Monday, August 31, 2009

da bomb!

Yesterday I had the best breakfast session ever! Why? Coz I was with me familia and the food was da bomb!! All home made cuma air tebu je beli kat bazaar Ramadhan. Nasi, tomyam, telur bungkus, ikan bakar, sayur campur, sambal sotong, spagheti, kuih tepung pelita, murtabak singapore dan bermacam-macam lagi sehingga membuatkan saya tak boleh berjalan selepas itu! hehe.. had one round of spagheti (all my friends who have tasted this spagheti would agree that it is THE BEST spagheti in town!) and after that 2 rounds of nasi campur!!! Whoaaaaaa!! Pity my dearest as he had to break his fast near his office due to work commitments and to make things worst for him I kept telling him how good the food at home was..Kesian dia telan air liur aje..

After praying, 'bajoo' session started. My Acu had asked me to bring some bajoo back home as she has yet to find the time to go to my boutique. So saya pun mengangkut la mana yang boleh..hehe.. Thanks Acu for buying... Nanti sila beli lagi ok.. huhu..

Now, am at my boutique. Rasanya today not many people will show up as today is a public holiday. Nonetheless bukak jugak kedai coz mana la tau ada rezeki kan..Later have no idea where to eat for breakfast. Don't wanna eat nasi campur anymore today coz I had sooo much rice yesterday.. What should I have then? hmmm..any idea?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

kenyang nak mampssss

popia + nasi + ikan keli bakar + ikan pari bakar + sotong bakar + milo ais + paw waffle kawan2 = kenyang nak mamps. tapi nafsu kata nak makan aiskrim lak...howw???

p.s: right now tengah bosan tengok bola kat hartamas, layaaankan ajaaa :p

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



*sumpah air ni sedap gile! xtau nak cari kat KL ni kat mane

It's 11.15pm now and I am still at my boutique settling few things. Tadi sempat keluar shopping beli 6 pasang kasut. Yes, 6 pairs people! Don't ask me why 6 pairs ok.. I was under 'the influence'..miahahhahaha *evil laugh

Right now am feeling bored and sleepy at the same time as I am waiting for my dearest to settle all his work and he kept saying "Sayang, saya lama lagi ni, banyak kerja lagi ni"...bla bla bla bla *pfttttttttt.

On the other hand, tomorrow is already Thursday and I will be on leave on Friday! Sexciteddd.. I will have longer weekend y'all.. Yeay! But unfortunately it's not for relaxing only as of course there's so many things for me to settle..

Tetiba rasa cam lapar pulak right now. Padahal dah melantak nasi lauk cam orang gils tadi.. tidakkkkkk, ini semua nafsu je ni..I must control myself, I must control myself... blerggggghh.. Nak tido right now can? So that tak terfikir nak makan je... hhuuhuh..

Adios people. Sweet dreams!

Monday, August 24, 2009

esok hari raya! esok hari raya!

Ok fine, fine, I know lah tomorrow is not Hari Raya :P Tapi it's getting nearer kan? So what are you waiting for? Head to bajoo boutique to do your raya shopping!! We have loadsssaaa baju kurung and baju kebaya & baju muslimah & also baju modern for all your raya needs! :)

Do add us on FACEBOOK -> FACEBOOK ID is My Bajoo
browse our page:

ramadhan al mubarak

How was your weekend peeps? Mine was great and full with blessings! Alhamdulillah! :)

As some of you might know, I appeared (to promote bajoo boutique) on TV9 Nasi Lemak Kopi O show on Sunday morning! Thanks to Mr Mustard & Mr Bawang for this lifetime opportunity! Bagi chance masuk TV and promote kedai pulak tu. Wow, I feel blessed!

I got up at 5am to bersahur and terus bersiap as I have to be at TV3 building at 7.30am. Sampai2 macam biasala kena touch up before appearing on tv.. The makeup was light and not too heavy! Me likey! They even blow-ed my hair nak bagi volume katanya.. Waited and waited as my slot was due at 9am with the host Mr Talib(he's cute btw)..And the show is LIVE btw..No mistakes allowed! Nervous jugak la at that time but I think it went well (chewahhhh)..I said the important things like what I'm selling, where's my shop located at and my blog's name.. Sangat happy! The live shoot finished around 10.30am and me and kesayangan headed to Bangsar as we had to run some errands there. Bangsar turned out to "menguji kesabaran" for us as we see food everywhere there.. hehe..Stress sekejap je and of course we managed to control ourselves la kan, takkanla nak berbuka pulak kat situ...

By 1pm we were already back at our boutique and guess what? A family came by our boutique and they said they drop by after they saw us on tv!(siap cari kedai tu) How cool is that!!! Whoaaa, lagila happy kan? This Ramadhan is truly a blessing for me and kesayangan. Alhamdulillah..Hopefully more people will drop by our boutique soon..

the money shot -> LIVE ON tv9

di make up kan

ok, the hand tu ikut backdrop al-kuliyyah tu

me & sharifah shaheera (host of Nasi Lemak Kopi O)

me & talib (he's also the host! & the picture doesn't do us justice here)

me & ayu One In A Millon
(she was performing that morning, suara memang kaw!)

I was wearing the exclusive maxi dress from bajoo which will be available soon with black long inner also from bajoo boutique (it's Ramadhan kan, that's why I was wearing the inner, tak nak la sexy sangat, harus menghormati Ramadhan).

Hmm.. today tak tau lagi nak berbuka ape.. Yesterday I had nasi lauk with air bandung and some keropok lekor.. And today I don't know what I wanna eat...helpp..

Ok lah, have to get back to work peeps..Hopefully this Ramadhan will bring more 'rezeki' to all of us.. Aminnn

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Loser talks too much

What a hectic weekend! But it was good as it helped me to take my mind off a few stupid things that happened lately. Saturday I was at CapSquare Ampang, participating for Bijou Bazaar and 8tv Quickie Raya Shoot. Since this is the first time "Butik Bajoo" ever joined a bazaar, we were sooo excited (we = me + kesayangan). I think the bazaar lacked promotion as all the people that were there didn't even know there's a bazaar :( But alhamdulillah I managed to sell beberapa belas helai bajoo (yeay me!!)..

Since we were sooo sexcited for the bazaar we did come pretty early to do our booth setup. When I said pretty early I meant we were the first vendor there. They haven't even finished setting up the tables yet. hehe.. We did our setup and kesayangan left me there ALONE as he had to attend his Jonah Jones Rugby tournament in Mont Kiara... *grrrrrrr marah ni!! But it turned out I was not alone at all you know.. All the other vendors were super friendly and I make loadsaaa new friends.. yeayyy!!! And the best thing was, I didn't buy anything (except for cupcakes) from the others! Saya berjaya mengawal diri saya!!! Yeahoooo!!!

Semangat gile, noticed the empty tables behind me? Orang lain belum sampai ok!And I was wearing kebaya top with jeans as they said the theme is RAYA!

A few of my friends drop by to see me (thanks tina & kazu & kak red)! Super happy that day! Kesayangan came back around 3pm and I finally get to change my outfit from wearing kebaya (panas gile weh!) to maxi dress!! Even sold one maxi dress right after they saw me wearing it!.. Miahahahahha...Ouhhh and I managed to snap pics with 8tv Quickie hosts Henry and Zher.. Henry Golding = indah sungguh ciptaan Tuhan :) HENS GILS BABS OK!

Henry yang kacak nak mamps, me wearing maxi from bajoo and Zher si kurus tinggi

at butik bajoo's booth

Ramadhan is coming soon and I have to double up my effort in promoting my boutique.. Ada banyak gile baju kurung chiffon in the store and murah2 aje... I will snap some pics nanti ok.. Super duper busy with everything plus I am also working on one new project with my best buddy.. Hopefully eveything will run smoothly *Amin.. Selagi boleh buat I will work my hardest to achieve my dreams..

Friday, August 14, 2009


TUHAN tu kalau nak tunjuk sekejap je.
Tak payah cerita banyak.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

life must go on!

Alot of things had to be settled by me these past couple of days. Police report, photofit session, get new simcard, buy new phone, securing my boutique, etc & etc.... Luckily my IC and license are still there. If not confirm lagi pening kepala :(

Thanks to all of you who texted/e-mailed/called me to see how I'm doing. I'm getting better each day and last night I finally managed to sleep properly (the first two nights after the incident tu I kept waking up in the middle of the night)..

But life must go on right? Tak boleh selamanya bersedih kan? Now I have to work extra-extra hard on my boutique and sentiasa berdoa kepadaNYA and sentiasa berwaspada.

Alhamdulillah, sale at my boutique is ongoing as usual. Sangat2 bersyukur kepadaNYA! I think I need to do more promotion for my boutique for this coming raya. Anybody got any suggestion on which/how/what kind or promotion I should be doing? Feel free to let me know yeah. I also wanna invite all of you out there to be my boutique's model, tak kisahla size S ke, size L ke, size XL ke, free hair ke, pakai tudung ke or preggers pun boleh. I wanna show that my boutique is selling clothes for everyone and for every occassion. If anyone is interested, please contact me ya!

*penenang jiwa, tak tau nak buat apa kalau dia tiada

new arrival @ bajoo, long sleeve top, perfect for those wearing hijab

*kawan2 yang selalu menyokong & juga loyal customer, thanks korang!
*ok2, i'm the shortest

new arrival plain maxi dress

*EXCLUSIVE new arrival flowery maxi dress (TO DIE FOR!!)

*sumpah cantek gile!

Monday, August 10, 2009

saya redha

Some of you might know by now that I was pukau-ed yesterday at my boutique. *sighhh Didn't see it coming and didn't suspect anything at all. They took my nokia E71 and all my cash inside my wallet (including my sale for the weekend). Luckily and most importantly I am still alive, safe and sound.

Sad, definitely! Couldn't stop crying yesterday coz I was shocked and kept on thinking what if they took me with them? (maybe di jual/ kena rogol/ jadi hamba abdi?).. Ya ALLAH mintak jauh sangat-sangat... Today I am still sad when I woke up this morning :( I guess I need some time to "pulihkan my semangat" back. But I am really-really thankful that I am still here and that nothing had happened to me. Duit boleh cari lagi, tapi nyawa kat mana nak cari ganti?

Takpela, maybe ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian ini. Maybe YANG MAHA ESA sedang menguji saya. E'en maybe we are on the same boat and I quote you "Maybe i'm not grateful enough to Allah for everything that came my way....maybe because i've not bow down to His Almighty for quite sometime".... That's why He gave me a reminder.

To all you ladies out there. Please2 be careful when you are alone and please don't carry so much cash in your handbag if possible. You never know what's waiting for you out there.

Friday, August 7, 2009

say suka jumaat ini!!

Weeeee...suke gile please... This week was a great week for me.. Sale kedai ok, office work pun banyak dah settle and I met two celebrities this week.. Stacy AF6 and also Jimmy Shanley this morning at office. Apparently he's involve in our MINI event so that's why he came.. Jumpe kat lift terus snap pic.. hehe..

Later am going for some retail therapy...weeee lagi... (walaupun kopak lagi duit)... And this weekend I have to attend more wedding(s) and hopefully have some time to jaga kedai... Lalala.. have to go back to work now as I'm leaving after lunch! Have a smashing weekend peeps!!

Sila abaikan muka saya yang tak berapa senonoh di awal pagi di ofis.
dark blue maxi is from bajoo boutique (coming soon!)

Look 1: Red ruffle office dress from bajoo (also available in blue and yellow)

Stacy with Aizat * cute right?Look 2: Light brown button top from bajoo
(also available in dark brown, blue, grey, black, cream, white), belt also from bajoo.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

aku stacy

Stacy - Aku Stacy Lyrics

tokey butik with stacy

Mau saja…aku melepaskan diri dan terus berlari
Ikut saja…kata hati yang berbisik meracuni
Boleh saja …ku turutkan kata hati yang ingin mencuba
Gagal lagi…kamar ku sedia terkunci

Difikir-fikir mengapa harus takut
Sedangkan asal ku yang berkuasa
Biarpun aku Stacy bukannya permaisuri
Harga diriku tinggi

Stacy (winner of AKADEMI FANTASIA 6) came to bajoo boutique this morning!! Sangat kecil orangnya and sangat friendly ok!! She said she will visit us again for baju raya soon!! Will post her outfits later ok.. So what are you waiting for? Cepat-cepat pergi butik bajoo!! Our address:

No 50.1 (tingkat 1), Jalan 7/7A, Seksyen 7, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

Monday, August 3, 2009

life is a constant change

Felt like changing my blog layout in the morning, so I did it. After all, life should always evolve and change right?

Currently on busy mode :(

*random pics*

he seldom smile like this in pictures, but I love his apple like cheeks.

p/s: all the best sayang for your new journey!