Friday, July 31, 2009

Legaa....It's Friday again. Weekend is here! Sooo many things to do this week that I have to plan carefully. Some kenduri(s) to attend, meeting some friends and kalau sempat jaga kedai.

Okla saje je nak habiskan masa kat office ni right now. Am going for "tea session" later with homies and kesayangan! Sangat sukaaaaaaaaa!

BTW, today is my kesayangan's last day at his current company. He's leaving for a more big challenge for us... Insya ALLAH everything will be just fine.. Sayang, I know you can do it!!!

@ IKEA once upon a time

Wearing my MOST FAVOURITE red skirt in the whole world. The skirt costs me RM7 only, bought from thrifted shop, tanktop:unbranded, slipper: THAI flea market.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

feelin' better

Am back in the office.. Feelin better but still under meds *shesssssshhhhh

Sooo many e-mails to answer and sooooo much work to do.... Weekend is also nearing but I have no official itinerary yet. The main thing to do now is to get back to "full healthy stage" before I stress myself again. The meds and the quarantine period was no fun at all. Note to self: Must eat well, take vitamins and exercise more and more importantly do not stress over small things in life!! Being healthy and happy is more important!!!

Will update more if I have time..Enjoy the pics then..

early flight @ 0615 am. am loving the maxi dress :)

@ Plaza Indonesia (cantik macam Pavi)

kesayangan imitating the ZARA model!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

pulang tapi sakit

Am back in Malaysia. My trip was short but I did manage to get some relaxation period eventhough the country was bombed one day before my flight. Takut jugak nak pergi but suprisingly the early flight was full. I tried to avoid all "super posh" areas which was highlighted as "hot areas". Tapi harini I'm down with fever. So, this evening am going to the clinic to do some check up, yela kang tak pasal2 pulak kang..

Will update more on my trip sometime this week and don't forget to check bajoo boutique's blogspot for some new updates.. You will love it!

wearing: smokin' hot red dress-bajoo boutique(coming soon!); bag-LV(love it!!)

kesayangan and me-HRC,JKT

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tick tock tick tock

A few more days in the office and I'm off for my shopping spree holiday trip! Sexcited tahap dewa!!! I really, really need this trip to keep myself sane! Or else I'm gonna go bonkers really soon! Alot of things need to be settled before I fly away and it's currently giving me headache every effin day..When I come back with a fresh mind, I'm gonna go full blast with everything *amin* There's no stopping me anymore.. hehe..

Yesterday was at the gym after MIA for one month(or more I think) and I feel like 3/4 dead. I swear if they have one more track for the bodyjam session I would have stopped myself coz my heart was pumping like nobody's business.. But I survived(thank God!) and will definitely be back this Wednesday for more! I hope this time my fitness level will be better. Dolu-dolu, 3 jam straight exercise no hal, tapi bila dah berhenti sebulan, that's it la weh..Jantung macam nak pecah(mintak jauh!!)...Oh Cik E'en saya datang futsal jugak nanti okeh! Too bad I miss the cycling adventure la kan...I will make it up nanti..

Ouh, my supplier for baju raya also called saying that the stocks for raya are ready.. Tapi macam awal sangat pulak la to sell baju raya.. But heck it la kan, better take it now than wait longer. The bajoo raya collection is VERY THE VOGUE I tell you and the price is REALLY AFFORDABLE I promise!!!

Whatever it is, I hope I can settle all my affairs before I leave so that I don't have to 'think so much' during my holiday. I really need the rest!!!!! I need massages, good food and some retail therapy asap!!

Enough babbling for this week, I shall update more when I come back. Try not to miss me so much will ya!!

p/s: Pics of me wearing new arrivals from bajoo :) Love it!

top, leggings, bracelet and studded shoes from bajoo

top+vest, leggings, studded shoes from bajoo! this top plus attached vest is sooo damn gorgeous!!

baju raya stock @ BAJOO will look something like this!!! glam-o-rous!! don't miss it!!
*of course la yang ni super glamorous kan... huhu
*pic credit to rizmanruzaini

Monday, July 13, 2009

perasan - tan?

Weekend was fun but tiring.. More kenduri(s) on Saturday.. Was very happy to meet all my family and relatives.. And eating loadsssssssssss of yumeeh food the whole day.

Sunday, as promised was whole day at bajoo boutique, did some planning and discussion with my dearest.. Hopefully everything goes well *amin* and after that I got bored so I forced my dearest to take my piccies wearing some new stocks at bajoo... hehehe.. perasan feeling model gitu (more like plus size model!) ahahhahaha.. The items which I love the most is definitely the new studded shoes! Sangat cantek and comfy I tell you & sangat limited the stock (harap maklum saya dah reserve saya punya as the tokey)..ehehhehehe.. Will update the items on the blog soon!

masih lagi cuba men-justify-kan ring saya

feeling lebih!

catwalk plus size model ke? hehe

feeling cam model korea plak... ahhahaha (studded shoes *love)

masih lagi cuba menunjukkan cincin

diamante straps *loveeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, July 10, 2009

super ring

It's Friday. Am bored. Was at the office at since 6am.. WTH. Trying very hard not to let me-self fall asleep after the nasi lemak and milo panas breakfast(very2 hard I tell you). So I decided to pose with my most precious accessories for now.. hehe.. my cincin risik and my cincin tunang..the picture really doesn't justify the rings! (bukanla besar gile the rings, tapi sedapla mata memandang)

Will update more on me engagement ceremony next week! This weekend(as usual) I am still busy with my boutique and also a few kenduri(s) to attend. Take care peeps!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

050709 - part 1

So many people said "at last, finally, akhirnya, haaaaaa".. to us these past few days. Didn't know you guys were that eager to see us engaged.. hehe.. oklah I know part of it is because we have been together-gether for like a gazillion years kan? Mana ada Ajmal ada Jai, mana ada Jai ada Ajmal..Maybe orang dah muak tengok kitorang kot.. :P But we didn't wanna rush into making commitments before we were ready. I know, I know ajal maut, jodoh pertemuan di tangan tuhan; so maybe it is written that we were to be engaged not so early.. hehe

Anyhoo last Sunday(was also my birthday) 050709, we finally got engaged.. miahahahahha.... Rasa cam kelakar coz now nak kena panggil fiance ke? WTH? ahahaha... The small ceremony was held at my house where close family and friends came. It was a simple thingy just like what we always wanted it to be.. No fancy pelamin, no super formal discussion, just a very simple yet meaningful majlis. Our majlis started around 12noon and by 2pm everything was settled. Cuma sessi mengambil gambar la kan yang lama... hehe.. We also celebrated my 26th birthday with a cake and birthday song sang by everyone (malu seh).. heheee..

All in all, I'm more than happy with everything..tak tau camne nak describe the whole thing.. Happy and thankful that everything was ok! I got soo many pictures with me but at the moment I'm too busy to edit the pics (the size are waaay to big to be uploaded!).. I will try to do it sometimes next week ok? I have to shift my focus back on my boutique as I have been abandoning it for two weeks now!


my house part 1

small majlis at my dearest' side before they left for my house

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

akhirnya kini (hampir) pasti

saya gembira. esok saya akan bercerita ok! patient peeps!