Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have to let go...


Letting go is hard... Super hard... But I know I have to do it..

I am letting go my babies, my precious babies :(

As I am now in the process of clearing my home to make way for my real baby, I have to let go some of my handbags. Daripada buang terus might as well sell it to new owners whom will make them happy.. At first memang sayang nak let go considering I paid sooo much money buying these bags. OKlah maybe not so much my money coz 80% of my bags came from encek K; but I still love the bags to bits. Sayaaaaang teramat-amat sangat.

When I told encek K I wanted to sell off some of the bags he was pretty upset (like really upset), he asked me "Awak tak sayang ke beg-beg tu, saya bagi awak tu..." My reply was," Haihhhh bukan tak sayang, memang sayang sangattt, tapi daripada beg tu tak berpakai, baik beg tu pergi kat tuan baru yang akan sayang diorang macam saya sayang dorang." He finally gave in after a lot of persuasion, but I still can see some disapproval from his face. I feel really guilty :(

But... I know I have to do this. I have to clear more space in my home. So I am letting go some of my bags.. At the moment I am letting go 1 Nine West bag and 4 GUESS bags. All are below RM50 (SUPERRRRR CHEAPPPP & 100% GUARANTEED ORIGINAL OK!) There will be more bags for sale really soon (Mulberry for Target, GUESS and Coach coming soon!); I have to snap the pictures first. Sooo if there's anything u like, please SMS me at 012-6625779. I can reserve for one day only and will let go the bag to the next person waiting if you cannot make payment within 24 hours.

nine west - RM 50 (sold)

GUESS-rm39 (sold)

GUESS-rm35 (reserved)

GUESS-rm35 (sold)

GUESS-rm35 (available)

Me.. With my Mulberry for Target bag, am letting go this bag really soon, worn less than 5 times.. Condition is 9.5/10. Any takers?

office outfit last week
batwing top: kitschen, leggings: bajoo, bag: Mulberry for Target, shoes: ALDO, earings: bajoo


Fie said...


Is the Mulberry for Target bag still available? Sgt interested! :) Thanks