Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Elisya

Happy 6th birthday dearest Elisya!
Aunty Jai, Uncle Jemal and adik Miqa doakan Elisya membesar dengan baik, sempurna dan menjadi anak yang soleh. Hope you like the barbie doll given by us. Bestnya birthday theme Frozen kan? Princess sangat!

Thank you for the invite Dayah and Don.
Kepada mama Elisya, pergi US tu jangan lupa handbag saya please! Hehehhehe...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Belajar hidup susah

Ingat tak entry semalam?
I mentioned sekarang kalau weekend kami sekeluarga sibuk tolong kat kedai my MIL and FIL kat Seremban?

Kalau nak tahu Arfan Miqaeel pun 'tolong sama'. Tolong sepah, tolong kitai kedai atuk and nenek. And paling suka main dekat cash register machine. Amboi anak mummy bajet tokey kedai ke?

Bila dah penat sangat 'tolong kemas kedai' terus tergolek tido. Dah tak fikir ape dah, atas lantai alas tikar pun boleh. Ok takpe belajar hidup susah sikit, jangan asyik nak tidur air-cond je pulak. Daddy bagitau mummy dia dulu tidur dalam stall je tau tak sebab ikut atuk dengan nenek berniaga. Daddy darjah 3 dah start buat air kat kedai atuk, so Arfan pun kena tau macam mana nak hidup susah.. Mummy and daddy try bagi the best for you. Tapi kami dulu pun tak senang macam Arfan tau sayang.. 

We love you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Of bubbles and kites

As usual, we will normally be in Seremban during weekends.
Both our families are there in Seremban, so it's very convenient for atok n nenek(s) to see their one and only cucu for now. Now you know why he is spoiled, no other competitors whatsoever, just him alone.

During the weekends we are also busy helping my MIL and FIL run their restaurant. Depa dah bukak dua kedai makan and dapat satu food stall dalam UiTM Seremban 3, so memang busy everyday from 6am until 1am, sangat penat hokay business makan ni, tapi pulangannya insya Allah :)

Dalam tolong kat kedai sempat jugak lari sekejap bawak Arfan pergi main dekat playground at the park nearby my mom's house in Seremban 2. 

Kebetulan kat park ni dorang ada jual equipment to play bubbles and kites. Kami jakun bila nampak tu. So encek K pun pergilah sewa equipment bubbles tu untuk bagi Arfan Miqaeel main bubbles. Ramai yang tanya pasal bubbles ni bila I upload gambar kat IG. Dorang kata macam fun je nak bawak anak-anak.

So the answer is that you can sewa the bubbles equipment dekat park tu itself, RM4 for big bubbles and RM3 for small bubbles. Dorang akan bagi satu bekas air sabun tu dan raket/batang bubbles tu sekali, lepas habis air sabun, you have to return the bekas back tau. Oklah kan nak bagi anak happy. 

Memang ramai orang dekat City Park Seremban 2 ni, ada yang buat aerobik, ada yang bagi ikan makan, ada yang jogging, bawak anak main kat playground, main layang-layang, main bola and of cosh main  bubbles. Saje bawak Arfan sebab dah lama tak bawak dia main outdoor, normally we just bring him to the indoor play place, so sekali sekala mestilah nak bawak main outdoor pulak kan. Memang seronok main bubbles tu, mak bapak pun excited terlebih. Encek K excited sampaikan hari Sabtu malam tu dah janji nak pergi lagi bawak Arfan hari Ahad tu pulak. We had fun sangat-sangat! Dah siap planning nak datang bawak Arfan lagi this weekend!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Selamat Hari Bapa

Selamat hari bapa Encek K ku sayang!

Mummy and Arfan Miqaeel tau kami banyak susahkan awak. 
Maafkan kami and terima kasih sebab selalu layankan aje 'perangai' kami. 
Terima kasih kasih jugak sebab selalu nak bagi yang terbaik untuk family kita.

Sorry tak sempat nak celebrate lagi sebab kita dedua sibuk tolong kedai mak.
Let's go for Chilis session soon! Mami banjer ok!

Thank you for everything.. We love you..

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rizalman X ZALORA

Keep on posting about baju raya..
Like so what the fish kan, no other story to tell is it?

I promise you this will be the last one.. (Tapi Hatta Dolmat belum keluarkan collection dia lagi how??)

Fineee what the heck kan, kalau tak suka tak payah lah baca..
It's just for me in the future; that I know I was obsess with buying RTW collection for Hari Raya.
One fine day, when I am older and wiser, I will read this again and laugh hahah..

Ok so this designer needs no introduction kot.

He is after all Rizalman Ibrahim.
Who doesn't know Rizalman Ibrahim kan?
He is known for his 'posh' and 'very sleek' minimalist design.
Don't know when  I will be able to afford his 'made to measure' design', in the future insya Allah.
So for now I will settle for his RTW collection.

Hampir meroyan tengok collection dia kat Zalora semalam.
I love all of it. All - of  - it! The colour is oh so my style :)
Hampir pitam di atas keyboard haihhhhhh.
But let's face it, I don't wear baju kurung as much daily, buying a lot of pieces would mean keeping all of them in my closet and what's the point for that.
But of course I had to get at least one.
Which one is that? Let it be a surprise lah kan.

Have you gotten yours yet?
Go click now!

BTW Encek K, we are soooo not wearing red for this coming Eid!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I made it in The Malaysia Book of Records

Remember this entry about me joining a mob?

I did it yeay! I completed my BodyCombat fitmob last Sunday at KL Convention Centre.
Almost did not make it though coz I was down with mild vertigo.
But I sucked it up and went for the mob anyway. I figured that I might not get this chance again you know; to be a very small part of history in The Malaysia Book of Records. FYI it's the largest BodyCombat gathering in Malaysia; about 2000 people attended the mob and completed the 90 minutes BodyCombat training. Also, all the proceed of this event were donated to MAKNA Malaysia

To think that I was one among the 2000 participants was a proud moment for me.

So I went for the mob with my gym buddies Joanne and Joshua. Both of them are very good BodyCombat-ters and so very bersemangat I tell you! We met in front of our gym and left for KLCC in one car around 6am on the Sunday morning. Never thought I would left the house so early on a usually lazy Sunday morning *LOL*. 

We made a pit stop at McDonalds Sungai Besi to fill our stomachs first (we were scared that we would passed out lah kan during the 90 minutes training *alasan*). We parked at KLCC and walked to KL Convention Centre.

The 90 minutes mob starts at 8am and finishes at 9.30am. The hall was actually super packed, we were standing at the very end of the hall to avoid the massive crowd (hellooo; 2000 people ok). But we know most of the choreograph anyways, so we were doing fine at the back. One thing for sure, you can definitely feel the adrenaline rush when you are in a hall with 2000 people. Everyone was trying so hard and it was awesome to know that a lot of people loves BodyCombat as much as I do. It was one hell of a good experience for me.

After the 90 minutes seesion, we went to collect our participation medals and had short brunch in Dome KLCC. It was indeed a good feeling to be a very small part of history :)

The organizer also mentioned that the will be doing the same the of mob for Zumba; that will happened probably end of the year. Should I join that as well?