closed my boutique at 8pm and then went back home and had quick late dinner with kesayangan as he had to finished up more work. And there goes my Saturday la kan :( Sunday, got up kinda early as me and kesayangan plan to go to KLCC. I called and called and called him but no answer from him. Last2 terus mandi and shoot pergi rumah kesayangan. Sampai his house, his homie opened the door for me as I still couldn't reached him la kan and seperti yang di jangkakan kesayangan tengah tido terbongkang lagi. Geram betul tau tak *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Last2 tak sempat nak gi KLCC coz kesayangan got his rugby game that evening, game is at 5pm, but he has to be at the field at 3pm, chettttt impian ke KLCC musnah terus. 2.30pm me and kesayangan dah terpacak kat tepi padang boleh? At first cuaca panas gilerrr tapi later dah sejuk sket di tambah dengan angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa :) and at this time saya tertido kat tepi padang boleh? Blame the chair and the weather please :P I guess I was tired and the director's chair plus the weather plus the KFC which I had on the way to the field was not helping at all! Penat + Kerusi Direktor Ahmad Nisfu + Angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa + KFC = tido tepi padang walaupun ramai gile orang kat sekeliling plus there was a rugby game also during this time. Thanks to Fiza who snapped my picture :)

amacam? stylo tak tido ngan sunglass? kerusi direktor ahmad nisfu tu memang comfy gile!

WAGS. pardon my 'muka baru bangun tido'.