Thursday, April 29, 2010

u make my day :)

Getting SMS-es like these really makes my day :) Knowing that my customer(s) love the bajoo they bought from boutique bajoo really-really makes me happy. I can't thanked them enough for this happy feeling they gave me!

* numbers have to be blurred out for privacy yeah

On the other hand, as usual I am busyyyyyyyy like hell, a decent 'date night' with kesayangan is almost impossible these days :( however; once we have the chance, am surely gonna dress up..hehehhe.. currently loving this tutu skirt soo much!

grey tank: bajoo, tutu skirt: bajoo, necklace:sg wang, wedges:vincci

More new things will be coming to the store soon! Loving the english rose dress below. Very-very girlie and definitely weather friendly :)