Monday, June 29, 2009

Gosh.. it's Monday already.. Feel like I didn't have a proper weekend :( Both Saturday and Sunday was occupied with too many things, thus no proper rest for me.. *haissshhhhh

As always, my busy bee schedule started on Friday night; had to meet my dearest friends' as he had to discuss some business thingy. Nasib baik buat kat Chop and Steak, boleh la saya makan without having to listen to the business talk. Went back at 1++ am and the next day I had to wake up early as I have some business event to attend(*uwaaaa I want to sleep until the evening on weekends!!!) .. Takpe2 berkorban sekarang.. Saturday evening, I was at bajoo boutique and then had to sent my dearest for his outstation :(

Sunday, again I had to wake up early (10am awal kan untuk weekend?) as I had to open my boutique at 11++am.. uwaaaaaaaaaaa...I was the whole day at my shop and a few nice people drop by to chit chat and bought some stuffs (thanks u guys!).. Closed my boutique around 7pm and headed straight back to my hometown as I also had to run some errands there and of course to see me familia :) And this morning I woke up even earlier as I'm driving to the office from my hometown (6.30am to be exact). I'm officially a zombie now.. helppppppppppppppppppp

This whole week will be extra special for me as something BIG will happened this coming weekend. To all of you who knows about it, pleaseee pleasee keep it quiet first ok.. I will definitely write about it in my next coming entry, I promise!!!

Heading to Chop and Steak.

V neck top:unbranded, gypsy skirt:flea market, earrings: flea market, bangle:bajoo, headband:bajoo, sandals(cannot be seen here):bajoo, bag:Chanel inspired

studded sandal from bajoo

Friday, June 26, 2009


Freitag = Friday in German language.. hehe.. bestest day of the week! Hehehe.. Yesterday I had an awesome dinner with my colleagues in Tarbush Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. The menu selection there was mostly lamb and I have to admit that I'm not a really big fan of lamb. Naturally I opted for a chicken base meal called "Grilled Spring Chicken". The taste was really good, but; I did however underestimate the portion size of the meal, nampak dalam gambar kecik je ayam tu, but bila sampai it was 1/2 a chicken :P Haishhh... My capacity is so small so of course I cannot finished the chicken all by myself la..Besides, I also had an appetizer in the beginning, so 1/4 of my capacity was already filled by the appetizer.. We finished our little dinner with a farewell cake from Secret Recipe. The cake was of course nice (Chocolate Indulgence) but unfortunately I was already half dead + cannot move anymore max-ed out (so I had only one small piece).

Oh yeah, I did go to DIVA but I didn't buy anything there. Nothing caught my eyes. So kudos to me then! Hehehe.. This evening I'm thinking of going to Bangsar to do some waxing and threading. But let's see whether I'm 'rajin' enough to drive all the way there or not.

As for my weekend; it's packed as usual. Will be in KL tomorrow morning to run some errands and on Sunday, maybe futsal in the morning (e'en ada x futsal this Sunday?) and later the whole day at bajoo boutique.

Muka happy coz it's Friday! (studded top and earings from bajoo)

p/s: My dearest will be leaving for his outstation again this coming weekend. Tidak sukaaaaaaaa!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

erkkkk & damn you fergie!

Stupido I was editing my newly created entry this morning (I wanted to add more pics) when suddenly the Window froze and became unresponsive!! So there goes my entry for today. Guess I have to write it again :(

Well, I got tickets to watch Transformers last night :)) Yehaaaa.. And the movie was super awesome I must say. Sangat gempak and sangat best the movie. And of coz Megan Fox is smokinnnnnn hot (yes, I check out girls too!) and not forgetting the super handsome Mr Fergalicious aka Josh Duhamel (damn you Fergie!) *was drooling.. ehehehhe..

Anyhoo, we got tickets for the midnight show but we decided to go to KLCC earlier to do some shopping. My dearest needed pants for work and also a new belt. So we were rushing in Isetan to get all his stuffs coz apparently the store closes at 9.30pm(apekahhh? bayar parking mahal2 tapi tutup awal?). I didn't get anything for myself btw (bukan sebab tak nak tapi sebab tak sempat). But (when there's a "but" it's not always good right?) we managed to run go to MNG and I got something for me-self within less than 15minutes (impulse shopping=not good). Luckily the MNG shop was closing as well so I didn't get a chance to try the baju(s)... Damnnnn...

The movie ended around 2++am and I got home around 3++am. And today I am half zombie coz I had like 4 hours of sleep last night. Helpppp.....And later today I will be going to Tarbush @ Sunway Pyramid with my colleagues for a farewell dinner for my boss. More food!! I wanna go to DIVA to get some new earrings! (senang sikit nak beli kalau my sayang takde!!) .... miahahahahha!!! *evil laugh

p/s: Sila lah pegi tengok megan fox Transformers. U will not regret it!!

was bored while waiting for him in front of the fitting room

purple long racerback tanktop: sg wang
long cardigan:bajoo, leggings:bajoo, earrings:bajoo, bag:coach


tiga orang budak gumuk!

budak paling gumuk skali!

Monday, June 15, 2009


It's Monday again :( Worst day of the week for me. Even worse today coz I had to get up at 5am to pick my dearest from the bus station (he went for a holiday trip with his friends and left me alone!! *grrr) Yup he did, he left for Perhentian Island Wednesday night and came back this morning. Tak aci!! He gets to go for holiday while I'm stuck doing everything by me-self.. Uwaaa, takpe2 sayang, nanti saya balas dendam.. hehe..

comel kan nisa & kid (pengantin) ni?

saya jatuh cinta dengan pelamin ini!!

we were single that night! hehe (my red kebaya set + kain batik is from bajoo boutique)

My weekend was pack as usual. On Saturday I was at bajoo boutique almost whole day and attended more weddings in KL area(ramai gile orang kahwin sekerang ni, rasa cam pressure plak ni!)..Nisa & Kid, congrats to both of you, comel sesangat korang ni la...And btw, Jai jatuh hati dengan korang punye pelamin!! :))

And on Sunday morning, I was in Sunway/USJ for futsal with cik e'en (area mana eh tu babe?) Sorry I pancit gile coz dah setahun kot tak main bola...hehehe..korang sume terrer, I macam hampagas je kat tengah2 tu la..hahahah..C u again this week!! And later in the evening, I was whole day at bajoo boutique and alhamdulillah sale was awesome!! Thanks to those who came, thanks sesangat!!

newly added bajoo muslimah collection

Friday, June 5, 2009

will be busy again

Morning peeps! It's Friday again. My weekend is already fully booked (and it doesn't include any relaxing time I'm afraid). As you might know, bajoo boutique has been opened since Monday, 1st June 2009. Alhamdulliah, business is ok, a bit slow I would say but nevertheless it's the first month kan, what do you expect la..

This week was really tiring for me :( Slept at 2++ am on most days as I have soooo many things to do. Yesterday night went out with my dearest and 2 of our besties to search for "something". What did we search for? Well, I cannot reveal it yet for now..hehe.. Now be patient! And later we had dinner at an Arabic restaurant somewhere in Ampang (near Rahsia), don't remember what's the name of the place though.

Tonight, I might be going for a movie (I hope I don't fall asleep as I am really2 tired today). But have no idea on what should I watch tonight. Any suggestions?

And for the weekend; urrghhh, can I not do all the things that are planned? There's so many tasks/things to do... My "things to do" list is growing each day.. And on Sunday, I will be at my boutique probably the whole evening, so if anyone wants to come, you are most welcome!! Text me or call me for the direction will you? Kalau tak beli bajoo pun takpe, datang je lepak with me (tapi kalau beli lagi bagus la :P)

dress: weekend bazaar (love it!!!), bag:coach, shoes:vincci, earrings:weekend bazaar, bracelet:sg wang

sorry girls, he's taken by me! :) (and yes, yang tompok2 tu bukan pattern ok, tapi peluh dia ;P)

cantik tak my accessories?

his crocs full with jibbitz

Monday, June 1, 2009

i know i know

Ola peeps! How was your weekend? Mine was so - so... On Saturday me and my homies went to Mont Kiara for a weekend bazaar. *tsskkk At first I don't think I would commit so much damage to my wallet but blimey my will power is not that strong apparently..uwaaaaa... I bought 10 pair of earings in less than 15 minutes (yes,yes, i know, i know i have so many of 'em already).. uwaaa...blame the lady for giving me an irresistable deal (padahal salah diri sendiri kan?)..The earings tu cantik sangat so I cannot tahan myself..even my dearest pun dah geleng kepala, he tried to stop me but it was too late.. Sorry sayang!!

Luckily saya berjaya kawal diri daripada membeli baju, so I just bought one baju only at the bazaar :) My dearest being him only bought 4 jibbitz for his crocs.. yela most of the things that are sold at the bazaar are for ladies only, so kesian kat all the guys.

8 of my new earings, lagi dua kat dalam beg

After bazaar, we headed to Alamanda for karaoke session. Macam2 lagu nyanyi, lagu rempit, lagu jiwang, lagu omputih, sampaikan tekak sume sakit la..huhuhu.. and after that we had a drink and headed home..

On Sunday, I was at a kenduri doa selamat at my aunt's place. Met a lot of cousins, nieces, nephews, pakciks and makciks..Most popular question to me -> "Kau ni bila nak kawin?" *argghhh, stress oooo.. My most typical answer -> "Lek la dulu, mak lang/mak ngah/mak long/ pokteh"..And they gave up questioning me.. hahahahaha...